FBI Has New Suspect in D.B. Cooper Hijacking

November 24th will be the 40th anniversary of a Northwest plane being hijacked by a man calling himself Dan Cooper and more commonly known today as D.B. Cooper.

The FBI hopes to have solved the case before the 40th anniversary as they have a new suspect whose fingerprints they are currently testing.

This could be just another promising lead that fizzles out as there is a chance the item the FBI is testing may not even have fingerprints still on the item.

Still, it is good to know the FBI has a lead that could lead to the arrest of the suspect, if he is still alive.




Big Brother 13: Spoiler Alert: HOH Endurance Results and Aftermath


It was no surprise that the Big Brother 13 program last night focused on the fight at the house meeting on Wednesday. The meeting exposed Danielle to behind a move to backdoor Jeff. Danielle called Rachel an idiot and Brendon didn’t take kindly to the attack on his fiancée.

Parts of the fight were shown on the live show last night on CBS. That drama made the upcoming HOH endurance competition even more important for Danielle to win. If a veteran won HOH, she would be out of the game next week,so it was imperative that she win the endurance. Something told me she would win since she looked determined to win it. She had lasted about 8 or 9 hours in an endurance competition during Big Brother 8, so knew she was likely to win.

The house guests were on a wall with skis on and holding on to a peg in the wall. The wall began to move to a downward angle, making it more difficult to stay on.

Alex and Lawon fell off in the first 15 minutes.

Brendon fell off 15 minutes later at 7:30.

Jeff was the last man to fall at 7:45 leaving Jordan, Shelley, Kalia, Porsche and Danielle in the competition.

Jordan fell five minutes after Jeff at 7:50

Porsche lasted 20 minutes longer than Jordan falling off at 8:10

Shelley was the last of the house guests linked to the veterans to fall at 8:20 after 80 minutes

Kalia gave it to Danielle at 8:30 with Danielle lasting 90 minutes.

Jeff Wins $10,000

While Jeff was on the wall, he said he was jumping off if Brendon didn’t get the snowball with $10,000. So he jumped off the wall and won the $10,000. Jeff probably didn’t win any points with Brendon and Rachel by taking the money, instead of trying to win HOH, leaving the veterans subject to eviction.

Adam’s snowball was not so good. Now he will have to wear an elf suit. Brendon won a have-not card, which apparently will keep him from being a have-not the next time he is on the losing side of a have-not competition.

Men Lasted Half As Long As Women

The men lasted only 45 minutes, while Danielle stayed on the wall for 90 minutes. It is almost like the veteran men weren’t worried about winning. Shelly lasted 35 minutes longer than the men.

It seems like the endurance competitions don’t last as long as they used to. Kaysar worked out a deal with Jenny in Big Brother 6 during a 13 hour endurance that backfired when Jenny didn’t keep her word.

Nobody Cheered For Danielle and Kalia

Danielle and Kalia were not being cheered on during the endurance competition, which tells me they may be up for eviction the next the time veterans win HOH, since currently Porsche and Shelley are still with the veterans. That leaves Kalia and Danielle in the opposing side and maybe Lawon. Adam and Lawon seem to be floaters, so no telling how they would vote.

The bad thing for the veterans is that two of them won’t be able to vote with the two on the block. Adam and Lawon hold the key to how the next vote goes, depending who they side with.

Danielle Tells Jordan That Jordan and Jeff Are Safe

After the endurance ended Danielle told Jordan in the house, that she was not sending Jeff and Jordan home next week. She had also asked Jeff to keep her safe the following week, in return for her not putting them up for eviction later today.

I am sure a lot of the house guests will be happy if Brendon-Rachel are nominated for eviction. He can’t seem to have a conversation with anyone, without calling that person a liar. He does not have a good social game or he would have not launched into the attack on Kalia, when Kalia was still on their side. His behavior pushed her over to the other side, even if she did vote with the veterans last night.

Rachel and Danielle Apologize To Each Other

Rachel and Danielle had a talk after the endurance competition, with them apologizing to each other. I doubt anything that Brendon and Rachel say or do now will save them from being nominated today.

Rachel and Brendon talk to Porsche, wondering if Danielle would put up with Kalia. That would be a stupid move and doubt Danielle would even consider that, since Kalia seems to be solidly in with Danielle now. Why should she nominate her closest ally in the house, now that Dominic is gone?

Rachel Threatens Danielle

Rachel talks to Danielle and tells her that if she puts up Brendon and Rachel, that she won’t vote for Danielle if she is in the final two. Danielle does not like being threatened, saying she would vote for the better person in final two, not for the one she liked the most.

After the meeting with Danielle, Brendon is furious that Rachel talked to Danielle without him being there. While they are trashing Danielle, Danielle is hearing every word, which probably insured they will be nominated for eviction later today.

American Idol: Jennifer Lopez Could Earn $34.3 Million To Return To American Idol

Jennifer Lopez may be returning for a second season of American Idol.

The latest reports say that Jennifer Lopez may be returning for Season 11 of American Idol. Lopez reportedly earned $12 million as a judge for Season 10. If this report is true, then she would be earning even more than Ryan Seacrest, who is reportedly earning $15 million, as the host of American Idol.

Paula Abdul a couple of years ago asked for a raise, but she apparently left the show when the raise wasn’t forthcoming. So it is puzzling why Lopez would be offered a $22.3 million raise. It is a lot of money considering the judges are needed for a few auditions in major cities, before starting the season in January. However, those shows have already been recorded previously.

