Big Brother 13: Rachel HOH For Second Time, Hopefully For Last Time

Rachel had everything rolling her way on last night’s live show of Big Brother 13. Her enemy Cassi was sent home by a 9-0 vote, then she won HOH for the second time. I doubt if there was much excitement, from other house guests, when asked who wanted to see her HOH room?

It is a mystery why she was so anti-Cassi, since Cassi never did anything to warrant such hatred. She even went to Rachel and Brendon separately to find out why they disliked her so much. Rachel came up with her usual snide remarks, then when Cassi talked to Brendon, he turned the whole thing around to make it look like Cassi was lying. Cassi was just being inquisitive and all she got in return was more disgusting behavior from Rachel and Brendon.

Rachel is hated so much by the other house guests that the first time a newbie wins HOH, she will be going out the door the next week. She has alienated every house guest by her behavior, even Brendon is not happy with her behavior. She plays by far, the worst social game ever in Big Brother history.

It is a good thing Rachel and Brendon weren’t married, before the Big Brother 13 season started. Brendon has a full-time job trying to calm Rachel down, when things don’t go her way.

Dominic and Daniele need to be watched, since they may team up with Rachel and Brendon. If that happens I still look for most of the newbies to team up with Jeff and Jordan. Dominic is a smart player. No other newbie is looking like they are doing any game playing. Adam may be a better game player after the partners are broken up.

Rachel is providing all the drama for a second season in a row. CBS was thinking they would at least have drama with Rachel and Evil Dick in the house. When Evil Dick left the house, they left it up to Rachel to turn up the drama. CBS will have to come up with a major twist, once Rachel leaves, because when she walks out the door, the drama should end as soon as the door closes. Let’s hope CBS doesn’t bring her back in the house, if she leaves.

Jeff and Jordan need to keep an eye on Rachel and Brendon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they backdoor them if they get the chance. The worst case scenario for fans who don’t like Rachel, would be for Brendon to win HOH, insuring another week of Rachel in the HOH room as a tenant, since she can’t win two weeks in a row.









Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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