The Voice Is No Threat To American Idol, X-Factor Debuts September 21

The Voice debuted last spring while American Idol was nearing the end of Season 10. It is safe to say that more people know that Scotty McCreery was voted the American Idol, than those that know that Javier Colon was the singer to win The Voice competition.

The Voice had the gimmick of the coaches hearing the voice of the singers, without seeing the singers.

It was an interesting concept that made the coaches evaluate the singers strictly by the sound of their voice.

Each coach chose four singers to be on their team, with Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton being the coaches.

There is no doubt that Javier Colon was the best singer of the group seen on the television show. He had previously had a recording contract and lost it, so he is having another chance to make it. The television exposure may be the difference this time that enables him to sell more albums.

Still he is not nearly as well-known as Scotty McCreery, who won Season 10 of American Idol.

This is just my opinion for what it is worth, but I thought the battle rounds became more of a shouting match, then a singing competition.

It was like both singers were trying to sing louder than the other singer.

A ballad singer singing an up tempo song, during a battle round is at a distinct disadvantage, since they are not used to singing songs that have to be sang loud to make a better impression on the viewers.

My personal favorite of the singers in the finals was Vicci Martinez, who had a band with her name, before she appeared on the show.

The Voice will return on February 5, 2012 after the Super Bowl ends. By then the X-Factor would have finished their first season and we will know how X-Factor fared in the ratings.

X-Factor has Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul as judges which should help in the ratings, with Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid will also be judges. Steve Jones who lives in London will be the host of the show.

The winner of X-Factor will receive a $5 million recording contract which far surpasses the worth of recording contracts given by American Idol and The Voice.

The show will debut on September 21 and end on December 22 on the Fox network. It will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM ET.

Now that American Idol and The Voice have completed their seasons, this would be a good time to see which show viewers prefer in this poll.



Big Brother 13: Shelly’s Family Receives Death Threats

Some Big Brother 13 fans take the game more seriously than others. TMZ reports that Shelly Moore’s family has received death threats, since Shelly’s vote to evict Jeff Schroeder on last Thursday’s show, which resulted in Jeff leaving the Big Brother house.

Shelly’s daughter has even been threatened, which is carrying hatred, way too far.  Her boss has been called by these overzealous fans, requesting that Shelly be fired for voting against Jeff.

Big Brother 13 is not true reality and fans should realize this. Reality shows are being manipulated for the highest ratings. 

That is why house guests like Brendon Villegas are allowed back in the house this season and Rachel re-entered the house last season. Rachel coming back into the house last year was a ratings ploy, to get viewers to tune in to see the house guest’s reactions to seeing Rachel walk back in the door. 

Rachel has been one of the most hated house guests ever, by both the house guests and Big Brother fans. She is also is a very pathetic person, who takes the game way too personally. Her highs and lows during the game show she is not able to handle adversity well. When she wins HOH she is ecstatic, but when she is put on the block she has a pity party.

Last night’s show was another example of the Big Brother 13 producers manipulating the show. With Rachel gone, the ratings would have plummeted so they come up with a Pandora twist. The twist was if Porsche, the HOH accepted the $10,000 prize money, the house would receive a consequence.

Porsche may have won $5,000 with the other $5,000 going to Kalia, but may have knocked herself out of a chance to win $50,000 as the second place winner or $500,000 for the first place winner. 

Now she is a target after winning POV and HOH in succession then winning the $5,000. 

Back to Shelly….She has made deals with all the house guests and it finally backfired on her this last week, when Jordan and her got into a verbal confrontation.

However, that doesn’t excuse fans making death threats to her family. It only shows that some fans take this game more personally than they should. She will probably question if she should even went on the show, when she hears about the death threats.

Hopefully, the fans that made the death threats, will be apprehended and spend years not months in jail.





Big Brother 13: Kalia’s HOH Lasts Few Hours: New HOH Revealed in Spoilers Alert



CBS should have done well in the ratings last night, with the double eviction, a fight between Jeff and Shelly, about 30 minutes before the live show.

