Predictions of the Year 2000 From 1900,1969

It has been 112 years since Ladies Home Journal, predicted what it would be like living in the year 2000. This was three years before the Wright Brothers had made their first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, but one of the predictions mentions air-ships.

Population Predictions For 2000

The magazine predicts there will be 350 million to 500 million people, living in the United States in the year 2,000. There was a population of 76 million, when this prediction was made in 1900. Actually the U.S. population in 2000 was 281 million, so the magazine’s prediction was 69 million off, on the low side and 219 million off on the high side.

Presently as of today the U.S. population stands at 312 million, so it will be much longer before the 350 million prediction is reached. However, due to smaller families for the most part today, that probably skewered their numbers.

Americans Projected To Live To 50 Years Old

The magazine goes on to predict that Americans will be one or two inches taller and will live to be 50 years old, compared to living to be 35, during the year 1900.

Cost a Penny For Transportation To Work

One of the worst predictions is that it will cost a penny for Americans to arrive at work each day. It costs more than a penny to back out of a driveway today.

Noiseless Cities

Another absurd prediction is that cities will be free of all noises. Guess they never took into account, drivers screaming at each other while in traffic jam, at rush hour in downtown New York City.

Cigar-Shaped Locomotives

Trains will be powered by cigar-shaped locomotives hauling long trains of freight cars.

Air-Ships Used Only In War

There will be air-ships but won’t be used for passenger transportation, but as war vessels. These air-ships will fire deadly thunderbolts toward their enemies. Rifles will all have silencers.

No Mosquitoes Or Flies

This prediction definitely failed to materialize as mosquitoes and flies, still exist today, as annoying as ever. A lot of campers wish their 1900 prediction had been accurate.

Strawberries As Large As Apples

I have never seen a strawberry as large as an apple, so the prediction that children would be eating large strawberries, for Christmas dinner hasn’t come true.

No More C,X, or Q In Alphabet

This prediction obviously was wrong as keyboards today still have all three letters.

Free University Education For Everyone

College students still paying on student loans, twenty years after graduating can attest to the fact, that this prediction was wrong. Poor children will be taken on vacations to many places in the world.

Communicate By Phone All Over The World

The magazine got this one right, when it said we would be able to talk to someone from China on the telephone. It also predicted the demise of the telephone operator, which was needed to plug-in calls.

No Wild Animals

Wild animals won’t be roaming the woods and countryside, since they will be living in menageries. There will be no rats or mice, since they will no longer exist. Tell that to a family, that has a house infested by rats and/or mice.

Fast Electric Ships To Travel Mile Every Minute

I think it is safe to say there are no ships traveling a mile a minute, between New York and England, as mentioned in the magazine. The troop ship I was on, during the 7,000 mile trip from Hawaii to Vietnam in 1966 was only traveling 500 miles a day. If it had been going a mile a minute, we would have been traveling 1,400 miles a day, turning our 14 day trip into a 5 day trip. But then why would anyone want to get to Vietnam any sooner, than they did?

Summary: There were some outlandish predictions made in the Ladies Home Journal article, but when considering that this was 1900, when the predictions were made, it is hard to find fault with the predictions.

It still was fun looking back at these predictions, like the one that predicted no wild animals in 2000. There are probably millions of wild animals roaming loose in the world today. I wish the no mosquitoes and no flies prediction had materialized. The manufacturer of OFF mosquito repellent is happy, that there are still mosquitoes in the world today.

For those readers interested in reading the entire Ladies Home Journal article listing all the predictions:

Predictions For Year 2000 From 1969

This list of predictions from the July 22, 1961 edition of Weekend Magazine, predicts the advent of indoor swimming pools, which has been realized. Thankfully, the refrigerated garbage prediction has not come to fruition.

One prediction which sadly has not come to fruition, is that there will be no cancer, common colds, tooth decay or mental illness in the year 2000.

Another prediction that is way off base, is that it would be possible to fly to any point in the world, within an hour after taking off. I am sure a passenger on a flight from New York City to Los Angeles, can personally verify, that they can’t reach Los Angeles an hour after taking off.

To read the complete  article:


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “Predictions of the Year 2000 From 1900,1969”

  1. As this is most likely a one way conversation I run the risk of sounding foolish here but I am keen to know:

    When you say Spigot, are you referring to “a spigot, a small wooden plug, a faucet or a tap (valve)”?

    In which case, when you say “Unless I have missed something, there is no such thing as a hot and cold air spigot today.”

    You’re being ironic aren’t you?

    Because I’d sound pretty foolish if I mocked you by saying “Unless I have missed something, there is no such thing as air conditioning”…wouldn’t I?


  2. Sounds reasonable. I’ll be the first to admit I had to double check!

    It’s a good word though, gonna try sneak it into conversation now!

  3. Thanks for making me look at what I had written and realizing I was only confusing readers with my terminology, plus it wasn’t an earth shaking prediction to start with.

    Feel free to comment any time on any of the articles.


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