Big Brother 13: Veterans Alliance In Danger of Crumbling While Rachel Cries in the Bushes

Rachel Reilly lost it after the veto competition as veteran's alliance is showing signs of crumbling.

Rachel  has to be the worst social game player in Big Brother history as she was so intent on wanting to get rid of Cassi , that she is not even considering that Dominic is the only newbie that is making an effort to win.

Instead she was begging Jordan to nominate Cassi and Shelly, neither of whom is a threat to the veterans. Shelly even voted the way the veterans wanted her to vote last week on eviction night.

Then Dominic won the veto competition and Rachel went ballistic on Jordan because Rachel went on slop for two weeks, so she could continue in the veto competition, but Jordan didn’t because Jeff told her it wasn’t worth it to go on slop.

So Rachel makes a pithy comment about the HOH wasn’t trying to win and Jeff put Rachel in her place when she jumped on Jordan.

Brendon tried to calm down Rachel who went to cry in the bushes after the confrontation with Jeff. Of course the newbies were loving every minute of the meltdown by the veterans.

We should have known Rachel’s ego couldn’t handle losing a competition and now she is wanting to go it alone, which is suicide in the Big Brother game. Instead of being with Jeff, Jordan and Daniele she would be only with Brendon.

You would think that Rachel had learned her lesson from last year, that you keep to yourself what you are thinking about the other house guests.

It is safe to say that the first time a newbie wins HOH, she will be out the door since she will be the target if Brendon and her are put on the block.

Rachel takes the game too personally. She has to change her whole game plan, or she will be the first veteran out of the house. I thought Rachel would at least stay with the veterans till all the couples were broken up, but now she may have ruined any chance that might happen with her behavior after the veto competition.

Unless someone changed sides, it looks like after tonight assuming Cassi goes home that it will be Dominic and Lawon the only newbies still with the newbies, against Kalia, Porsche, Shelley, Adam, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel and Danielle with the veterans. Since there will be 10 voting tonight for eviction, the vote should be 8-2. If not, somebody has gone back on their word. Dominic and Lawon probably don’t know of all the deals the newbies have made, so probably will vote for Cassi to stay.

Rachel better hope the veteran’s alliance wins HOH tonight, but then if a newbie in the veterans alliance wins, they might still nominate a veteran couple to make it look like they are not working with the veterans.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Veterans Alliance In Danger of Crumbling While Rachel Cries in the Bushes”

    1. I hope whichever newbie that wins their first HOH doesn’t nominate someone else, knowing how mad Rachel would be to be on the block. Let her be mad…she needs to go. Rachel keeps telling other house guests they are playing a terrible game, while she is playing the worst game of all. She may have won a couple of HOH’s but her social game is going to get her voted out of the house. Nobody on either side likes her except Brendon and he keeps getting mad at her.

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