Shelly, Danielle and Porsche had taken turns trying to convince Adam to flip the house and vote to keep Danielle. Adam refused to be swayed and voted to evict Danielle. Then Rachel appeared to be flipping according to some Big Brother websites, but she also voted to evict Danielle so she was evicted.

That was the last thing good that happened for Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Adam. The live HOH came down to Jordan and Kalia and Kalia won a very brief reign as HOH lasting about two hours. She immediately nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction. The vote was 2-2 so Kalia was forced to break the tie by sending Jeff home after Porsche won the Power of Veto and left the nominations the same.

Porsche Briggs won Power of Veto on live show and then won HOH after the show winning the snake ball game they had been practicing.

Shelly and Jordan were in a huge fight (photos shown below) that resulted in Jordan saying she gave her phone call home to Shelly and then Shelly had lied to her and was not really with Jeff and Jordan. Shelly has made so many deals with so many house guests, that you need a scorecard to keep up with all the deals and lies.

Later on in the evening,  they held the HOH. It was the snake ball game, in which Porsche had done well at while practicing.

Porsche won the HOH for her second straight win, about two hours after winning the POV on the live show.

Jordan and Rachel came back in the house after the HOH, lamenting their lack of success, in the competitions lately.

The numbers are against them as Adam is now best of friends with Porsche, Shelly and Kalia. However, he is delusional if he thinks he will make the final three before any of them.

The only competition that Adam has  won was only because Jeff threw it to him in the corn hole game.

Danielle may be gone, but she couldn’t be any happier than she will be when informed of what went down after she was evicted.

She will be going to the sequester house where Brendon is waiting for the next house guest to arrive. He will be surprised to see Danielle but even more surprised to see Jeff later.

This food basket and a letter in the storage room is all that Kalia has to show for being the HOH last night after Jeff was evicted, then Porsche became the new HOH two hours later.
Jeff was this close to winning the POV last night, not noticing he had flipped yellow shoe into the next bin which would have prevented him from going home, which could have caused Rachel's eviction.
Jordan and Shelly in confrontation after the live show with Rachel trying to restrain Jordan.

Porsche is almost certainly going to nominate Jordan and Rachel for eviction, or she may nominate Rachel and Adam since he refused to keep Danielle. If Jordan and Rachel are on the block, the vote should be 3-0 for eviction of Rachel, since they have lost Adam to the newbies team. Adam didn’t waste any time going from the Jeff/Jordan and Rachel alliance, once he saw they are not a threat in the game, right now at least.

Big Brother fans tire of hearing how important it is,  for one house guest or another to win Power of Veto or HOH. Assuming it will be Rachel going home next week, she has no hope at all, unless she wins the POV, so it is VERY important for her to win.

If she does win Adam probably would be the replacement nominee chosen by Porsche since they have no plans of taking him to the final three.

The last thing the producers want is for Rachel to go home, since that should drain the house of any drama and ratings may plummet the rest of the season. That explains why she was brought back into the house last season. The producers and only the producers were behind that move.

That proves that reality television can be manipulated by the producers. They couldn’t wait to see the reaction of the house guests when Rachel returned to the house last season. The looks on their faces were priceless.

It looks like Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon will control the votes of the jury. It remains to be seen if they vote for best game play or make it personal and vote against whoever they dislike the most.

Popular Candy Bars

The Zero candy bar was first produced in 1920 and is still being made 91 years later. This may very well be the best candy bar ever made, with chocolate, caramel, peanuts and almond nougats on the inside and white fudge on the outside.

It was almost a daily ritual walking home from Pineville High to Burns Street to stop in the neighborhood grocery store where Lallah ended at Donahue Ferry. I remember an elderly lady ran the store. Can remember buying a Big Time candy bar every time.  I don’t even know why I liked them so much. They weren’t that much better than any other candy bar.

Coconut lovers loved the Almond Joy candy bar. It had a coconut center and two almonds in milk chocolate. It’s sister candy bar Mounds was similar to the Almond Joy, except without the almonds and encased in dark chocolate. I don’t know why anyone would want to ever eat a Mounds, after tasting the almonds in an Almond Joy bar.

