Who Goes Home Next on American Idol?

This is the first week that there is no clearcut answer to the question of who will go home next week. Casey Abrams went home a week early in my book, but did gain some extra weeks after being saved by the judges earlier this season.

It was almost a foregone conclusion that Jacob Lusk would be going home last night. On my little poll 74 votes said that Jacob would go home out of 94 votes cast.

Next week we could see Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina Suddeth go home depending on how the competition goes next Wednesday night. Unless Haley Reinhart or James Durbin stumble badly on Wednesday night, we may be headed to a Haley and James Final Two.

James is in the only contestant to not have been in the bottom two or bottom three this season. Haley seems to have really turned her chances in her favor after being in the bottom three earlier in the season.

I am not sure if Lauren can handle the pressure coming up in the last three weeks of the show, if she is still there at the end. She will be watched closely by the mentors and judges to see if she backs off high notes, like she did last Wednesday night. As I have stated before, whoever goes home first between Scotty and Lauren will leave their votes to the other for the most part.They are both young and both are from the south, so either one of them should pick up a lot of votes, once the other leaves, unless they both wind up in the Final Two.

Right now, like Randy said James is the one that is most likely to win American Idol. It is unclear who will get the votes of Jacob Lusk, since none of the remaining singers sing his kind of music.

Personally, I am still rooting for Scotty and Haley, but Scotty could be gone when the votes are counted from the next results show.

The only total surprise would be for James to be voted off the show, but think his followers are very loyal, since he is the only contestant singing heavy metal music.

Now is the time for the singers to not let the mentors, Jimmy Iovine and Lady Gaga pick their songs. Otherwise they may lose because they didn’t go with their gut feeling, as to which song to sing.

The poll question asks which of the final four is most likely to go home on Thursday night.

Vote as often as allowed.


Elvis Presley Meets With President Nixon To Join Fight Against Drugs

It is ironic that Elvis Presley wrote a letter to President Nixon, to set up a meeting at the White House, so the president could declare Presley a federal agent in the war against drugs.

The meeting was held on December 21, 1970 and Presley was designated a federal agent at large in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

The irony comes in, when Presley becomes a drug addict himself, which led to him dying in August of 1977 from an apparent drug overdose.

In the time between the meeting and his death Presley had become a drug addict of the worst magnitude.

After the meeting President Nixon thanks Presley for the gift of a Colt .45 in a letter written to Elvis. However, the president did not sign the letter but had his name stamped at the end of the letter.

Presley mentions in one of the documents that the Beatles came to United States, earning a lot of money, then returned to England taking an anti-American stand. It is clear that Presley disliked the Beatles from his comments about them. After all his career took a hit when the Beatles led the British invasion that changed the American music scene.

The following article from the National Archives documents the meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley. There are eight documents and 26 photos commemorating the meeting at this website:


After reading these documents, it is sad to think of what happened to both participants of this meeting. Less than four years later the Watergate scandal would threaten President Nixon with impeachment, thereby causing him to resign from the office of president in August of 1974.

Less than seven years later, Elvis would die at the young ago of 42. It is sad that Elvis instead of fighting drug use, became a user himself, ending his life way too soon.

Flash Mobs Turning to Crime

This flash mob turns to crime as they rob this store in an undisclosed location.

Flash mobs used to be about large groups of people freezing in place, unexpected singing in places like malls and surprise wedding mobs.

Now the criminal element is embracing the mob mentality, by entering stores in large numbers, stealing what they can get their hands on, then leaving the stores en masse.

The store employee in the above video is helpless in the face of a huge mob entering the store and stealing everything in sight, before making a mass exit. There is no way one employee can stop stealing marauders like these criminals. Hiring a security guard probably would not even help in a situation like this.

Crimes like this will force stores to place their merchandise, on shelves behind locked glass doors. The thieves may be able to break the glass but may sustain injuries that may make it easier to apprehend them if store cameras can identify them.

These flash mob thieves steal clothes from this high end clothing store.

Flash mob thieves have no respect for anyone as all they are worried about is to get their greedy hands on as much merchandise as possible.

The following article and video tell about flash mobs stealing from Chicago stores:


I am reluctant to give the mob thieves publicity that might encourage others to form mobs and steal from stores. On the other hand, it may alert law enforcement authorities to devise ways to stop this form of thievery before it starts in other cities across the United States.

Watching flash mobs on You Tube used to be fun, but now joining a flash mob to steal merchandise, may be fun for the thieves, but it won’t be fun when stores start locking them in after they enter the store with no way out, but for the police to take them out of the stores in handcuffs. These miscreants may be not be joining any other flash mobs, but instead will be joining the mobs of criminals in state prisons.