Big Brother 13: Rachel Reilly Wins Big Brother 13, Did CBS Manipulate the Game?

Rachel Reilly shown celebrating with her boyfriend Brendon Villegas after being told she had won the Big Brother 13 reality show on the CBS network.

Rachel Reilly won Big Brother 13 in a year of surprises on the CBS reality show.

Her boyfriend Brendon Villegas, Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd and Shelly Moore cast their votes for her making Rachel a 4-3 winner with Adam Poch, Danielle Donato and Kalia Booker voting for the losing Porsche Briggs.

Rachel had won the final HOH by answering questions about the house guests in the juror house and won the questions competition over Porsche.

The turning point in the game to me was when Porsche opened Pandora’s Box and won $5,000 for herself and $5,000 for Kalia. However, by her accepting the money she unleashed the duo twist in the veto competition that week.

With Rachel and Jordan on the block, Rachel won the veto and removed herself and Jordan off the block and set in motion, for Rachel to win $500,000 last night.

Did CBS Manipulate the Game in Favor of Rachel?

Viewers of the show will wonder if the CBS producers, manipulated the game so Rachel and Jordan remain in the game longer. If Rachel had left the house that week, the ratings for the show probably would have plummeted. Rachel provided most of the drama this year, so without drama the ratings would have almost certainly dropped. Instead Big Brother 13 had some of the highest ratings in the history of the show.

Then when Rachel found Pandora’s Box during her last reign of being HOH, the prizes were good and bad, but nothing to affect the game. Rachel was stuck with the egotistical maniac Jessie Godderz, the professional wrestler while she watched Adam and the other house guests spending time with Tori Spelling. Later she watched as they went shopping for clothes outside the Big Brother house.

My question is why didn’t Rachel have an equally bad punishment, as Porsche for opening Pandora’s Box. Sure having to spend time with Jessie was punishment in itself, but nothing like the punishment Porsche received when both of her nominated house guests were allowed to be removed from the block by the duo twist, when Rachel won the veto.

Game Winnings

This may or may not be the correct total of winnings on Big Brother 13 but since it is $600,000 exactly it may correct:

Rachel Reilly –     $500,000

Porsche Briggs –    $55,000

Jeff Schroeder –     $40,000

Kalia Booker –            $5,000

Total                          $600,000

Key to Rachel Winning Big Brother 13

The key to Rachel winning was that after Brendon left the last time, that Rachel played more of a social game. She abandoned her earlier strategy, of infuriating the other house guests with her catty remarks.

Rachel fought overwhelming odds by winning HOH”s and Veto competitions, when she needed them to stay alive in the game. It may be that when Brendon left the house, that it forced her to play a different kind of game.

Porsche Briggs Wins $50,000 in Finale

Porsche Briggs won $50,000 on Big Brother 13 finale.

Porsche Briggs won second prize money of $50,000 last night to go with the $5,000 she received from Pandora’s Box for a total of $55,000 in winnings during Big Brother 13.

For most of the season Porsche was the anonymous house guest, but then later in the game, came into her own and was a fierce competitor. She finished second in many competitions, then started winning competitions near the end of the game.

Big Brother 13 Summary: Big Brother 13 started out with eight new house guests, then the duo twist was introduced and Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, Evel Dick Donato, Danielle Donato, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly entered the house.  Evel Dick let the house after only six days for some mysterious reason which was never revealed. It may have been just as well, since he had gall bladder surgery in the last few days, so may not have been able to finish the season anyway.

Rachel and Brendon started the game with a chip on their shoulders, playing the game way too personally. I particularly recall Cassi and Kalia trying to have a civil conversation with Brendon and he turned the whole conversation around, acting very hostile toward both of them. The worst thing is that Kalia was wanting to know if she was still included in their alliance, but by the time the conversation was over, Brendon was calling her a liar. So he lost an alliance member, by his failure to communicate with Kalia on a normal level.

Shelly and Adam seemed to be with the veterans, but then when it suited them they would switch to the other side. Danielle’s alliance with Dominic was one of the bigger mistakes of the game. All she succeeded in was causing Dominic to go home.

Kalia, instead of going along with Danielle during Kalia’s first HOH, decided to show she was her own woman and nominated Lawon, who was not a threat to anyone. Lawon was the worst player this year and a terrible competitor, but Shelly was an even worse competitor. She played further into the game, but still never won the first competition.

When Jeff left, Rachel and Jordan were left to fend for themselves, since Brendon had been nominated and evicted for the second time. Shelly was caught in a lie by Jordan and Rachel and that spelled the end for Shelly, even though she wasn’t evicted for another couple of weeks.

As stated earlier, Porsche put her alliance in jeopardy by taking the $5,000 in Pandora’s box. That is the point at which Rachel and Jordan got an extra week in the house, when it looked like either Rachel or Jordan was going home that week.

Adam talked a good game, but didn’t win anything on his own, till very late in the game. Even at the end he was talking about having to win a competition, then he would lose the competition. Men did not do well in the endurance competitions, as Danielle and Rachel won the endurance competitions.

Rachel deserved to win, even though CBS gave her some assistance with the Pandora’s Box coming into play. That wasn’t her fault since she played the cards she was dealt with and turned it into $500,000. Rachel and Brendon should now have the money for their big wedding and the money should help with Brendon’s studies as he tries for his Ph.D.

The house guests for the most part will disappear back into society, like they usually do after their season is over, with most of them never heard from again.

Two months from now, it will be difficult to even find anything about what they are doing by doing a Google search.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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