Big Brother 13: Spoiler Updates Since Wednesday’s Show

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!



Porsche Briggs and Rachel Reilly are the strongest competitors remaining in the Big Brother 13 house and may face each other and another contestant in the HOH endurance tonight.

And then there were four….With Kalia being evicted out of the Big Brother 13 house, that left Adam, Rachel, Porsche and Jordan as the final four.

Adam won HOH before the show ended last night. Adam nominated Porsche and Jordan for eviction. It is not clear when the POV ceremony will be, but Porsche is expected to take herself off the block and Adam would be forced to replace her with Rachel going on the block.

Porsche shown ironing what may be her eviction dress for tonight's show she is expecting to be evicted tonight.

Porsche will be the only voter and she is leaning toward evicting Jordan, since she won two years ago. I can understand her reasoning, but is it smart to keep a strong competitor like Rachel in the game, who is likely going to be her toughest competitor in the endurance portion of HOH tonight.

She may make a $50,000 or $500,000 mistake by keeping Rachel in the game. She might beat Rachel if they are in the final two, but she has no guarantee of reaching the final two, so evicting Jordan who is not much of a competitor could keep her out of the money. So what if Jordan has won before….that is not a good reason to make a stupid game move of her own.

I doubt Jordan and Adam would offer much competition for Porsche in the endurance HOH, but with Rachel who is the most athletic, of any of the  three remaining contestants,  if Jordan is convicted Porsche may regret sending Jordan home, if she does.

Jury House Confrontation

Last night we saw that Jeff has not forgiven or forgotten Shelly’s part in his eviction. It used to be that the jury house was sort of oasis, in which the contestants could forget the game, but looks like that has changed this season.

You would think that with no chance of winning the game, that those in the jury house would just cool it and enjoy the swimming pool and other amenities available at the jury house.

Pandora’s Box Just A Producer’s Tool

It was never more evident that Pandora’s box is nothing more than a producer’s tool to manipulate the game when punishment inflicted on the house resulted in Rachel and Jordan staying in the game. They knew Porsche would take the money, so they switched back to the couples format for one week, to give Rachel and Jordan a chance to stay in the game.

Next thing you knew Rachel won the POV and stayed in the game. The producers didn’t want Rachel leaving the show that soon, so they took matters into their own hands. If Rachel had left then, the house would likely be a house with no drama. Fans don’t tune into the show to see no drama, because that means lower ratings, so CBS stepped in and solved that problem.

However, when Rachel opened Pandora’s Box the house didn’t receive a punishment, but instead got to talk to Tori Spelling and go on a shopping spree for clothes. Rachel got the punishment having to put up with the repugnant Jessie Godderz, who has appeared in Big Brother four times.

He has appeared twice as a contestant and twice as a Pandora’s Box booby prize. It would only be fair to unleash something detrimental to Rachel’s game, like they did to Porsche and her alliance.

I can’t recall another Big Brother season, in which CBS manipulated the show, to the extent they have this season. They have found out if they manipulate the show, that higher ratings result.

Six Days Remain Till Finale

Only six days remain till the jury decides which of the remaining two contestants wins the $500,000. If Jordan is evicted tonight, Rachel, Porsche and Adam will battle for the final two spot. Two of them will be in the money this season while the other only takes memories out of the Big Brother house, but no cash.

Jeff and Jordan should be reunited tomorrow at the jury house if she is the one evicted.

We will find out tonight what the HOH endurance contest will be this season. It could be a long night in the endurance contest or it could be over in a hurry like they have recently.

Tune in CBS at 8:00 PM for tonight’s show. President Obama’s speech should not affect the starting time of Big Brother.