Big Brother 13: Fortune Teller Talks, Leaving House Guests Frazzled


This post will tell who won the veto on Saturday, what the POV winner decided at the POV ceremony and other developments, which have happened since the show aired on Sunday night.

The post also tells about the eviction which will be filmed on Tuesday for broadcast on the Wednesday night show on CBS.

Sunday’s show left us with Rachel winning the HOH and nominating Kalia and Porsche for eviction. Adam then won the POV on Saturday and elected not to use it during the POV meeting on Monday.

Eviction Will Be Today

The house guests found out yesterday that the eviction will be Tuesday. It will be filmed on Tuesday. The live feeds will likely be cut off at some point today, since CBS doesn’t want the results of the eviction to be known to live feeders, since it would be all over the internet, before the show on Wednesday night. The live feeds should resume after Wednesday’s show.

The fortune-teller at the Big Brother 13 house finally talked last night and gave the house guests some very important information.

Rachel and Jordan presently want Kalia evicted, but that could change before the votes are cast. Personally, I think evicting Porsche would be a better game move, since she may do well in the HOH endurance, with Kalia not likely to do well if it involves any movement. If it is a case of holding on to something, then Kalia could be more of a threat. 

Someone will be leaving the Big Brother house today. We just won’t know who it is till tomorrow night’s show airs on CBS.

Fortune Teller Talks, Gives Predictions For HOH Competition

Fortune teller moved last week and last night Crystal the fortune-teller talked for the first time. She announced that when she laughed, that would be a cue to enter the room.

One of the predictions given by the fortune-teller includes this one about Jeff:

In 2014, Jeff will disappear from society. He will be last seen in the Chicago streets muttering two words, clown shoe

The fortune-teller speaks about 9:30 BBT and tells the house guests the information she is giving will be needed to win HOH. 

Another prediction given last night was this one about Evel Dick:

11:08PM BBT: Fortune Teller: “In 2015 Evel Dick will start a Christmas tradition by bringing gifts to heavily tattooed orphans, changing his name from Evel Dick to old Saint Dick. Leave me now! Leave my parlor room!” 

The house guests became frazzled from trying to remember the different predictions, with some house guests confusing the others with the wrong information being remembered. Adam should do well in this competition, but Jordan said she needed to hear them again, which I doubt will be happening.

            For the complete list of the predictions scroll down to 9:30 PM at this website:

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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