Big Brother 13: Newbies Don’t Have Clue How to Play This Game

Big Brother 13 rookies not playing the smartest game this season.

It looks like the Big Brother 13 rookies have left their thinking caps at home. It looks like the twist of adding veterans from Big Brother 8, Big Brother 11 and Big Brother 12 was too much of a shock, causing them to lose their senses.

Some of the newbies formed an alliance called The Regulators, which lasted about as long as a box of Twinkies for a family of four.

Evil Dick Exits Game Early

Even though the veterans lost Evil Dick almost immediately after the first show aired, the  veterans took it in stride. That is all except Brendon Villegas, who ranted and raved about how they had lost before they got started. I could understand Brendon being worried since the veterans were now outnumbered 8-5.

Thankfully, Jeff Schroeder calmed Brendon down, giving him a pep talk, in effect telling him all was not lost yet. Next thing you knew the veterans had Kalia Booker, Shelly Moore and Porsche Briggs on their side. It even looked like they had convinced Adam Poch to go to their side, but he voted for Keith to stay, which was opposite of what the veterans wanted.

Keith Throws Veto Competition While On the Block

Keith helped evict himself, thinking he had the numbers on his side and threw the veto competition. Unless my memory fails me, I can’t recall anyone on the block throwing the veto competition, since it is only way someone nominated for eviction can remove themselves from the block.

Porsche was on the block so she couldn’t vote, but Kalia and Shelly switched sides to vote with the veterans to get rid of Keith. The vote to evict was 6-4 so the veterans whittled the advanage of the newbies to 7-5. With another newbie going home this week, the advantage of the newbies will shrink to 6-5.

Newbies Puzzled Over Who Switched Votes

It was funny the way some of the newbies were trying to figure out who voted with the veterans. The ones that switched didn’t give themselves away, so the other newbies still don’t know for a fact who switched their votes.

Jordan Lloyd who won HOH is a lot more into the game than when she was on Big Brother 11 two seasons ago. Now that Adam sees there are some newbies playing for themselves, he is telling the veterans he messed up last time and wants to join with the veterans. His thinking is that he will last longer in the game with the veteran’s protection, until it is time for everyone to fend for themselves.

Newbie Not Likely to Win the $500,000

When the newbies started linking up with the veterans, they made it less likely that a newbie will win the $500,000 in September. If the veterans win HOH next week, it should finish off any chance the newbies will be a force in the game.

The five veterans now apparently have Porsche, Adam, Shelly and Kalia on their side giving them an edge of 9-3 with Dominic Briones possibly coming over to the veteran’s side. That leaves Cassi Colvin and Lawon Exum as the only ones of the newbies still not linked with the veterans.It is hard to believe the newbies have squandered a 8-5 advantage into an apparent 10-2 (if Dominic switches sides) disadvantage assuming the newbies will continue to work with the veterans and vote the way they are told.

The newbies have broken the cardinal rule of sticking together as long as they have the advantage in numbers. Instead they started bailing out the first week and The Regulators are not regulating anything.

Brilliant Game Play By Veterans

Only problem for veterans is that they have promised too many people they will be safe. That means they may be voting off some newbies who were told they were safe. The play by the veterans has been brilliant overall though.

However, Rachel has to watch what she says and not make the game personal. She is the kind that will vote someone out if she doesn’t like them rather than vote out someone, that is more of a threat. Brendon will have to keep an eye on Rachel 24/7 or she could cause some of the newbies to join forces with each other. She doesn’t need to repeat her “Hang on to your life vests floaters” again this season.

Unless the newbies regroup as an alliance between now and next Thursday, the veterans have everything going their way. The Dominick-Danielle friendship has to be watched by the veterans as these two could throw a wrench in the plans of the veterans, but then there are only two of them and they won’t have much power this early in the game. However, if Dominick wins HOH this Thursday, we could see one of the veterans going home the following week. Still not sure, if he would be so in with the veterans to nominate a newbie couple for eviction.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

20 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Newbies Don’t Have Clue How to Play This Game”

  1. I bet Daniel will put floaters up. I hate rachel and brandon making out all the time. Kalia is so dumb. Why is she baking cake for Jeff who yells at her on her face and call her dumb in the d.r. Why Kalia go around telling everything to Shelly. I have never seen so many dumb players todgethr in big brother history.

