X-Factor: LeRoy Bell, Stereo Hoggz Lip-Syncing Incidents Latest Controversy

X-Factor has had a penchant, for making news this season. The latest controversy involves LeRoy Bell, singing with his mouth closed, on X-Factor this week. He broke the cardinal rule of lip-syncing, by not holding the microphone in front of his face, showing X-Factor fans, that he was not singing live. The incident occurred during a group ensemble song.

Then the Stereo Hoggz evidently were lip-syncing too, during their last chance, song which gave them a chance to return next week. The following article shows videos of both lip-syncing incidents.


X-Factor needs to stop all lip-syncing immediately, whether other singing competition shows are doing the same thing or not. It is all about X-Factor needing to establish some credibility.

We have seen the tears of Stacy Francis, Dexter Hagood and saw LeRoy Bell talking, about one last chance to make it. X-Factor has ventured away from reality, in not mentioning that all three singers, have had some level of success, in the music business. The tears may be real, but their backstories are not real, since they leave out the times, when they were a success in the past.

Bell being part of the Bell and James duo, has never been mentioned, or that Bell and James recorded a single, in Livin’ It Up that sold a million copies in 1979. Dexter Hagood was a member of Xavion, the first black band on MTV. Stacy Francis has been singing for many years professionally. She may not have had the big break, she talks about all the time, but it is not like she has never had a chance to be successful.

In their eagerness to create drama for the three singers, they have neglected to tell the full story, about these singers. Unless X-Factor is more truthful, about the backstories of these singers and any others, viewers will start looking, for other shows to watch. If you can’t trust the producers of X-Factor to be honest, then all their credibility is gone, along with viewers tiring of their dishonesty.

InTENsity Doomed

It was no surprise that InTENsity was the first act, that was sent home, this season on X-Factor. They were doomed from the start, by having such a large group. Throwing ten singers together and expecting them to jel, in such a short time was asking too much of the group. It is hard to identify with a group that large and probably sealed their fate.

Steve Jones No Ryan Seacrest

Steve Jones proved beyond a doubt during the results show, that he is not in same league with Ryan Seacrest, when it comes to hosting reality singing competition shows.

He just does not come across well, to the X-Factor fans. Maybe we are just used to the more relaxed Ryan Seacrest, who is more low-key than Jones, while on stage. Jones seems to be yelling over the crowd noise, most of the time on  X-Factor.

The overlong pauses by Jones, before revealing which contestants would return next week, drove me to distraction, making me want to say, for him to get on with it and stop trying to build up so much drama.

Jones needs to tone down the drama and speed up telling who was going on, to the next round of X-Factor.

Today’s poll asks who is the better host, Steve Jones or Ryan Seacrest.


Judges Bickering Real?

I can’t help but wonder if the bickering between the judges is real or scripted to create more drama. Simon seems to be intent on criticizing the other judges, more than the singing acts.

The other judges seem to be concentrating, on judging the singers, but Simon seems to be judging the other judges, by criticizing the song choices, for the acts they are mentoring. Simon has said some good things about Paula Abdul, praising her ability to work with the groups so well.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “X-Factor: LeRoy Bell, Stereo Hoggz Lip-Syncing Incidents Latest Controversy”

  1. Interesting information but, this looks like it was written by a high school english drop out. Spelling and puncuation, people, if you’re going to write a blog. My goodness…..

  2. This show is turning into a bit of a joke. The Stereo Hoggz lip synching in their “survival” performance is absolute B.S. Also, the comment in the article about Steve Jones’ persistent use of over-long pauses during the eliminations is spot on….and then at the end of the show he’s rushing L.A. Reid to hurry up with his elimination vote. I think it’s time to eliminate this one from my DVR recording list.

    1. Thank you B.W. for your comment. I think there may be a lot more people, eliminating the show from their DVR recording list. Those over-long pauses were driving me to distraction and I was thinking, just say it so we can go on to the next one that is safe. I am not a Ryan Seacrest fan, but think he does a much better job as host, than Steve Jones. Jones sounds like he is reading everything he says from cue cards.

      The show has had a lot of controversy:
      The over 30’s singers who seem to be hanging on but had some degree of success, like Dexter Hagood, Stacy Francis and the worst of all in LeRoy Bell who had a million seller. X-Factor needs to tell us the truth and not make it look, like these singers have never done well. The lip-syncing is unexcusable. There is nothing real about X-Factor, except the misrepresentation of facts.

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