Did Nancy Grace Go Overboard After Casey Anthony Verdict?

Nancy Grace: Covered Casey Anthony trial for HLN.

It seemed like to me that Nancy Grace went overboard with her criticism of the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

I can understand her disappointment in knowing that Casey Anthony who probably did kill her daughter Caylee is going to walk free, maybe as early as this week.

Reasonable Doubt

However, the American justice system still specifies that a juror must not vote guilty if  there is a reasonable doubt. There was more than enough reasonable doubt to not send Casey Anthony to her death.

The prosecution erred in asking for death penalty, given the fact that there was no slam dunk evidence presented to the jury.

If the prosecution had asked for a life sentence, the jury may have even come  back with a guilty verdict.

Not Enough Evidence

The jury simply did not have enough concrete evidence to support a death penalty.

If the jury had rendered a guilty verdict and a death sentence was given and carried out, there would be no recourse, if it later became known that Ms. Anthony had not committed the crime.

Grace Went Overboard With Comments

The reaction of Nancy Grace to the verdict went way overboard in my opinion. It was like she was waging a personal vendetta against Casey Anthony.  I can understand why she would emphasize that Caylee Anthony’s killer went unpunished. The one thing both sides can agree on is that  Caylee Anthony is dead.

It didn’t take long yesterday to tire of hearing Grace call Casey tot mom. She has a name and it is Casey, not tot mom. When Graces says tot mom, it has a derogatory sound to it.

No Fingerprints Or DNA Linking Anthony

It is one thing to want justice for a murderer. However, it is another thing to want justice so much that someone like Nancy Grace would send Casey Anthony to death row, with no fingerprints or DNA linking Casey to the crime.

Grace may be correct in saying that Casey’s lies may have led to the not guilty verdict by the jury. If she had told the truth to the detectives, she would likely either be on death row now or serving a life sentence.

Lying May Have Kept Anthony Off Death Row

The Miranda law says Casey had the right to remain silent, but by lying she may receive a four-year sentence, instead of the death penalty or a life sentence.

There was an abundance of circumstantial evidence presented during the trial by the prosecution. However, you can’t send someone to their death on circumstantial evidence.

Wanted to Stay on Good Side of Grace

It was evident that the reporters and legal analysts on the program with Grace, were being careful to not get on the wrong side of Grace with their comments,

except for  Dr. Drew saying that the prosecution did not prove motive, which I don’t think Grace agreed with.

A professional reporter and legal analyst like Grace are entitled to their opinion, but yesterday we think the professionalism gave way to a personal vendetta by Grace, against Casey Anthony.

Personally, I think the jury made the correct verdict, when considering the physical evidence didn’t link Casey to the crime. If one person is sent to death row because of circumstantial evidence, it is one person too many.

Poll Questions

The following polls ask if the jury made the correct decision and if Nancy Grace went overboard with her comments after the verdict.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

7 thoughts on “Did Nancy Grace Go Overboard After Casey Anthony Verdict?”

  1. Maybe there was a lack of evidence because she did not murder Caylee. Has anyone given that any consideration? Let’s say she didn’t kill her daughter, she has just been put through hell because the prosecution wanted to “get” someone. There was definitely reasonable doubt.

    1. I agree there was reasonable doubt. You are right. I believe the prosecution just wanted a conviction. They may have rushed to try her and never took enough time to investigate properly.

  2. I agree with Ron, that there seemed to be a rush to judgement. Juries have to deal with real evidence and there wasn’t that much of it in this case. Not saying she didn’t do it, but nobody should be sent to death row with so little evidence.

  3. I think that Casey Anthony should get the Death Penalty for killin Caylee Anthony her 2 year old daughter.
    But I think that Casey learned a valuable lesson in her Murder Trial.


  5. Nancy reported dirt on Caseys shoes matched the crime scene which was a lie. She also reported Casey was vacationing in mexico which was another lie. The prosecution in closing said there were 80 plus searches for chloroform which was a lie, it was once, yet even facing death they never admitted the error. Everyone howled over Casey profiteering over Caylees death yet Jeff Ashton is the only one profiting– have not heard him donating the money to charity. Its high time Nancy Grace be sued for defamation of character and be held responsible for ruining peoples lives with her hatred and lies.

    1. I agree with Darren that Nancy Grace just wanted Casey Anthony behind bars regardless of what the evidence showed. It got to where I couldn’t even watch Grace once the verdict was rendered, since she was so full of venom. I got tired of hearing her saying “tot mom”.

      I never saw the slam dunk evidence that proved Casey Anthony was the killer. I am not saying she didn’t do it. The prosecutors never proved it and you can’t send someone to death row unless there is solid evidence like DNA found that linked Anthony to the crime.

      Grace helped stir people up even though she had to know the evidence was weak against Anthony.

      I would not have felt sorry for Anthony in the least if the prosecutors had proved she did it and she had received the death sentence. The prosecution may have gotten a guilty verdict, if they hadn’t asked for the death sentence, but there wasn’t overwhelming evidence that warranted a death sentence.

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