Big Brother 13: Keith Evicted, Jordan Wins HOH

Jordan Lloyd is the new HOH after Keith Henderson was the first house guest to be evicted during the Big Brother 13 season.

Keith Henderson may have made one of the biggest blunders in Big Brother history by throwing the Veto competition while he was on the block. His partner Porsche Briggs also threw the competition, almost certainly making it the first time both members up for conviction threw a competition, that if they had won would have extended their stay on the show. Julie Chen called out Keith on why he would try to throw the competition and he replied that he thought he had the votes. He should have known that you never assume anything on Big Brother.

Surprisingly two of the rookie players voted to evict Keith, even though he was a newbie. Kalia Booker and Shelly Moore were the two that voted to evict Keith.
Two Rookies Flipped Votes
The veteran players had to be ecstatic to know that two of the rookies voted against their own player. The rookies now hold a 7-5 edge in the competition, but will have two of their players on the block, meaning only five of them will be able to vote. Only four veterans can vote, with Jordan not being allowed to vote as HOH.
After next week’s eviction the rookies will only have a 6-5 edge. The loss of Evil Dick Donato really hurt the veterans. If he had stayed both the rookies and veterans would have six players remaining in the game after next week’s eviction.
Julie Chen surprised Daniele Donato by asking why she didn’t say “I love you” to her dad when she had the chance. However, while  voting in the diary room Daniele said she did love her father, but she probably wouldn’t have said it,  if not for Julie bringing up the subject.
Brendon Tells Rachel to Tone Down Behavior
Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly battled again last night after Rachel told Cassi Colvin that she liked Porsche. Brendon told Rachel she is making them a target by her behavior. Rachel seems to have a penchant for stirring up trouble, instead of concentrating on game play. Brendon will have his hands full, trying to rein in Rachel’s aggressive behavior, or she may be the first veteran player to be evicted.
Jordan more than likely will put up Dominic Briones and Adam Poch for nomination. Both of them may be told by the veterans that they will be safe, then one or the other will be evicted, depending on the outcome of the Veto competition. Latest plans by the veterans if Dominic and Adam win the Veto competition is to put up Shelly and Cassi in their place.
However, with Big Brother things can change in a hurry and the next eviction is six days away. The rookies know that two of their own voted to keep Porsche instead of Keith and have been trying to figure out who those voters were.
Cassi and Dominic think they have figured out that Kalia and Adam were the ones that flipped their votes. Cassi would be shocked if she knew her partner Shelly was one of the two that flipped their votes.
Loss of Evil Dick Could Affect CBS Ratings
Big Brother 13 may see a ratings dip with the departure of Evil Dick Donato. Rachel is now the only real villain this season, so far at least. If she goes home early in the season, the show will be left with a house full of people who get along well. That scenario is the worst nightmare for CBS. Adam seems to be the only loose cannon on the rookies side, but may not last long in this season.
Jeff and Jordan should draw a lot of fans as long as they remain in the game, but the rookies so far, have no villain to speak of. Instead the rookies are positioning themselves to be able to join forces with the veterans or remain with the rookies. The rookies alliance crumbled last night with the two flipped votes.
The game could turn into a rout for the veterans, which would not help ratings in the least. Drama is what attracts viewers and there could be very little drama if Rachel, Jeff and Jordan were to leave early in the game.
Jeff More Involved in Gameplay This Season
Jeff Schroeder is more involved in the game than he was in Big Brother 11, when he and Jordan were almost like bystanders, for a good part of that season. Jordan is a lot smarter than she is putting on and like Jeff has learned from being on Big Brother 11.
It  impressed me when Brendon almost lost it and wanted to hit someone when Evil Dick left the show, then Jeff showing himself to be the veteran he is said to not give up hope and to keep winning HOH week after week. The flipping of two votes and Jordan winning the HOH, should tell Brendon that the veterans are in this to win it.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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