X-Factor: Simon Feuds With Nicole and Paula

Tiah Tolliver advanced in the X-Factor singing competition, but not before Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger feuded over her talent or lack of talent.

When Tiah Tolliver sang without a backing track, on the third X-Factor show of this season, it precipitated a battle royal, between Simon Cowell and the two female judges, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole said Tiah was singing in too many keys, then she and Paula voted no, on advancing Tolliver further into the competition. However, Simon and L.A. Reid thought they saw something about Tiah that should allow her to advance. It was one of the few times if ever, that I have seen Simon almost beg for a judge to change their vote.

Tiah is given one more chance to sing and this time Nicole votes yes and Tiah is on her way. to wherever X-Factor contestants that win go.

The question is if this drama between the judges was manufactured by the producers, or was it the real thing and that we will see more contentious behavior Simon and the two female judges. It wouldn’t be the first time a reality show, created a situation to draw ratings the next week.


The more I watch X-Factor, the more I like it. I like that the singers usually bring music with them, unlike the American Idol contestants who don’t use music in their first auditions.

X-Factor is purposely avoiding using American Idol type drama, like when on American Idol, one contestant is chosen to be the last one auditioned by the judges, after telling their back story.

Tonight will be the last auditions, before the show starts paring down the contestants to a reasonable number, so we can learn the names of the singers.

It will be interesting to see how far Rachel Crowe, the first contestant on the first X-Factor show will go, as the show goes on till the Dec. 22 finale.

Rachel Crowe was the first contestant, on the American version of X-Factor and she wowed the judges. Now she will have to show starting next week, that she can compete with the other singers.

X-Factor may never reach the popularity of American Idol, but Simon Cowell would like to see it come as close as possible, to the ratings drawn by American Idol.

One thing for sure in my book, is that X-Factor is much better than The Voice. I liked The Voice best when the coaches, spun around in their chairs to see the person,  that belonged to the voice they were hearing. I was not a fan of the battle rounds, because it became more of a shouting contest, than a singing competition.

How many people can even tell you who won The Voice in its first season?

This poll asks, now that American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor have been shown, which show is their favorite.


Teen Pregnancy Drops Off After Age 25, Other Funny Newspaper Clippings

I was looking at funny newspaper clippings, when I was astounded to find out in one, that teenage pregnancy drops off after age 25. And to think all these years I had thought it dropped off at the age of 19.

Readers can blame me for captions below the clippings.

It is amazing what you can learn in a newspaper story or advertisement.
I was thinking the same thing when I saw two men approaching me with machetes and AK-47 machine guns and a rolling pin. My only thought, was that I have to get that rolling pin away from them.
This wife decided to let a stranger decide whether she would have the cat or her husband left after they made their decision.
I think it is safe to say that this tombstone will never be sold unless someone changes their name to Hendel Bergen Heinzel.
This is major news and should have been on the front page, not in the police blotter. It wouldn't hurt to send a photographer to get a closeup of the running pot pie.
I can think of a lot of reasons to not answer this ad.
Those federal agents probably still haven't recovered from the shock of finding weapons in a gun shop.
I would think twice before going to this health clinic.
This woman has her priorities slightly mixed up.
It will take a fast talking salesperson to pull this one off.
If all else fails, blame it on the babies.
The same doctor in the ad had just spent thirty minutes telling a patient to switch from candy cigarettes to Camels.


You can't be too careful while using camouflaged paint.

Will X-Factor Kill The Singing Competition Star?

L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and and Simon Cowell are the judges for the American version of X-Factor with Steve Jones (not shown) as host.

The American version of X-Factor debuted last Wednesday night Sept. 21 on the Fox network. Simon Cowell was hoping for 20 million viewers but fell about eight million viewers short. The show came in third in the ratings war, with Modern Family and Criminal Minds drawing more viewers.

The question is if X-Factor will kill the singing competition star. Are three prime time singing competitions too many for television viewers to embrace and watch every week? We should find out in the coming weeks as the ratings stabilize somewhat and be more indicative of how the X-Factor will fare in the ratings the rest of the fall season.

The Wednesday show was highlighted by Rachel Crowe, a 13-year-old girl, who reminded me of a young Shirley Temple. She was a very talented performer and could go a long way this season. However with the 12-year-old age limit on the lower side and no age limit on the higher side, it makes me wonder if anyone from either of those extremes, could actually win the $5 million recording contract.

However there was a singer who will go unnamed on Wednesday’s show, who created an actual pants on the ground moment by dropping his trousers, during his performance. It was such a disgusting scene, that Paula Abdul left the judge’s desk, to go to bathroom and almost threw up from some reports.

There were some singers who had extremely sad stories, that made me hope they keep advancing  further into the competition.

