Gene Simmons – Shannon Tweed Relationship On The Rocks?

The Gene Simmons family with Nick Simmons, Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.

The first episode of Season Six of the Family Jewels reality show about Gene Simmons and his family showed Shannon Tweed walking out on Gene.

It is questionable if this really happened but was only a ploy to draw more viewers to the series.
Shannon Reaches Breaking Point
Everyone has their breaking point and apparently Shannon had hers in the first episode that aired on June 14.
Gene repeatedly told anyone who would listen including Shannon and his therapist, that he does not like being told what to do.
Shannon saw a photo of Gene posing with some girls he had brought along to a business meeting, while she and their children Nick and Sophie were waiting for Gene to show up for a family dinner.
Shannon Waiting For Sophie To Leave For College
It seems like that Shannon was waiting for Sophie to leave for college, to finally voice her opinions of Gene’s behavior. He says he is going to a therapist, but instead Shannon finds out he went to a movie.
Then he does go to the therapist to pacify Shannon, but he shows little remorse for his behavior while being questioned by the therapist. The therapist suggest that Gene bring Shannon to the next therapy session.
Shannon Walks Out of Therapy Session
Shannon agrees to go with Gene, but once inside the therapist’s office, Gene doesn’t seem to be serious about working out a resolution to their relationship problems and Shannon leaves in the middle of the session.
Gene returns home and finds Shannon has left. It will be interesting to see if Gene finally does something to heal the relationship or if he continues to look out of for No.1, with no regard for the other members of the family.
Real or Just More Hype?
At the end of the show, viewers can’t help but wonder if their relationship problems are real or only a way to hype the new series of Family Jewels.
My opinion is that it is real, because Shannon has the same tight-lipped expression she had on the show, when she has appeared on network TV shows hyping the new season.
Season 5 had 26 episodes. Wikipedia lists eight shows so far this season which brings the total episodes count to 123, but apparently there will be more added to the list as they are completed.
August 7 will be the fifth anniversary of the show.