The Baby Ruth candy bar was produced by the Curtiss Candy Company in 1921. Ironically, it was the year Babe Ruth hit 59 home runs. However, Babe Ruth had nothing to do with the naming of the Baby Ruth candy bar. It is said to be named after the daughter of President Grover Cleveland, Ruth Cleveland. 

Baby Ruth candy bars were made out of peanuts, caramel and nougats with a chocolate covering.  Curtiss Candy Company was sold to Nabisco in 1981, then sold to Nestle in 1991.

Curtiss Candy Company made their first Butterfinger Candy Bar in 1923, two years after the Baby Ruth candy bar was introduced. The candy bars have a taste similar to peanut butter and include crispy caramel in the center.

The Three Musketeers candy bar rolled off the assembly line in 1932 and was produced by M&M/Mars. The candy bars have a chocolate flavored nougat covered with milk chocolate.

I never ate chocolate cakes or most other products with chocolate, but always had a sweet tooth for chocolate candy bars. One of my favorites today are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and in addition, I have been known to eat a Snickers bar from time to time.

Changes in My Lifetime: Things That Are Out of Style Now

Drive-in Movie theatre located next to a railroad track.
My home state of Louisiana has no drive-in theatres, left in existence the last time I checked. I can remember when we had the Fox Drive-in , Joy Twin Drive-in, Showtown Drive-in and Kings Drive-in located in Alexandria and Kingsville.
There are probably some others that were thriving at one time in the Cenla area.
I will never forget the speakers by the side of the car that let us listen to what the actors were saying on the screen. I remember stories of kids hiding in the trunks of cars to avoid paying to see the movies. 
Five years ago we went to a drive-in theatre in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. We saw a cartoon that night, so wasn’t too memorable, except for turning back the clock that one night, going back in time, even though the new technology let us hear the movie over the radio, if turned to a certain frequency. 
Eight track players came and left before I ever owned one.
Think most of us owned a record player before we owned a television since it
was only form of home entertainment before the radio and television in most homes.
I can still remember my dad wearing hats like these in the 50’s and
it used to be common for men to wear hats like these to baseball games.
A typical soda fountain back in the day.
There was something special about a trip to a soda fountain. Whether you bought an ice cream cone, a banana split, a root beer float, a milk shake or a sundae, it just tasted better coming from a soda fountain. I still have not found a cherry coke with the taste of a soda fountain cherry Coke.
Who can ever forget those 15 cent hamburgers at McDonalds when you could get a combo for less than a dollar. Those days are gone forever, but the memories of those days lingers on about 50 years later.
I-49, Alexandria, Louisiana
The Paramount Theater in downtown Alexandria where I watched No Time For Sergeants three times in a row without having to pay for the second and third showings.
 I can still remember kids delivering newspapers on their bikes. I also remember them selling papers on the street corners downtown. The demise of the afternoon newspaper ended for the most part the delivery of newspapers by kids as the grown-ups began to deliver papers in their cars and trucks, very early in the morning. The Alexandria Town Talk carriers would start their deliveries about 1 AM in the morning, but the last papers might not be delivered to 6 or 7 in the morning.
I know next to nothing about cigars, but am almost certain that there are no five cent cigars being sold in 2011.
The five cent cigars in the photo were apparently being sold during the 1968 presidential campaign by Senator Hubert H. Humphrey.
That campaign was 43 years ago, but it still may have been near the end of a time when cigars were being sold for five cents.
When was the last time you told a gas station attendant to “filler up”? There may be some full service gas stations still around, but they are getting harder to find all the time. The full service gasoline stations would fill your tank, wipe your windshield, check your tires and give or sell you a map, so you would know how to get to your destination. You used to get glasses or some other item when you bought gas. All you get now is high prices for gas we used to pay about 50 cents for.
I can remember selling books of 20 five cent stamps  for a dollar in the Army post office in Hawaii and Vietnam. The five cent price went into effect in January of 1963 and didn’t increase to six cents until 1968. So the five cent price stayed the same during my entire time working in the Army post office.
The penny postcard had risen to four cents by 1963. 
Today the five cent stamp of 1963 has risen to 44 cents and the $1 book of stamps is now $8.80. The penny postcard has risen to 29 cents. 

