American Idol: Jennifer Lopez Could Earn $34.3 Million To Return To American Idol

Jennifer Lopez may be returning for a second season of American Idol.

The latest reports say that Jennifer Lopez may be returning for Season 11 of American Idol. Lopez reportedly earned $12 million as a judge for Season 10. If this report is true, then she would be earning even more than Ryan Seacrest, who is reportedly earning $15 million, as the host of American Idol.

Paula Abdul a couple of years ago asked for a raise, but she apparently left the show when the raise wasn’t forthcoming. So it is puzzling why Lopez would be offered a $22.3 million raise. It is a lot of money considering the judges are needed for a few auditions in major cities, before starting the season in January. However, those shows have already been recorded previously.

Lopez was a huge upgrade over Ellen Degeneres, who looked as lost as a goose in a caboose, in her year as a judge. She hemmed and hawed around before making her decisions on the contestants. She also tried to be funny and that didn’t work either.

In my opinion, the judges in Season 10 were the best set of judges, since the show began. Steven Tyler and Lopez judged the contestants well, with concise analysis of their singing. Randy Jackson was busy being Randy Jackson with all his sayings like “You nailed it dawg”, “You blew it out of the box”, “You are in it to win it”, “It was a little pitchy”, “It just didn’t do it for me,” and his dreaded “yo-yo” which more times than not meant he didn’t like the rendition of the song.

All in all, the three judges last season did a great job and I really felt that the judges cared about the contestants. It was nice to not hear the snarky comments of Simon Cowell. He crossed the line, when he was on the show, criticizing overweight singers, the clothes they wore and generally was not a nice person.

His rudest comment was when he told a contestant that they needed to pack their suitcase, because they were going home. It will be interesting to see how watchers of the X-Factor will accept Simon Cowell, after seeing the much kinder American Idol judges.

Back to Lopez, we may not know for a while whether she will return for a second season, but it would be nice to have a fall and winter with no changing of the judges.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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