16 comments on “American Idol: Did Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez Set Up Haley Reinhart To Be Sent Home Tonight?

  1. Simon once told David Cook he didn’t have any charisma, and David did not kept quiet and silence. He responded and I liked that because Simon was so wrong. David finally won AI.
    BUT Simon was fair and critizices almost everybody with the same standard. This is not the case of JLO and Randy, one different standard for Haley and other one for their favorites. Even Lauren did recognize it yesterday after the show interviews.
    It would have been better if Haley did not respond (that was what the judges wanted), but I am happy she did. It was brave and the right thing to do in front of such unfair way of judging.

    • Simon went overboard sometimes on his criticism and could be very cruel, like the time he told one girl to pack her bags because she would be going home the next night.

      I agree that Randy and Jennifer have favorites who seem to get away with singing badly. I am sure Randy would never have said anything bad about James last night after he sang a Journey song.

      Hayley hurt herself by responding, even though I am glad she did respond. I have felt like she has been picked on all season. I respected Steven Tyler for disagreeing with Randy and Jennifer on Haley’s first song.

      By responding Haley may have played into the hands of Randy and Jennifer, who hoped she would respond so it made her look like she couldn’t handle criticism. I look for Haley to be voted off the show tonight because she was the only one that received criticism from the judges.

      Randy and Jennifer might not admit it but they played a part in Pia leaving the show so soon by insisting Pia sing an up tempo song and when she does, she is voted off the next night.

  2. Randy and J-Lo are practically giving each other the high five after ripping Haley apart. I loved that Steven Tyler was NOT having any of it. It was a terrible thing to watch them give all the negativity to Haley and praise to all the other contestants no matter how badly they performed. It’s the worst I’ve seen on AI and I have watched it since the first show. I am disgusted that Randy and J-Lo who by the way, neither one of them can sing, acted so unprofessional to this young girl. Very sad to bring this show down in such a way.

    • It tickled me that Steven Tyler had no part of the hatchet job on Haley. I have noticed all season that Haley has been the most criticized of any of the final four. I almost got the feeling they were trying to anger Haley and hope she would say something that might be taken by voters as being rude to the judges causing her to lose votes. I think that Randy and Jennifer want to get rid of Haley and probably Lauren so Scotty and James will battle it out on finale night since either one of them would probably sell more albums than Haley or Lauren. This is not reality television…this is unreality since they are trying to manipulate the votes toward James and Scotty. The last two American Idols, Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze have not been big record sellers, so they say nothing bad about James or Scotty. This has nothing to do with Scotty or James, since I like both of them.

  3. Maybe Haley’s singing was not really that good but to chew her after making a saint out of James with that performance, which I honestly cringed upon hearing it, is downright favoritism.

    • Comparing Haley’s performance with the performance of James was not right. They are two different kind of singers. To complain that Haley was screaming while James screams in songs that require screaming shows favoritism of the worst kind by Randy and Jennifer. Haley will probably be going home in less than two hours thanks to Randy and Jennifer. I have read some blogs today that had commenters say they will not vote for Haley because of her bad attitude. If she had a bad attitude it was because of Randy and Jennifer trashing her performance and enjoying doing it.

  4. My Husband who is a very accomplished musician of some 40 years and I have watched Idol since day 1. There have been results that absolutely cringed our souls, and yes we do vote, but this season was different. It offered a variety of the most talented performers we have seen since the show aired. The sad part is the judges. It was so obvious watching Jennifer and Randy always whispering and conspiring together and picking favorites. Shame on both of you who can’t sing and show it on National TV. Have you looked at the comments or blogs on the internet, everyone agrees. I wasn’t truly voting for Haley to win it all, but the way you have tried to break her and give her the only negative comments will guide my vote for her. I will not watch next season if you are both remaining as Judges. Steven was a treat and a surprise. Go Haley!!

    • I agree 100 percent with Jayne. This is by far the best group of singers ever on American Idol. We have seen some singers like Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams and James Durbin who could have won last year with no problem, yet the competition is so keen this year that there are still three very good singers remaining.

      My favorite has been Haley, but I know favorites don’t always win, but lately they have. Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze are good singers but not of the caliber of this year’s group. I just knew Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox would win the last two seasons, but both of them came in second.

      I am hoping for Haley to win, but not betting any money on it since Scotty and Lauren are very popular and it seems like it has been more of a popularity contest than a talent contest lately or Pia and James would still be on the show.

      My feeling was that Randy and Jennifer ganged up on Haley last week and it was a wonder she is still on the show, after they trashed her singing.

  5. Please. Grow up and stop being an gnorant, entitlement based American crybaby. Contestants go on a show to be JUDGED and hopefully win. Haley should have shown grace under pressure. You don’t get points for being disagreeable on a broadcast heard round the world. Yes, there may be those that support Haley’s decision to act as Randy’s peer, but she ended up losing the war.

    • I worked for a living for 48 years so wouldn’t say I am entitled in any way. I never defended Haley when she talked back to the judges. She hurt herself in the voting by acting like that. However, she was the best of the three remaining singers, but the voters have spoken so that is all that really counts, not what I say.

    • Haley lost a battle but will win the war. She now has a record deal and unlike Scotty and Lauren she isn’t being forced to rush something out by recording while on the AI tour.

    • Contestants go on the show to be judge fairly. As for grace under pressure, perhaps you missed the stunning performance Haley gave after (1) Randy trashed her by raising his voice and repeating his criticism and (2) they called the contestants back out again minutes before she was to perform so he could declare everyone won the round but her. Haley won in that she survived, which I’m sure made you cry like a baby.

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  7. I have watched AI since the beginning, and Simon used to give the show credibility. However, Randy who cannot put a full sentence together without saying yooo or dude, and JLO who cannot sing a tune, does not do it for me. Especially, their judging???not constructive at all. They make it too personal and the judging should be technical to give the contenstants directions. They need fresh new judges every year to make the show relevant. I will definitely not watch AI next season.

    • Randy does always use the same phrases a lot like:






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