George Wallace Shot May 15, 1972, Ending His Presidential Run

George Wallace shown after being shot on May 15, 1972.

Governor George Wallace was shot on May 15, 1972 on a campaign stop in Laurel, Maryland when he was running for president. He had drawn 42 percent of the vote in the Florida primary earlier in the year, leading each county.

Arthur Bremer fired five shots into Wallace which ended the hopes of Wallace winning the presidency. Bremer had earlier been leading cheers for Wallace, which apparently was a ruse to get close enough to Wallace to fire the shots, including one which was lodged in his spinal column.

Governor Wallace was forced to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair after the shooting.

Bremer, who will be 61 in August received a 63 year sentence for the assassination attempt but it was reduced to 53 years and he only served 35 years of the sentence before being released in 2007.

Arthur Bremer shot Governor George Wallace five times forcing him to live in pain the rest of his life.

Arthur Bremer lived a troubled life as a youngster and was a loner who kept to himself in school. His story helped inspire the screenplay for the movie Taxi Driver as mentioned in this paragraph from Wikipedia:

Bremer served as the inspiration for the Travis Bickle character played by Robert DeNiro, in Taxi Driver (1976).[17] That film was subsequently called a motivating factor in John Hinckley, Jr.‘s decision to shoot President Ronald Reagan.

Wikipedia gives an excellent background on Bremer which gives a detailed description of his troubled youth and how he never fit in with others during his lifetime.

Governor Wallace won the Maryland and Michigan primaries but eventually left the 1972 presidential race and made another attempt at the presidency in 1976 which did not go as well because of him being handicapped.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair Governor Wallace who was 53 at the time of the assassination attempt, would finish his term as governor and be re-elected to a third term that ended in 1979. He later would win the governorship again in 1982 and served from 1983-1987 for his fourth and final term.

Wallace would live 27 more years after the assassination attempt, dying at the age of 79 in 1998 in Montgomery, Alabama.




American Idol: Is Summer Tour Slowing Down American Idol Careers?

It seems like the summer tour is slowing down the start of the career by American Idols, by keeping them too busy to finish albums.

The summer tour is apparently a huge money maker for the American Idol franchise, plus it pays the singers who participate well, but it slows down those singers who have recording contracts. Traveling from city to city for two months is not conducive to starting a career.

When the American Idol typically doesn’t release their debut album till November most years, it robs them of the chance to release an album during the summer and probably selling many more albums before so much time passes.

For instance right now Scott McCreery is as hot as a firecracker on the Fourth of July, but by the time the summer is over and November comes around the hotness diminishes over time.

By November, the next season of American Idol is only two months away and fans start anticipating the new season and by then have tired of waiting for an album to be released.

Scotty McCreery may be the exception, but it can’t help his career not having an album in the stores and available for download six months after the last confetti has hit the floor on finale night. Then there is another three month wait after the tour is over.

Pia Toscano could possibly have an album ready much sooner since she is already working on an album and should be the first American Idol contestant to have an album released.

The only way to take advantage of the new American Idol’s name recognition is to cancel the summer tour and release their debut album sooner, but can’t see it being canceled since it is too much of a money-maker for American Idol’s corporate ownership.

So American Idol fans will likely have to wait six months before actually having a CD of the new American Idol in their hands.


American Idol: Scotty McCreery’s Single Debuts at #32 on Billboard Country Chart

Scott McCreery’s new single I Love You This Big has debuted at #32 on the Billboard Country Music chart. It is the highest any debut single has reached when first entering the chart since the chart was changed to include Nielsen Broadcast Data System results in 1990. It is impressive that McCreery is the first to accomplish this feat in the 21 years since the new system was adopted.

The runner-up Lauren Alaina song Like My Mother Does charted at the No.49 position.

Billboard sees both of their songs moving onto the Hot 100 chart when it is announced on Thursday, June 2.

Today’s poll asks if visitors to this website if they would be interested in buying Scotty’s or Lauren’s downloaded single.

Memorial Day 2011

May we remember on this Memorial Day of 2011, the soldiers who have died in defense of America, from the Revolutionary War to the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I would like to remember my cousin James Walter Godfrey from Maine who died piloting a helicopter in Vietnam and the two soldiers who I worked with in Army post office in Vietnam, who were killed by a mortar shell attack, two months after I had left the country.

It is a sobering sight to see their names on the Vietnam War Wall online website, but would like to see their names in person someday on the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C.

Classic TV:The Wonder Years

January 31, 1988 - May 12, 1993

The Wonder Years was a groundbreaking show since it won an Emmy after only six episodes of the show had aired. In addition Fred Savage was the youngest actor nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of  Kevin Arnold an adolescent who was struggling to find his way in the world.

The show is still being shown on the Hub channel during prime time and late at night when this was written in May of 2011.

Daniel Stern narrated the series, being the grown-up voice of Kevin relating what Kevin was thinking as a youth. Stern is best remembered for being one of the bad guys in the first two Home Alone movies.

Fred Savage shown as a youngster.


