X-Factor Contestants Invade Homes of Judges This Week

The remaining 32 X-Factor contestants will invade the homes of judges Simon Cowell (pictured in his home), Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid.

The remaining X-Factor contestants have now been separated into groups of eight. The groups are Boys, Girls, Groups and Over 30. When it was determined that there were only five talented groups, the X-Factor producers decided to create three more groups from deserving singers, that had been eliminated.

The Tuesday October 25 show, will reveal the  16 acts remaining for the live shows. Each of the four judges will have a celebrity to help them choose the final 16 acts.


Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow, 13

Rachel Crow has shown she is not intimidated by large audiences, at the auditions and at least one online articles, mentions that she could be in a television show. However, right now she is focusing on being one of the final 16 singers. She reminds me of a modern-day Shirley Temple, that has a huge likability factor in her favor.

Chris Rene
Chris Rene, 28

I am finding myself rooting for singers like Chris Rene, who earns his living as a trash collector and has fought drug addiction. He is not only a good singer, but an entertainer who really seems to feel the songs, that he is singing. He is best at rapping, but not sure how he will do if he is required to sing a ballad.

Dexter Haygood
Dexter Haygood, 49

My personal favorite is 49-year-old Dexter Haygood, who was given a second chance in his first audition, after the judges didn’t particularly like him channeling James Brown in his performance, so he sang another song and wowed the judges and has a 50 percent chance of being chosen for the live show. This is probably the end of the road for Haygood, unless he makes the final 16 acts.

Stacy Francis
Stacy Francis, 42

Stacy Francis lost her father since auditioning for X-Factor. He first audition received many words of praise, from the judges. However, in her boot camp audition, she held a note way too long. Instead of impressing the judges she received criticism, but like she said, she had very little vocal training and should be able to work with the voice coach, to iron out any problems.

LeRoy Bell
LeRoy Bell, 60

LeRoy Bell is the oldest contestant still in the competition, as far as I know. He has one of better voices in the competition. It all comes down to whether the judges want a 60 year, to receive the $5 million recording contract. I have a feeling he may not even make the final 16, since he is at an age where he could suddenly have medical problems.

Simone Battle
Simone Battle, 22

It was a huge shocker that Simone Battle was chosen as one of the final 32 acts in X-Factor. Before singing in her last boot camp performance, she was going on and on, about how she was a special entertainer and stood out. Then she hits the stage and forgets ALL the words of her song, which to my knowledge has never happened, in any singing competition ever.

Despite her horrific performance, she was chosen by the judges to continue in the competition. To me, it isn’t fair to the other competitors who remembered their words.

What happened to Simon Cowell’s admonition to contestants, when he was on American Idol, to not forget the lyrics or they were gone?

Tiah Tolliver
Tiah Tolliver, 20

Tiah Tolliver can thank Simon Cowell, for being one of the final 32 acts chosen during Boot Camp week. Simon sees in her something, that the other judges don’t see. I can’t recall Simon ever fighting for a contestant on American Idol, the way he has fought for Tolliver.

Tora Woloshin
Tora Woloshin, 22

Tora Woloshin, has something about her, tells me she could go far this X-Factor season, but with the competition she is battling, she may not make the final 16 acts. The heavily-tattooed singer wowed the judges in her first audition.


Tim Cifers
Tim Cifers, 30

Tim Cifers could be the only pure country singer, to make the final 16, since his voice stands out and made an impression on the judges.

The Stereo Hogzz
The Stereo Hogzz

It would be a complete shock if the The Stereo Hogzz don’t make the final 8 groups. I look for them to stay on the show, deep into the season, maybe even as late as December and the finals.

Those shown above are just a few of the remaining acts. It was just a sampling of the remaining acts.

Judges Called And Given Categories

A highlight of the last X-Factor show last Thursday, was when the judges received a call, telling them what categories they would judge:

Simon Cowell – Girls

L.A. Reid – Boys

Nicole Scherzinger – Over 30

Paula Abdul – Groups

Learning the Contestants

Most of us are still learning the names of the remaining contestants. This list of acts at the X-Factor website shows photos of remaining acts, plus an interview with the contestants if you click on their photo, prior to the opening of Boot Camp.


Complete X-Factor TV Schedule

This complete schedule should be closely watched, since there are some Tuesday shows included this season, because of the World Series being shown on Fox.

The final show will be shown on December 22, so we should know the winner of X-Factor by 10PM ET on that night.