ABC News Refutes Report That Jackie Kennedy Thought LBJ Was Behind Assassination

The online edition of the Daily Mail reports that Jackie Kennedy Onassis thought that President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in the assassination of her husband, the late President John F. Kennedy.
It makes sense to me that President Johnson could have been involved, since he had the most to gain from his untimely death.
Most of the other conspiracy theories are centered around revenge, like organized crime, Castro and the CIA. However LBJ ascended to the presidency, as a result of the assassination. It was known that LBJ was not happy being a second banana to the Kennedys and their braintrust.
Warren Report: Oswald Acted Alone
It also might explain why the Warren Commission rushed to judgement pointing to Lee Harvey Oswald, as having acted alone.
The last thing LBJ would want included in the Warren Report is a rundown on all the conspiracy theories, because his name would be one of the names mentioned as a possible conspirator.
LBJ didn’t get where he was in his political life to be a figurehead vice president presiding over Senate sessions and casting tie-breaking votes. He had to resent the Kennedy brain trust, who probably thought LBJ was not at their intellectual level.
The following paragraph from Evelyn Lincoln’s book Kennedy and Johnson reveals that President Kennedy was thinking of dumping LBJ and choosing another vice presidential running mate in 1964. If LBJ knew about his nefarious plans to remove him from the 1964 presidential ticket, it may have set in motion the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
“As Mr. Kennedy sat in the rocker in my office, his head resting on its back he placed his left leg across his right knee. He rocked slightly as he talked. In a slow pensive voice he said to me, ‘You know if I am re-elected in sixty-four, I am going to spend more and more time toward making government service an honorable career. I would like to tailor the executive and legislative branches of government so that they can keep up with the tremendous strides and progress being made in other fields.’ ‘I am going to advocate changing some of the outmoded rules and regulations in the Congress, such as the seniority rule. To do this I will need as a running mate in sixty-four a man who believes as I do.’ Mrs. Lincoln went on to write “I was fascinated by this conversation and wrote it down verbatim in my diary. Now I asked, ‘Who is your choice as a running-mate?’ He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating he replied, ‘at this time I am thinking about Governor Terry Sanford of North Carolina. But it will not be Lyndon.’
Another paragraph from the Kennedy and Johnson book tells of LBJ seemingly telling the president what to do, which had to infuriate JFK:
Lincoln goes on to describe the relationship JFK had with LBJ. Lincoln recalls the first important meeting the two men had after the decision had been made. It took place in JFK’s home. She saw the meeting through the glass. She also had reason to enter the room several times. She was shocked by what went on. Lincoln claims that LBJ did almost all of the talking. He constantly wagged his finger at JFK as if he was telling him what to do. Lincoln reports that JFK was distressed after his meeting. In fact, LBJ nearly always had this impact on JFK. Especially in the early days of the presidency when LBJ played an active role in decision making.
Audiotape Showed No Acrimony Between LBJ-Jackie Kennedy

If there was any acrimony between President Johnson and the Jackie Kennedy, the widowed wife of former president John F. Kennedy it isn’t evident in this audiotape. The tape was recorded on December 2, 1963, ten days after the assassination. They not only got along well in the conversation, but LBJ even went so far as to ask Jackie to go for a walk with him.



Listening to these tapes which LBJ recorded  will leave most listeners, thinking that Jackie was very impressed,with the president taking time to read a letter she had sent to him. Jackie even mentions that she will be known, as the woman who ran around with two presidents. This audiotape is not one of the audiotapes to be released by ABC next month, but was part of President Johnson’s recordings made, while he was in office.

Caroline Kennedy Strikes Deal With ABC

Jackie Kennedy Onassis did not want the audiotapes released till 50 years after her death in 1994. However, her daughter Caroline Kennedy, in return for ABC abandoning a project on the Kennedy family, released the audiotapes to ABC after only 17 years. If Jackie’s wishes had been followed, the audiotapes would not have been released till 2044.



Disclosure of Affair Between Jackie and William Holden

The audiotapes also mention an affair between Jackie and actor William Holden, which reportedly took place while President Kennedy was in office. ABC has not denied the truthfulness of  this affair, to my knowledge but we won’t really know till the audiotapes are released next month.



This article mentions the contents of the audiotapes:


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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