Big Brother 13: Shelly Sent Packing, HOH Winner Revealed…Spoiler Alert


Last night’s Big Brother 13 show was not nearly as exciting as the double eviction show last week. However, it still had plenty of drama as Shelly tried to engineer a deal to guarantee her safety with Rachel and Jordan. She was even believing that they might actually save her, but when the votes were announced she was sent home by a 2-1 vote. Kalia led to believe that Rachel and Jordan were voting to keep Shelley, voted to evict Adam which should solidify Adam’s allegiance to Racehel and Jordan.

Brendon was shown at the Big Brother jury house, enjoying himself with the house to himself. When Danielle arrived Brendon showed no anger at her for nominating him for eviction twice. Jeff seemed to be mostly concerned that he flipped the clown shoe away during the HOH on the double eviction POV.

When Shelley arrives later this week after appearances on television, the jury house could become heated if she and Jeff lock horns at the jury house.

Rachel seemed to have been helped by the producers again, since she is more athletic, than the remaining house guests. The HOH contest wasn’t even close with Rachel taking an easy win by placing the most donuts on her post.

Total donuts by each house guest placed on their post:





Jordan, Adam and Kalia seemed to be going in slow motion. Can’t help but wondering if all three were throwing the HOH. For Rachel made five more trips to pick up donuts than the others, showing she was by far the best competitor.

Rachel would be smart to target Porsche for conviction next week. By evicting Porsche, she would eliminate the the only house guest who might possibly beat herm in the endurance competition coming up. I look for the last four house guests to be Rachel, Jordan, Kalia and Adam.

Adam should vote the way that Rachel and Jordan want him to. If Kalia and Porsche go on the block, neither will be able to vote, unless one of them wins the POV. If the nominations stand, then it should be a 2-0 vote to send Porsche home, assuming she is nominated for eviction.

However the Pandora box will come into play this week, so that could change everything. It will be interesting to see how a celebrity connects with Pandora’s box. Just hope it isn’t another promo for a CBS television show, like the David Hasselhoff promos for his show. I am sure they will try to tempt Rachel to open the box, but Porsche found out that isn’t the smartest move in the Big Brother game.

Rachel has won three HOH’s and two vetos this season and will be trying for her second consecutive veto tomorrow. The worst case scenario would be for Porsche to win. Rachel and Jordan want all three of them gone eventually so it really doesn’t matter if Adam or Kalia leave first, though they would like Adam to stay one more week. For Rachel and Jordan to go to the final two, they have to evict Porsche before the endurance competition.

Is it just me or does Rachel seem to be less confrontational than she was earlier in the game. I think she was jealous of Cassi and that was only reason Rachel wanted her out of the house.

As much as I like Jordan, she may be one of the worst competitors this season. She always seems to find a way to lose and look bad doing it. Jordan admitted she doesn’t deal with pain well, so that puts even more pressure on Rachel to win the endurance, if she is still in the game after the two evictions next week.

With evictions on Wednesday and Thursday, there will only be three players left by the end of Thursday’s show. It is hard to believe that there are only 12 days left till the finale on September 14.

This post from Wikipedia includes a chart, the house guests would love,  to have to study by for future quizzes. It is a great tool for seeing who controlled the game from week to week.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Shelly Sent Packing, HOH Winner Revealed…Spoiler Alert”

  1. I don’t think Rachel was “jealous” of Cassi per say. Cassi and Rachel were both stubborn and proud and catty. Cassi started with the “We hate Porsche” (hmph the girl who said she doesn’t like girl cattiness started with it first), then Rachel felt that “I got my girl’s back” feeling, and the feud began. With Dominic winning veto, Dani in Rachel’s ear about getting rid of Cassi (so she could pair up with Dominic), no other option to get rid of (Kalia and Lawon were non existent in the game), Cassi was the only choice!! Then everyone made it seem personal- of course, it was personal (more than that too however). If you don’t get along with someone this early in the game, then they are going to be gunning for you. Just because Cassi said she was honest doesn’t mean Rachel could just take her word for it. She in fact was being sneaky, and I am sure if she stayed longer, she would have lied and taken Rachel out. Girl cattiness- yes. Jealousy- no. If anything Rachel still )even though she wants her out soon now) has the protective instinct for Porsche (she sees her as mini-Rachel almost you can tell).

    1. Thank you RamDam for explaining the situation between Rachel and Cassi better than I did. I missed Cassi starting it on the show, so what you wrote makes sense now. Porsche likes Rachel too as you could see in her blog.

      Rachel might just win it all if Porsche is evicted, since Jordan, Kalia and Adam are not athletic at all, so she should win the endurance but Kalia has proved she can do well if she has to stay in place for a long time, but if it involves moving around, then Kalia is out of there, like the donut thing, where she got half the donuts of Rachel.

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