Thursday’s show ended with the rudest contestant, in singing competition history. He seemed to be challenging L.A. Reid and/or Simon Cowell to go outside and fight. First rule in singing competitions is to not turn the judges against you. However this singer did precisely that, by repeatedly arguing with the judges. He seemed to be in a state of shock, when the judges voted no, but it was a no-brainer that he would be going home. His situation is similar to a job applicant, arguing with the interviewer, then expect to be hired. It just doesn’t happen in the real world. Maybe he will realize his stupidity and try again next year and be more civil toward the judges.

There were several acts that did well during the first two shows and I will be watching again this week to see the next show. There may be ratings problems for the American X-Factor, since this is the time of year, television viewers will be trying out new shows and ratings should be more indicative of how the X-Factor will do in a few weeks, once the viewers settle into their viewing habits.

Simon Cowell, seemed to be somewhat kinder this year, but did still make a few snarky comments, but some of those singers deserved them.

I have a feeling that X-Factor will never reach the stature of American Idol, but it should draw better ratings than the Voice did last spring on NBC.

Has TLC’s Extreme Couponing Show Created a Monster?

An Extreme Couponer shown with folder in store and dumpster diving for coupons with her family in an episode of Extreme Couponing showing on TLC network.

When Extreme Couponing first aired on the TLC cable network, my first thought was that this is going to cause problems, down the road for all couponers.

That has become a reality as some stores take measures to make it tougher to use large amounts of coupons. Smaller grocery stores can’t afford to have their cashiers tied up, with one customer for two hours or more. One episode of Extreme Couponing showed a couponer, who spent eight hours in a store, between shopping and checking out.

Dumpster-Diving For Coupons

One of the major problems for extreme couponers is finding the coupons. They have made dumpster-diving an art form, bringing their kids with them, to dig through garbage, which is not healthy to start off with.

There is little mention made of how much the extreme couponers spend, to find the coupons online and print them out. All we see at the end of the show is the original total and the total after coupons.

Other coupon users have opened newspaper racks, only to pay for one paper and steal many more, so they can have more coupons at less cost.

Shelves Stocked With Food, Supplies

It seems to me that some of the couponers are only using coupons, to stock up on stuff they may never need. One couponer on Extreme Couponer said they had some stuff they didn’t even use.

When a couponer on the show “buys” 300 toothbrushes for free, it makes me wonder if he will ever use 300 toothbrushes in his lifetime.

Veteran Couponers Not Happy Campers

The veteran couponers can’t be too happy, about the increased attention on couponers, since if the TLC show attracts negative attention on them, it could greatly reduce their profits, if coupon use is restricted.

The manufacturers could make it much tougher on coupon users, if they reduce the value of their coupons and try to make it impossible for couponers to find free food and supplies.

Not Always Welcome

Couponers are not always welcome to shop at grocery stores, when they have to use several shopping carts  and tie up the checkout lane, for hours at a time. Cashiers are the ones that have it the worst, first having to total the prices of the products, then add up all the coupons to find the total price.

Grocery stores often have to come up with solutions, when the cash register stops functioning after the register reaches its limit on how many items it can handle.

This article gives even more information on how the  Extreme Couponing has inspired many new couponers to try their hand at saving money.







Wife’s Story Of Almost Dying in March of 2010

Note: The following story tells about how my wife was at death’s door, at University of Tennessee Hospital during a week in which she had a total colectomy, which involved removing her entire large intestines and colon.

The surgery was on a Monday and she was scheduled to go home that Friday. Then everything went wrong and instead of going home on March 5, she almost went to her heavenly home. I will let Rhonda pick up the story from here. Her Facebook page includes some photos with her story under Notes.

My Hospital Stay

by Rhonda Miller-Hindsman Godfrey on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 10:45pm

On March 1, 2010 I went into the hospital to have surgery. I was having a total Colectomy due to medical issues. Went under anesthesia and had the surgery. Came to and everything was fine the doctor put me on a fast track and had me eating solid foods that evening. Thursday morning he came in and said he was sending me home friday morning. Later on that evening things went out of control for me. I had started feeling bad, my body and face felt hot. Called the nurses station for them to bring me some ice chips. No one came. I get up walk down the hall and up to the Nurses Station to get me some ice and something cold to drink. Hoping this was going to make me feel better. Only to have someone tell me that I could not get any and that they would have to check with my nurse. This upset me as I wasn’t feeling well anyway. I informed them in a not so polite way that I was being released in the morning and I wanted some ice right now. The lady gave me about 2 or 3 bites of ice in a cup, then she asked did I need her to carry it back to my room for me. I just laughed at her and said Hell no I will have this gone before I even get around the corner. If I would have known that was going to be the last time I would have anything to drink I would have taken my time with it. So I get back to my room and I am upset I remember talking to Andrew and telling him not to bring Justin up there since I was going to be going Home tomorrow. If I would have known what was going to happen next I would have begged him to come and be with me. I was all alone in my room not wanting to watch tv or be bothered with any noise. My friend Brenda called and we were talking and I remember crying to her telling her I just didn’t feel good. That I was unable to get anyone to bring me any Ice and I was hot. At this time I am starting to panic feeling all alone and no one there to help me. I felt completely helpless, alone, afraid, and terrified. My emotions were going everywhere. What I did not know at the time or do not remember Brenda telling me she was going to call the Nurses station and talk to my nurse. The next thing I know is the phone rings and Brenda says is the (Nurse walks in) nurse there? I said yes she just walked in.


