Lizard Lick’s Amy Shirley Has Emergency Surgery For Blood Clot

Lizard Lick fans like me are glad to know that Amy Shirley is recovering from surgery for a blood clot. It was a very serious situation, which could have resulted in death if she hadn’t seen a doctor about a knot on her leg.

Amy is a big part of the success of the Lizard Lick Towing reality show on TruTV. After Ron Shirley and Bobby Brantley repossess a car, she has to deal with the owners of that car, the next day at the Lizard Lick Towing office.

She doesn’t back off from even the most irate people that enter the office. If Ron and/or Bobby are in the office, they like to lurk in the background, knowing it will make the people owning the car even more angry, since in most cases they saw Ron and Bobby the day before, when the car was repossessed.

TMZ has more information on Amy’s surgery, but the comments below the article are more about how much the commenters dislike the show, with few mentioning her health problems.