Big Brother 13: HOH Results and Aftermath Spoilers: August 11

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If you want to wait till Sunday’s show on CBS to find out who won HOH and the aftermath after the competition, don’t read this article since it reveals the winner of the HOH competition.



Last night’s Big Brother 13 show ended with Brendon Villegas returning to the Big Brother house after defeating Lavon Exum in a special challenge, which reunited Brendon with his girlfriend Rachel Reilly. This week has showed how fast this game can change. 

This time last week Brendon had been sent home and it appeared that Rachel would go home this week ending the season for the couple. However, a funny thing happened after the nominations as Kalia was convinced by the other alliance to not push for the house guests to vote Rachel out because of the twist this week.  Now instead of Brendon and Rachel being out of the game, they are both back in it.

Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly appear to be with one alliance, which leaves only Danielle, Porsche and Kalia in the other alliance with Adam a wild card. Danielle’s alliance needs Adam to give them more votes since Danielle can’t vote as HOH. The other alliance will lose two voters, who will be put up on the block. It will take three votes next week for a team to control the votes. 

Danielle Donato of Big Brother 13 has won HOH for the second time in three weeks.

Last night after the show ended, Danielle won the HOH competition, giving her second HOH in three weeks. It was the third consecutive HOH won by the Danielle alliance. She knew her back was against the wall with Brendon and Rachel back in the game, however Danielle seems to win when she needs the HOH the worst.

Assuming Brendon and Rachel will be nominated for eviction that leaves Jeff, Jordan and Shelly voting to keep Rachel or Brendon next week, depending on who Danielle is targeting. Either alliance would be smart to offer a deal to Adam to guarantee him safety next week in return for his vote. Adam is in the power position this week, plus Danielle is desperate to get him to vote her way. 

If Danille can persuade Adam to vote her way, the vote would be 3-3 tie with Danielle casting the tie breaking vote. Adam is in a position to bargain for the best deal, because he is the swing vote. If he joins Jeff, Jordan and Shelly in voting together to vote against the targeted house guest to leave, the veterans plus Shelly and Adam would win 4-2, robbing Danielle of a chance to cast a tie-breaking joke. Adam can figure on being hounded all week for his vote.

However, all bets are off if Brendon or Rachel win the Veto competition, but we still don’t know for sure who will be nominated. If that happens, I would expect to see Shelly nominated for the first time this season. Unless Adam adamantly refuses to vote with Danille’s alliance, he should be safe this week and probably next week too if the newbies-Danielle alliance wins HOH again next week.

These are the HOH winners so far: 







Rachel and Danielle have combined to win four of the six HOH competitions.

Brendon has either won or shared a win with Rachel three times in the Veto competition. Dominic and Jeff have won one Veto each this season. 

Rachel has won HOH twice, shared a Veto win with Brendon, while Danielle has two HOH wins. She needs to win the veto to make sure her nominations stay the same, to prevent the drama of last week from happening again. If not for Jeff winning the veto, Rachel probably would have been  voted out of the house. That would have set up a challenge between Rachel and Brendon, which would probably result in Brendon throwing it to Rachel.

The two keys this week are who wins the veto and how Adam will vote. Adam will have to grab his life vest this week, because his days of floating are over, with his vote being crucial to who advances in the game.

This year has seen some of the worst play in Big Brother history. Two players on the block Keith and Dominic, have thrown veto competitions which could have taken them off the block with a win. The last HOH, Kalia put one of her own alliance, Lawon who volunteered to be evicted, up for eviction, resulting in him going home.

Kalia more or less, wasted her week as HOH. She was so determined to show she was making the decisions and not Danielle, that she went against Danielle’s wishes to try to help Rachel get the votes she needed to stay. Not since Howie Gordon nominated two of his own alliance  in Big Brother 6 for eviction, has an HOH made a worst move than Kalia did this week, effectively flipping the house and preventing the opposing alliance from losing anyone this week and in fact added another in Brendon due to the twist. 



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