Big Brother 13: Adam Being Begged to Flip House

Danielle of  Big Brother 13 knows her fate is in the hands of Adam. Her alliance which includes Porsche and Shelly, has launched a three prong attack on Adam to persuade him to flip the house and allow Danielle to stay in the house.

Shelly has talked to Adam many times, begging him to keep Danielle in the house. Porsche has promised to have Janelle a former Big Brother house guest, call Adam if he flips his vote. Danielle has mentioned to Adam that he may possibly be able to work with her dad, on Evil Dick’s website if he votes to keep Danielle.

Adam has continued to refuse to vote for Danielle to stay. It may be best that he hang around Jeff and Jordan more, till the live show tomorrow night. He has to be tired of being badgered for his vote. 

When Danielle questioned Adam, about why he doesn’t want Danielle to stay, he says he knows she is a better competitor than him. 

Danielle made a huge mistake, by deserting the veteran’s alliance, to form an alliance with Dominic. She had plans of backdooring Jeff, but they backfired when she was found out and Dominic was sent packing.

With the live show only about 36 hours away, time is running out for Danielle. She made a big move to separate herself from the veterans, but now she may be making a bigger move, by going to the sequester house and see her friend Brendon, whom she nominated for eviction last week. 

After the eviction tomorrow night, there will be a live HOH and Power of Veto and another eviction. Then there will probably be another HOH on Saturday, if the show does like they have in recent years.

Big Brother 13 : Double Live Eviction on Thursday’s Show, Spoilers

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd pictured holding their checks after Jordan won Big Brother 11. They hope to be holding more checks at the Big Brother 13 finale on September 14 if they are still in the game, but with eight players still in the game and a double eviction on Thursday, anything can happen.




SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Jeff has won HOH and nominated Kalia and Porsche for eviction on Friday night. He apparently didn’t want to give Danielle a chance to win the  Power of Veto, so avoided nominating her.

There are eight players remaining in the game now with Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, Shelly and Adam in one alliance and only Danielle, Porsche and Kalia in the other alliance. 

Danielle’s alliance only has one voter, while the stronger alliance has four that will be eligible to vote.  It is almost a foregone conclusion, that the vote on Thursday night will evict Porsche or Kalia. 

However, Jeff added the Power of Veto to his HOH power last Saturday, so he is truly in command of the game. He is considering the option of backdooring of Danielle. If he takes any other option, he could be making a huge mistake, since Kalia and Porsche are not really threats to his game at this point.

Danielle is sensing that she is going to be backdoored, since Jeff has been non-committal about his plans. I look for him to remove Porsche from the block and then substitute Danielle in her place. Now that Danielle knows she may be going on the block, she will badger Jeff, until the last minute to make a deal that will keep her safe.

If he doesn’t put her on the block, he may regret it and it may cost him $500,000. Danielle is one of the best competitors in Big Brother history, so there is no reason to keep her in the game.

With the double eviction being live on Thursday’s show, it is imperative to get Danielle out now, or she may win HOH on Thursday night and put up Jeff and Jordan or Jeff and Rachel. That would leave only three voters for the Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly and Rachel alliance. 

The double eviction will leave little time for politicking and deal making before the second eviction.  Julie Chen will have her hands full on Thursday night, trying to work in an eviction, an HOH, a POV, a power of veto ceremony and another eviction in about 46 minutes of actual viewing time. 

As far as I know, the house guests have no idea, there will be a double eviction this week. One house guest thought it would be the next week.

Those fans who are watching the live feeds, should see plenty of drama today, if Jeff does backdoor Danielle. It might get ugly before this day is over, especially if Rachel becomes involved by gloating over Danielle’s demise if she is put back on the block.

Rachel has had a quiet week so far, but who knows she could be gone on Thursday night, after the second eviction.