Big Brother 13: Shelly’s Family Receives Death Threats

Some Big Brother 13 fans take the game more seriously than others. TMZ reports that Shelly Moore’s family has received death threats, since Shelly’s vote to evict Jeff Schroeder on last Thursday’s show, which resulted in Jeff leaving the Big Brother house.

Shelly’s daughter has even been threatened, which is carrying hatred, way too far.  Her boss has been called by these overzealous fans, requesting that Shelly be fired for voting against Jeff.

Big Brother 13 is not true reality and fans should realize this. Reality shows are being manipulated for the highest ratings. 

That is why house guests like Brendon Villegas are allowed back in the house this season and Rachel re-entered the house last season. Rachel coming back into the house last year was a ratings ploy, to get viewers to tune in to see the house guest’s reactions to seeing Rachel walk back in the door. 

Rachel has been one of the most hated house guests ever, by both the house guests and Big Brother fans. She is also is a very pathetic person, who takes the game way too personally. Her highs and lows during the game show she is not able to handle adversity well. When she wins HOH she is ecstatic, but when she is put on the block she has a pity party.

Last night’s show was another example of the Big Brother 13 producers manipulating the show. With Rachel gone, the ratings would have plummeted so they come up with a Pandora twist. The twist was if Porsche, the HOH accepted the $10,000 prize money, the house would receive a consequence.

Porsche may have won $5,000 with the other $5,000 going to Kalia, but may have knocked herself out of a chance to win $50,000 as the second place winner or $500,000 for the first place winner. 

Now she is a target after winning POV and HOH in succession then winning the $5,000. 

Back to Shelly….She has made deals with all the house guests and it finally backfired on her this last week, when Jordan and her got into a verbal confrontation.

However, that doesn’t excuse fans making death threats to her family. It only shows that some fans take this game more personally than they should. She will probably question if she should even went on the show, when she hears about the death threats.

Hopefully, the fans that made the death threats, will be apprehended and spend years not months in jail.






Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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