The show is about the Arnold family, but focuses on Kevin Arnold. The main focus of Kevin on the shows is Gwendolyn “Winnie” Cooper, the girl of his dreams. She was played by Danica McKellar, who today is a world class mathematician.

Kevin uses every tactic he can think of to get Winnie to notice him. The episodes show Kevin gradually reaching the point of  having Winnie as his girlfriend.

The last episode of the series does not end well for Kevin when he sees Winnie kissing another boy and loses his car and money in a poker game, then returns home.

Savage was 11 when the first episode aired in 1988 and will be 35 in July. He is currently a producer for the televison series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Jason Hervey of The Wonder Years seen at a younger age and a more recent photo..


Jason Hervey, who played Kevin’s brother Wayne seemed to make it his mission in life to give Kevin as much grief as possible. Hervey was 15 when the first episode was shown and is now 39 years old.

Hervey has been seen on television rarely since the last episode of Wonder Years.

He was the Senior Vice-President of Media and Communications for HealthSouth. The troubled company was involved in a major fraud scandal, with Hervey suing his employer for $300,000.

Then he became involved with wrestling production as the executive producer of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and currently is executive producer of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling and has also produced reality shows such as Scott Baio is 45.

Fred Savage and Danica McKellar shown during their "Wonder Years".


Danica McKellar, perhaps known better as Winnie Cooper to fans of The Wonder Years, graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with a degree in mathematics. Danica combined with a professor and another student to write this theorem, look at Page 3 to really grasp how skilled Danica is at mathematics:

Danica McKellar 34, and composer Mike Verta 36, were married on March 22, 2009.

The wedding of Danica McKellar and Mike Verta was held at a church in La Jolla, California at sunset. Dan Lauria and Allie Mills who portrayed the parents of Kevin were present at the ceremony. No mention was made of Fred Savage being at the wedding.

McKellar and Verta had been dating for eight years before their marriage. They welcomed their first child a son named Draco, into the world 18 months later on September 7, 2010.

Dan Lauria and Alley Mills who played Jack and Norma Arnold on The Wonder Years from 1988-1993.


Dan Lauria who portrayed Jack Arnold  was 40 when The Wonder Years was shown for the first time. He was Detective Harry Dupnik on Cagney and Lacy before joining the cast of The Wonder Years. Lauria is 64 today and has been active since leaving The Wonder Years appearing as a free-lance actor in a plethora of television series. He appears in the movie Here’s The Kicker which has been completed, but not yet released to movie theaters.

Alley Mills was 36 when The Wonder Years debuted. She married actor Orson Bean when she was 41 for her first marriage and they have been married for 18 years with her having turned 60 earlier this month. She is currently acting in the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful with her playing Pamela Douglas.

Olivia D'Abo who played the daughter Karen Arnold on The Wonder Years.

Olivia D’Abo was born in England 42 years ago and was Karen Arnold the only daughter of  her television parents Jack and Norma Arnold. She seemed to be an afterthought on The Wonder Years with her seeming to be in the background on most episodes and appeared in less episodes (65) than the other actors.

She has been seen since the departure of The Wonder Years in many television series and has done some movie work. Her last major role was as Nicole Wallace on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Olivia can be seen in the following video as she talks about Law and Order and plays the guitar:

Olivia D’Abo seen playing her guitar.


Most shows we watch on television quickly seem to evaporate from our memory, but the shows that really connect with us and stay with us forever are shows that are about life itself, the struggles, the joys and the goals that are someday realized.

The Wonder Years is one of those shows. There have not been any new episodes of the show made for 18 years, yet we continue to watch it because it represents television at its best.

Tony Bennett: I Wanna Be Around – Newport Jazz Festival 2002

The video below will only work by copying and pasting but is worth the trouble to hear Tony Bennett sing in an HD quality video:

Tony Bennett singing I Wanna Be Around at the Newport Jazz Festival on August 20,2002.

This video shows Tony Bennett at his best singing one of his standards that has been around for years. Those wanting to see more of his videos during the Newport Jazz Festival will be able to see Tony singing many of his hits including his signature song I Left My Heart in San Francisco in other videos also available at Wolfgang’s Vault website.

Tony is still active nine years later as he sang last Wednesday night, August 25 with Haley Reinhart of American Idol. He will be 85 years old later this year.

Voters are welcome to add their own favorites to list if they are still singing today, not necessarily recording music today.

American Idol: Scotty McCreery’s New Single No.1 on iTunes

American Idol ended its tenth season three days ago and Scotty McCreery already has a No.1 single. His debut single I Love You This Big is the No.1 downloaded song on iTunes.

He has already recorded two songs on his debut album, but doubt the album will be released before November, when most Idol albums are released by the winner for that season.

His debut album will be crucial to his career, since one bad album could ruin a career, especially a bad debut album. However, I think right now Scotty could release a heavy metal album and it would still fly off the shelves, with his popularity at its peak right now.

Lauren Alaina’s Like My Mother Does single is currently ranked No.3 at iTunes, but I expect it to move up. When she sang to her mother on performance night last Tuesday, that may have been the emotional highlight of  Season 10.