      1. good job newbies,,,,Why Jorden is soooo wiered,, she fix her hair million times in a minute! I want anynewbies to win this game accept Adam. Stupid game Adam! You should have stayed with newbies than deceiving them! Kalia learned after all!

  2. I wonder if they earn mony the time they stay in big brother home,,I mean if they get paid anything to be on the show,,,does anyone know??

  3. tell racher not to wear that blue cap,,does not look good on her!! she looks wiered with that! that has b on it and its blue! vetrnes are all bulie accept rachel…I hope she gets 25000.00 by viewrs choiece.

  4. since when big brother had a game change with pandora box when there are only 6 people left in the game. Obviously this game is just set for rachel to win. I dont even like watching the show anymore!

    1. The producers don’t want Rachel to leave, because once she leaves there is not much drama. They knew Porsche would take the money so they made it where Rachel and Jordan could come off the block.

      It is not reality TV at all. They should change the name of reality TV to producer’s TV because they are the ones manipulating the shows the way they want stuff to happen.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised for someone to come up with a special power from that fortune teller that keeps them safe from being evicted. There is something going on with the fortune teller or it wouldn’t be moving. I am sure if somebody does a certain thing with it, that it will start talking.

      Rachel sure is acting different lately. I think she learned it is smarter not to get people mad at her, because some of those people will be voting on the final two and she might be in the final two. Easy choice, get the voters mad or have a small chance of winning a half million.

  5. its very obvious to me that this game is set up to have rachel win….first the dual back. Now some one tell me about the padora box,,,,how was it bad or good for the house guests?????? No clue. shows it was set to reachel to win,,,dual back in power,,,again rachel to win,,,,in p o v i have never seen a game of endurance,,this time there is endurance game in pov,,why because rachel is good in it,,so rachel wins,,,
    I can bet this is for eveil rachel to win the game. hahaha! I can play this game much better than all the people in the game now if I have producer’s support like rachel has!

  6. okay here is my take on this seasons game. Shelly’s vote today proved that newbies had no idea how to play this game. Shelly I thought u were smart but u are just one of the dumbest person on newbies.
    Kalia u are the number 2 dumb on the line of newbies. U just dont get it that vetrnes just trying to put this in your head the whole time that u are playing daniels game so u dont make dicision together and loose unity. U keep defending your self (very dumb), I hope u in real life play better game with more sense although it may take you a long time to get that maturity!
    I love Danels honesty. Rachel did not have a chance to win if it was a personality contest. She has no class what so ever.
    Daniel is the most well balanced person I have everseen on big brother’s game. She is too nice be on the vertrnes side because she is not a bully or mean person like vetrens and she is too smart for newbies.
    This whole game was to set rachel and newbies to win. Who voted Jeff I wonder to win 25000 k. I know I didnt.
    Okay big brother good deal!
    Okay guyes so what u think. any body wanna make coments??

    1. Brandy, I agree the game was set up for Rachel to win. Pandora’s Box was used by CBS to keep Rachel and Jordan in the game longer. I have to hand it to Rachel, that she played a good game, but she wouldn’t have won without the help of the Pandora Box twist. If not she would have been sent home that week, but instead wins veto and takes herself and Jordan off the block.

      Kalia sent home a floater instead of a threat when she sent Lawon home. Dumb move. You get the strong players out first, then worry about the floaters.

      To the best of my knowledge, these are amounts of money won this year:

      Rachel $500,000
      Porsche $55,000….$5,000 was from Pandora’s Box
      Jeff $40,000…favorite player money plus $15,000 won in games
      Kalia $5,000…her half of the Pandora’s box money
      Total $600,000 in prize money

      1. Then when Rachel opens Pandora’s Box, nothing bad happens that changes the game. Instead she wins Jessie and Adam wins Tori Spelling. CBS could have done something to affect the game like they did to Porsche, but they wanted Rachel in it to the end to garner higher ratings.

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