Spoilers Alert!!!!!! HOH Endurance Results From Last Night







Jordan Lloyd was evicted from Big Brother 13 when Porsche Briggs sent her home last night.

Porsche Briggs made an incredibly stupid game move last night, by sending Jordan Lloyd home. Why send home the worst competitor moments before the HOH endurance competition began?

Porsche’s reasoning was that Jordan had already won the half million dollars two years ago, on Big Brother 11. However by sending her home, she let a fierce competitor in Rachel remain in the game.

Then the HOH endurance started and Adam dropped after only 25 minutes. Porsche dropped before Rachel, who didn’t drop until 40 minutes into the endurance competition.

If Porsche had kept Jordan in the game, she probably would have won Part 1 of the three-part HOH competition, if Rachel had been evicted. She was so intent on evicting Jordan for winning the half million two years ago, she forgot that she was hurting her own chances of winning this year.

Porsche and Adam Play Part 2 of HOH Today

Now Porsche and Adam will play in Part 2 of the HOH competition today, with the winner playing against Rachel in the live finale on CBS, at 8:30 PM Central time next Wednesday. There will be no show on Sunday, so only one show remains in the Big Brother 13 season.

Rachel can take it easy till the live show, so has five days to study for the finale, assuming Part 3 will be questions, but that is not a certainty.

Veterans Took Control Early

The veterans took early control of the game after Evel Dick walked off the show on the sixth day. Keith, Cassi and Dominic were evicted in successive weeks, then Danielle evicted Brendon in the fourth week. Then Danielle evicted Brendon the first time on Day 34. However Brendon re-entered the house on Day 41, battling Lawon for the chance to re-enter the house and Brendon won, which sealed Lawon’s fate, evicting him from the game.

Danielle was evicted the following week, while Jeff, Shelly and Kalia were evicted in order, then Jordan was evicted last night, leaving only Porsche, Rachel and Adam, in the final three.

Porsche Makes Huge Mistake

Porsche made one of the biggest mistakes of the season, by opening Pandora’s box. She received $5,000 and gave another $5,000 to Kalia, but she unleashed a return to the duo twist for the veto game.

Jordan or Rachel would have gone home that week, but instead Rachel won the veto and removed Jordan and herself, from the block.

Producers Manipulated Game

When the duo twist was brought back into the game to save Rachel and Jordan from going on the block, it was a move by producers to keep the TV ratings high. If Rachel had been sent home that week, the ratings would have tumbled with little or no drama in the house.

The producers did a great job of manipulating the game to garner the highest ratings. It was a given that Rachel would win the donut competition for HOH, considering the competition, since Porsche the outgoing HOH couldn’t play. Her 20 donuts doubled Kalia’s total of 10, showing that Kalia doesn’t do well in competitions that involve movement.

Five Days to Finale

The last five days will be very boring in the Big Brother house except for Part 2 of the HOH competition today. Once that is over there will be only one competition left. Rachel has already insured that she will participate in Part 3 next Wednesday.

Right now Rachel is in a great place and if she wins Part 3, she will insure that she wins either the half million dollars or $50,000. Rachel played a better social game in the last few weeks and has dropped her catty attitude, which may help her receive more votes from the jury house.

Today’s poll asks who you think will win the $500,000 this season?