Did Dorothy Kilgallen Know Too Much About JFK Assassination?

Dorothy Kilgallen was born July 3, 1913 in Chicago, Illinois. She started writing her Voice of Broadway column for 146 syndicated papers.

She hosted the radio program Dorothy and Dick on WOR in New York City which was first broadcast in 1945. Her husband Richard Kollmar co-starred on the program. Kollmar was known for portraying Boston Blackie on the old-time radio show with the same name as the character he portrayed.

The show was on the air for 18 years before it ended in 1963. Meanwhile she was one of the panelists on What’s My Line a CBS television show hosted by John Daly which began in 1945. She appeared on the show until her untimely death in 1965.

Kilgallen was active in newspapers, radio and television simultaneously, so was well-known long before she interviewed Jack Ruby. She hated country music with a passion and when some stars of the Grand Ole Opry appeared at Carnegie Hall, she called them “hicks from the sticks”. Patsy Cline didn’t take kindly to her words and said ” And if I have the pleasure of seeing that wicked witch, I’ll let her know how proud I am to be a hick from the sticks.”

Published Ruby’s Testimony Before Made Public

Her five minute private  interview with Ruby is supposedly the only interview he gave without the presence of sheriff’s deputies. Somehow she got hold of the transcripts of Ruby’s testimony before the Warren Commission, then had them published before the Warren Commission Report was published.

J. Edgar Hoover considered Kilgallen a threat and had her moves watched closely for 25 years before the assassination. Kilgallen charged that the mafia had been recruited by the CIA to assassinate the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. That was later proven to be true.

Ruby Met With Officer Tippett Before Assassination

The most shocking revelation revealed by Kilgallen was that Jack Ruby, J.D. Tippett (the police officer who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald) and two other men had met at the Carousel, Ruby’s nightclub three weeks before the assassination. This makes me wonder just what Oswald and Tippett were talking about before Oswalt fatally shot Tippett.

Kilgallen Found Dead With JFK Notes Missing

The JFK assassination notes of Kilgallen were gone, when her body was found on November 8, 1965. She had bragged to many people that she was about to blow the JFK assassination case sky high with the information she had.

Even in death, there was controversy surrounding her autopsy. James Luke the medical examiner who spent 45 minutes at the death scene did not sign the death certificate, as Dominick DiMaio another medical examiner signed the name of James Luke.

No Official Cause of Kilgallen’s Death

No official cause of death has been determined, with it possibly being a combination of Seconal and alcohol causing the death. It is still not known whether it was suicide or accidental. There is also a possibility she may have had a heart attack concurrently with the effects of the barbiturates.

Since no witnesses were present at her death, that we know of, it may be that she was forced to take the overdose by the same people that took her JFK assassination notes.

The following paragraph from Wikipedia’s article on Kilgallen tells me she learned something that not even her husband would discuss after her death:

One of two known comments Richard Kollmar made about his first wife after her death was later recalled by Bob Bach, who booked the mystery guests for What’s My Line?. At Bach’s home several hours after her funeral, the television producer asked the widower to discuss his wife’s interest in the assassination, and Kollmar replied, “Robert, I’m afraid that will have to go to the grave with me.”

November Marks 48th Anniversary of JFK Assassination

In conclusion, this November will mark 48 years since the death of President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza and 46 years since the death of Dorothy Kilgallen who apparently knew too much about that day, for her enemies to let her die of old age.

The day JFK was assassinated, I was a 19 year old soldier working in the company post office in Hawaii, when I heard the news of his death on the radio in the post office. I will be 67 when Nov.22 comes around this year. However, I have no more idea of what truly happened that day, than what I knew 48 years later except a U.S. president was assassinated on the streets of Dallas, Texas.

I have a feeling many people with knowledge of what really happened that day have died, many mysteriously, but as the years go by fewer and fewer of them are left. Someone 40 years old on that day would be 98, if still alive. Anyone 50 or older then probably have already taken any secrets they knew underground with them.

JFKresearch.com has more information on the life and death of Dorothy Kilgallen that may help fill in some of the gaps.


For those wanting to read the lengthy testimony of Jack Ruby before the Warren Commission. It is extremely long.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

13 thoughts on “Did Dorothy Kilgallen Know Too Much About JFK Assassination?”

  1. I’m convinced she was murdered (i.e., “silenced”) and she’s not the only one. When I talk about the JFK cover-ups with some people, they give me a look like I’m a conspiracy nut. But if Dorothy hadn’t blabbed that she had new info, she might have lived into her 80s or longer. It’s amazing how brazen the ‘cleaners’ were in that cover-up. Nobody was immune.

  2. Jeff, I agree completely. Nobody knows what the situation was when Dorothy died. Someone could have been pointing a gun at her and told her to take the drugs. I know there are those online who have made their mission in life to have an answer for every conspiracy theory. There are way too many coincidences to be explained away by some website that agrees with the Warren Commission. I am sure her JFK notes and papers went up in flames the same day she died. She may have made other copies though that nobody knows the whereabouts of.

  3. Ms Kilgallen was likely silenced for what she had learned when interviewing Jack Ruby. Since the Warren Commission seemed disinterested in his story and his mob links, it is likely that someone outside the Commission (ie mob or CIA asset) decided that she should not be allowed to use her considerable fame to get people thinking outside the Warren box.

    1. Larry, I agree that the Warren Commission did not want any conspiracy theories out there. What would it have hurt if the Warren Commission would have let Ruby go to Washington. I think they were afraid of what he might say. There was a reason Ruby was there on Sunday morning to murder Oswald and it had nothing to do with him feeling sorry for Jackie Kennedy and her kids. How he got in with a gun is a mystery. Seems like security would be tight knowing Oswald could be a target.

  4. You Tube has an excellent video about Kilgallen that was added earlier this year. You Tube has dozens of “What’s My Line?” clips featuring her, but I recommend the video in which you hear her talking about Mark Lane on a local New York TV talk show.

    Type this in the You Tube search field: Dorothy Kilgallen the reporter had many sources.

    It proves that Warren Commission defenders are wrong when they argue that Lane was her only source on the murders of JFK and Officer Tippit.

      1. Mr. Godfrey, you may now be aware of Mark Lane’s interview of Aquilla Clemmons conducted in 1966 at her home. She is on you tube. In Mark’s book ” Last Word ” he states that she was shown pict of Oswald and said he wasn’t either of the two men she saw at the Tippet killing. Hope this helps.

      2. Ms. Aquilla Clemmons described the man with the gun at the scene of the Tippit killing as: ” He was kind of chunky. He was kind of heavy, wasn’t a very big man “. She didn’t state whether the other man who was ALSO present at the scene had a gun or not. I don’t think that anyone after seeing a pict of Oswald would ever describe him as ” chunky or heavy “. This assertion, I realize, is speculation on my part, but I believe it’s speculation based on reason. Thanks 4 your time and allowing me to comment.Take care Mr. Godfrey.

    1. Those records should be released in 2013 since Nov.22,2013 will make 50 years since the assassination. Will be interesting to find out what was in those records, that couldn’t be released until then.

  5. Mr. Foster, I agree that Lee Harvey Oswald would not be thought of as “chunky”. The Tippit killing is almost as much a mystery as the JFK assassination. Thanks for posting your opinions and you are welcome to post any time.

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