The Nurse started asking me all kinds of questions. She was a very kind older lady. She was watching me I explained to her that I did not feel right. I was having chest pains and was having a hard time breathing. The nurse said she would be right back. The next thing I know is all the lights in my room are on and there is a room full of doctors or interns in my room checking me out listening to my chest and stomach. Then they order chest x-rays, and a echo cardiogram. Nothing unusual there. So they send me down for a cat scan. Back to the room. During this time my family had been called in because they did not know if I was going to make it through the night. Terror set in for me because every time they would put me on the small tank of oxygen I would have an even harder time breathing. I did not know at the time what day this was or what time it was.


My surgeon was called in he was going to have to do emergency surgery on me but for what no one knows. I had turned septic my body started shutting down. One organ at a time. I felt like they were trying to kill me and I was going to die. I just wanted the pain and the terror to go away. I was completely scared to death. I was alone in this area waiting to be taken into surgery. The doctor sent my husband Andrew in to see me one last time. I remember telling Andrew I love you too, but can you leave now so they can go ahead and operate on me now. Then the next thing I know Andrew and Justin are coming back in to see me. I told Justin I love you and don’t you cry or worry because momma will be right back out. Little did I know what was to come.


So this is the last moments I remember before I went in to have surgery. I kept asking the nurse if I could have a sip of water or a wet rag for my mouth it was so dry. When you are gasping for air your mouth tends to feel like you have paste in your mouth and you can’t get rid of it no matter how hard you try you can’t even form saliva. I kept asking this nurse all kinds of questions. Her answer was always the same not right now as soon as the doctor says you can. So here I am fighting for every breath I am taking and not knowing anything that is going on. No one had answers. All I knew was that they were going to open me up to see what was going on. So after about 5 people were brought in and then taken back for surgery they came after me. They removed the oxygen mask from me and replaced it with another one. I could not breathe. I was begging them to please just let me breathe. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest pushing all the air out of me and not letting any of it back in. I was told that I had started convulsing. But to me I thought I was fighting to stay alive but was unable to move it felt like I was paralyzed.


Hello I am here, Andrew, why do you keep yelling at me? What Danna, Donna, and Robbie are here where I can’t see them. Andrew where is Justin. Justin says Momma I am here I love you momma. I love you to Justin. Then I hear a lot of talking but I can’t make out who or what they are saying. There are these shadows and I can’t make out the faces. There is a light around them but it is hazy. I could hear my husband and Justin as plain as day but others I could not understand. I would find out later that I was in a coma.


While in this coma I had actually thought that Andrew and Justin were ignoring me and I did not understand why Justin would be telling me to open my eyes and tell him I love him. I kept yelling at the top of my lungs that I was awake and that I did love them and for them to not leave me. I kept trying to grab their hands and hold onto them but I was unable to move. I did not understand at the time what was going on and I was very scared.


Then on March 11, 2010 I heard a nurse say today is your son’s birthday and he just wants you to open your eyes. So I opened my eyes and the next few hours felt like seconds everything seem to go so fast for me. They were removing the tubes and the main lines that they had on me then they were making me get up and out of the bed. My feet and legs were huge and I just could not believe how swollen I was and that it was March 11 then everyone started telling me I had been in a coma and that my sisters had come to be there with me and that I was not expected to live. This was a lot more than I could handle and then the Doctor told me about the ileostomy bag and the drainage holes. Then the next day is when they hit me with the other medical conditions that came up after the surgery. They are as follows: cirrhosis of liver, diabetes, bone degenerative disease, nerve damage, neuropathy, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and that there were 5 masses found in the piece of the colon that was sent off and they were cancerous.


So now that I no longer drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes I have all of these other things to live with. This has been a very long journey for me and it is not over on September 30, 2010 I will be seeing my surgeon and discussing the next surgery that I am going to be going through on October 18, 2010 and what will be done and what will happen after that. I am so looking forward to getting closer to having this bag removed and back to my old self as much as I can be that is. We may actually be looking at 2 or 3 more surgeries so I will find out more on September 30,2010. I am praying for some very good results from the Doctor and some encouraging results from my test.


