American Idol: Tony Bennett – Haley Reinhart Duet

Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett on stage at the Season 10 finale for American Idol.

It was great to see Haley Reinhart singing a duet with the great Tony Bennett during the Season 10 finale last night. You could tell Haley was in her element as she and Tony  sang Steppin’ Out With My Baby, a 63-year-old song from the 1948 musical Easter Parade.

This is the kind of music Haley needs to be singing, since she sings it so well. I would love to see her record an album of songs from the American songbook, but know that an album like that won’t sell except to fans of easy listening music.

However, if she includes one song from the past in her debut album, it shouldn’t hurt sales much. She has the talent to succeed in whatever music genre she embraces in her career after American Idol. I predict we will be hearing from Haley for a lot of years and can’t wait till she releases her debut album.

Haley Reinhart singing a duet of Steppin’ Out With My Baby with 84-year-old Tony Bennett who is singing in his ninth decade since he first sang in the 1930’s.

Tony Bennett has been around so long that he recorded his first No.1 song 60 years ago in 1951 when he recorded Because of You. He won 14 Grammy awards between 1962 and 2006, starting by winning two Grammys for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Record for his signature song I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

Bob Hope discovered Bennett singing in Greenwich Village and put him in his show. He also changed his name from Anthony Benedetto to Tony Bennett. The 84-year-old Bennett will be 85 on August 3.

So Haley Reinhart was singing with a man who is about 65 years older than her. Hope these two are paired again on an album since they sing well together.

Bennett can testify to the fact that you don’t have to have a lot of No.1 singles to be successful. He recorded his third and last No.1 single, Rags To Riches in 1953, 58 years ago and has been singing since the 1930’s. If he is still singing in 2020, he would have sung in 10 different decades.

Surprisingly, I Left My Heart in San Francisco only reached No.7 on the Adult Contemporary chart. He hasn’t even had a song chart since 1972, yet he has no problem that I know of finding work.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

7 thoughts on “American Idol: Tony Bennett – Haley Reinhart Duet”

    1. Marjorie, Glad you enjoyed it. You may want to search for more articles like it on the website. I have some articles on Elvis Presley whom I saw in person a few months before his death.

    1. I think most artists would take 14 Grammys any day of the week over 3 No.1 hits. It is amazing he is in his 9th decade of singing. He sang for the Mayor of New York in 1936.

  1. I LOVED THIS THE BEST …. Haley is sooooooo talented.. Im just waiting for her album.. what ever it will be awesome.. Love her voice.. and she has IT ALL… AND ALOT OF CLASS… and I love Tony Bennett, he is also popular with the young people.. just great.. Haley will remember this forever….

    1. I agree with Sandra that Haley singing with Tony Bennett was the highlight of the finale. I plan to be in line for her album when it is released. Wish I could see the tour concerts but just don’t have $94 for the worst seats in Houston. It is great that young people discovered Tony Bennett. He has to be the best living singer today.

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