Pia Toscano To Be Paid $100,000 For Private Party Next Weekend

Pia Toscano to sing at a private party for $100,000.

The ninth best singer on American Idol Pia Toscano, may not be the next American Idol, but is keeping busy since being voted off the show.

She has appeared on many talk shows, sang on Dancing With the Stars and next weekend will sing at a private party in Los Angeles.

Toscano was offered $50,000 to sing a few songs at the party, but when she turned it down, the party organizers upped the offer to $100,000 which she accepted. It is surprising that she turned down $50,000, but she probably has an agent who probably thought that she is too hot right now to work for a $50,000 payday.
She will probably actually lose money when the American Idol tour starts, since she could make a lot more singing as a solo artist, instead of having to split the money with the other 10 contestants this summer.

The tour should draw a lot of fans this summer, since there are so many talented singers who will be traveling across America during the tour.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Pia Toscano is the most successful singer from Season 10.  She may release an album before the next American Idol does.

She is almost certainly the first American Idol contestant to earn $100,000 for one performance, before finale night.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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