Now there is one thing I have not written about at this time and I am just waiting for the right time and the right way to tell that part of my story. This part of the story is about when I was in that Coma and what I remember going on at that time I am working on that in a separate note article. So now I am going to share this with you and I am adding the photos that my sister and them took of me while in that coma. I am not ashamed of any of this I went through it I lived through it and I am here to testify about it.


There is one thing I do want to say that if you ever have a loved one or even someone you know that is in a Coma talk to them don’t be afraid of them because if you talk to them then they do not feel alone. I don’t care if you do nothing but read a card or book or newspaper or even the directions on the equipment around them. Just hearing your voice is soothing and let them talk to you about it in there on time. Do not push the person to try to remember everything that happened it will overwhelm them and throw them into a psychotic break. Take it easy and slow and be there and just try to understand. One thing I can honestly say is that unless you have went through the exact same thing as that person then you do not know and you cannot understand what it does to that person. So be patient and understand that they are being harder on themselves you don’t have to be any harder on them.


I can honestly say that me and my immediate family (Husband Andrew, & Son Justin) have been through the wringer. If we would have let this take over us and not be there for each other than we would not be together right now. This has been tough and I have had a lot of breakdowns and would blame everyone for not understanding. The nightmares and day terrors were the worse. But I felt like no one and I mean no one not even my doctors could understand or even explain to me what was going on with me.


So I am going to sign off for now.

Thank you for reading this and trying to understand my ramblings.




National Security After 9/11

Our nation was in a state of shock and disbelief, after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Americans didn’t know if these attacks would be followed by other attacks.

Nobody really knew what to expect at the time. I don’t think anyone expected, that we would be safe from terrorist attack,for the next ten years.

When Osama bin Laden’s computer was seized after he was killed in Pakistan, it was found to mention upcoming terrorists attacks, that were to be carried out on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

So while we were commemorating the attacks, on the tenth anniversary, we were also wary of another attack ten years later, but it never happened.

The American intelligence community deserves praise for keeping our nation safe from terrorist attacks during the last 10 years. I am sure there have been some close calls, that were never revealed to the public, to avoid alarming our citizens.

We can never be complacent though, since the terrorists may strike again, if we revert to our lax security that was in place on 9/11. Airport security since 9/11 has been ratcheted up and has received some criticism, for being too invasive. However, as much as we dislike the stricter measures, taken by airport security, it does make it safer to fly.

It remains a mystery 10 years later to, how 19 hijackers could have boarded planes, in American airports the morning of September 11, 2001. If there had been patdowns, then the boxcutters may have been found, that they used as weapons aboard those flights.

However another mystery is how the box cutters got by airport security. It seems like they would have sounded the buzzer, at the checkpoint causing the boxcutters to be found.

We may be having to wait longer to get through the checkpoints, but it is much better than being on a plane, that has been hijacked and that is being flown into a building. It is questionable whether the passengers on those flights, should have been told by relatives and friends, that planes had already flown into other buildings.

It was bad in that the passengers had to be scared beyond belief, but on the other hand it is probably what saved Flight 93 from hitting the White House or the Capitol Building. We will never know if those were the next targets, but those were likely targets.

Nothing would have been more dramatic, than a plane hitting the White House with almost full tanks of jet fuel, especially if President Bush had been in the White House. If not for cell phones being widely used even back in 2001, the passengers aboard Flight 93 would not have known, that the other planes had already hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. That knowledge is what caused the passengers to storm the cockpit, causing the plane to crash in Pennsylvania.

We should have known when the terrorist pilots were attending flight schools, that for them not to be worried about landing the planes was a major red flag.

President Bush and President Obama both have been targets of  criticism during their presidencies, but both presidents have put in place intelligence gathering agencies, that have prevented another 9/11 attack.

We must be ever vigilant though and plan on the terrorists planning future attacks. It may not be the same type of attacks, but we can’t be too careful, since good intelligence saves lives and bad intelligence puts our nation at jeopardy.

Big Brother 13 Backyard Interviews, Danielle, Eric Stein Of BB8 Are Besties

You can find the Evel Dick interviews, at the Dog Dave Big Brother page, but the language used is not for kids and most grownups may be offended also. http://dogdave.com/bb.html

A better option might be the CBS interviews at the CBS.com website:


Danielle Donato and Eric Stein may have not been friends on Big Brother 8 but things have changed since then. Stein who was America’s player that season, has been named Danielle’s bestie by Danielle in a conversation with Porsche Briggs during the Big Brother 13 season.

The following interview with Stein, doesn’t delve very far into their relationship, but he definitely was rooting for her to win, in Big Brother 13.