Lopez was a huge upgrade over Ellen Degeneres, who looked as lost as a goose in a caboose, in her year as a judge. She hemmed and hawed around before making her decisions on the contestants. She also tried to be funny and that didn’t work either.

In my opinion, the judges in Season 10 were the best set of judges, since the show began. Steven Tyler and Lopez judged the contestants well, with concise analysis of their singing. Randy Jackson was busy being Randy Jackson with all his sayings like “You nailed it dawg”, “You blew it out of the box”, “You are in it to win it”, “It was a little pitchy”, “It just didn’t do it for me,” and his dreaded “yo-yo” which more times than not meant he didn’t like the rendition of the song.

All in all, the three judges last season did a great job and I really felt that the judges cared about the contestants. It was nice to not hear the snarky comments of Simon Cowell. He crossed the line, when he was on the show, criticizing overweight singers, the clothes they wore and generally was not a nice person.

His rudest comment was when he told a contestant that they needed to pack their suitcase, because they were going home. It will be interesting to see how watchers of the X-Factor will accept Simon Cowell, after seeing the much kinder American Idol judges.

Back to Lopez, we may not know for a while whether she will return for a second season, but it would be nice to have a fall and winter with no changing of the judges.


Marriage Proposal Using Powerpoint Presentation

This man makes a marriage proposal in the middle of a Powerpoint presentation.

You would think after all these years, that the ways of proposing marriage would have been exhausted. However, this is the first Powerpoint proposal that I know of.

The proposal turned a ho-hum presentation into a day neither he or his future wife will ever forget. The others attending will never forget it either.

Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Posts July 20 Blog From Jail

Matt McDonald tells in his blog about the day he was arrested, which turned out to be his  last day of freedom, before being arrested.

Like Matt related in the blog, he had stopped selling oxycodone eight months before he was arrested. He was at work for a meeting when he was arrested. He talks about seeing his parents in the courtroom at the trial.

It turns out that being on Big Brother 9 was not a good thing. He would never have met Adam Jasinski, the winner that year who may or may not have ratted Matt out, to avoid a longer prison sentence. Jasinski got him started selling drugs, but apparently McDonald had second thoughts about it after selling drugs, then eventually stopped selling.

His past caught up with him though and he is paying the price now for selling the oxycodone. Hopefully, McDonald will be released soon and given a chance to get his life in order. His posts from jail are very interesting and gives us an idea of what prisoners have to face, in their day-to-day lives behind bars.

He focuses in the blog a lot on the fact that the indictment said the United States vs. Matt McDonald, feeling the whole country was against him.


Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Posts July 13 Blog From Rhode Island Detention Center

Matt McDonald of Big Brother 9 has been moved from county jail to a detention center in Rhode Island. He spent 15 months in the county jail and in is previous blog had said he was eager to be moved to a federal prison.

He was sentenced to three years for distribution of oxycodone, while his fellow Big Brother 9 house guest Adam Jasinski was sentenced to four years for the same offense. Jasinski not only was selling oxycodone, but failed to report his $500,000 winnings to the IRS. Guess he was thinking they wouldn’t notice he had won the money on a show being nationally televised.

McDonald is still following Big Brother and mentions that he hopes to watch the show that night. Big Brother contestants are usually forgotten a year later, but McDonald has attracted a lot of attention four years after leaving the Big Brother house…only in a negative way.

He ends his blog with a quote from mobster Whitey Bulger who had been on the run from the law, for many years before being captured recently:

When I get some more paper I’ll write again…but for now I’ll leave you with a little quote from our “good friend” Whitey Bulger… “It takes a strong person to reach inside himself and say I’m here because of me.” 

The blog in its entirety:


Big Brother 13: Rachel HOH For Second Time, Hopefully For Last Time

Rachel had everything rolling her way on last night’s live show of Big Brother 13. Her enemy Cassi was sent home by a 9-0 vote, then she won HOH for the second time. I doubt if there was much excitement, from other house guests, when asked who wanted to see her HOH room?

It is a mystery why she was so anti-Cassi, since Cassi never did anything to warrant such hatred. She even went to Rachel and Brendon separately to find out why they disliked her so much. Rachel came up with her usual snide remarks, then when Cassi talked to Brendon, he turned the whole thing around to make it look like Cassi was lying. Cassi was just being inquisitive and all she got in return was more disgusting behavior from Rachel and Brendon.

Rachel is hated so much by the other house guests that the first time a newbie wins HOH, she will be going out the door the next week. She has alienated every house guest by her behavior, even Brendon is not happy with her behavior. She plays by far, the worst social game ever in Big Brother history.

It is a good thing Rachel and Brendon weren’t married, before the Big Brother 13 season started. Brendon has a full-time job trying to calm Rachel down, when things don’t go her way.

Dominic and Daniele need to be watched, since they may team up with Rachel and Brendon. If that happens I still look for most of the newbies to team up with Jeff and Jordan. Dominic is a smart player. No other newbie is looking like they are doing any game playing. Adam may be a better game player after the partners are broken up.

Rachel is providing all the drama for a second season in a row. CBS was thinking they would at least have drama with Rachel and Evil Dick in the house. When Evil Dick left the house, they left it up to Rachel to turn up the drama. CBS will have to come up with a major twist, once Rachel leaves, because when she walks out the door, the drama should end as soon as the door closes. Let’s hope CBS doesn’t bring her back in the house, if she leaves.

Jeff and Jordan need to keep an eye on Rachel and Brendon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they backdoor them if they get the chance. The worst case scenario for fans who don’t like Rachel, would be for Brendon to win HOH, insuring another week of Rachel in the HOH room as a tenant, since she can’t win two weeks in a row.