Michael Donnellan of Big Brother 6 Now Worth $10 Million

Michael Donnellan: Big Brother 6 appeared in last episode of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Most Big Brother contestants seem to disappear after the show ends except Michael Donnellan, who was not successful on the show is doing very well financially now.

This paragraph from the Big Brother 6 page at Wikipedia shows that Michael didn’t last long during the 2005 season.


Michael Donnellan (born November 5, 1976, in Paris, France) is an artist based in Orange County, California. Michael and Kaysar were secret partners, being neighbors and friends. He had a brief love affair with Janelle on the show causing her to break up with her boyfriend back home on national television. He was evicted in week two by a vote of 9-1.

He may not have won the prize money that season, but said on the Millionaire Matchmaker show that he is worth $10 million today.


Michael’s date is taken aback a little, when he tells her she is going to do a photo shoot.



Reports say that Michael and Tami both enjoyed the date, despite the awkward photo shoot and may be seeing each other again.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

9 thoughts on “Michael Donnellan of Big Brother 6 Now Worth $10 Million”

  1. he’s worth 10 million because he said he’s worth 10 million. This figure wasn’t verified by anyone. He is in fact broke, like he always was.

    1. I was thinking Millionaire Matchmaker had some way of verifying the assets of the “millionaires”. I think they would have never let him on the show if he was misrepresenting himself. I do wonder though, if he truly has $10 million.

    2. Ha, sounds like you know/knew him too! Sorry Michael, but you are just really a creeper. You were creepy 5 years ago, and you still are. He is so full of himself! And yes, he apparently grew up in Italy, but he has no class and is a dirt bag, with a big useless third leg.

  2. This guy is really creepy. Just because he speaks Italian, it doesn’t mean that he’s from there. As for the 10 million dollar figure, I would imagine the only person privy to that information is the IRS. And that statue he was carving looks like he got it at flee market. Poor Tami was chosen because he needed a model to do some photos for free. Hope he doesn’t lead her on and break her heart, although if she’s well-traveled as she claims she is, she’ll see through his b-shit. The best part of the show is when he cussed at Patti in Italian, she kinda needs a bit of that sometimes. Stronza!

  3. He is not a millionaire. They had a guy on last season that pretended to own some internet search starup in brazil or south america somewhere and it turned out he was just a big scammer…worth nothing. Paid some kid at a bank to give him docs showing several million in bank…he used it to get apporved for huge estate in Florida and get on the show. His house of cards crumbled shortly thereafter. of course, you heard nothing about it on the show…makes you wonder how many others just show them some bogus paperwork and they don’t really dig into it. With as little work and creativity, it probably doesn’t take much to pull one over on the folks on/associated with that shallow show…although I love the entertainment/train wreck.

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