Casey Sent Home on American Idol: Who Will Be The Next American Idol Poll

It is safe to say that very few American Idol fans expected to see Casey Abrams sent home.  But that is exactly what happened on Thursday’s show. I can’t believe it had anything to do with his growling as mentor Jimmy Iovine said.

Casey may have just lost the voters by singing songs from so many genres, that fans couldn’t tell what kind of singer he will be.

Right off, it  was a huge surprise to see Haley Reinhart sent back to safety. James Durbin may be the frontrunner in the votes as he and Lauren are only contestants to not have been in the bottom three. Tonight’s voting results tell me James has to be the favorite now with Casey gone and Scotty McCreery in the bottom three.

Scotty singing a non-country song may have hurt his vote tally, even though he sang well. His fans probably wanted to hear the bass voice, so when he sang in more of a tenor voice he may have lost some of his young fans.

Jacob is still living in the bottom three, so could be going home next week. It looks like Haley gained a lot of votes since last week for her to be safe.

Casey may be gone but we will be hearing from him later this year or early next year when he releases his first album. It is ironic that after sounding so good last night, he is voted off the next night.

James Durbin should be the next American Idol, but rockers haven’t done well on finale night. Bo Bice lost to Carrie Underwood in Season Four and Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen in Season Eight.

Chris Daughtry finished fourth in Season Five but he and Clay Aiken are the only American Idol contestants who lost, yet have had No. 1 hits in the Billboard 200.

Time will tell if James can become the first rocker to become American Idol. The voting has shown that the voters are voting more for favorites, rather than for the most talented.

There is no way Pia Toscano was the ninth best singer on American Idol this season. It is strange she is No.9 this season but already has sang on Dancing With the Stars.

Nobody can tell me that Lauren, Haley and Jacob are better singers than Casey but the voters have spoken.

The poll question now is who has the best chance to win American Idol on May 25.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “Casey Sent Home on American Idol: Who Will Be The Next American Idol Poll”

  1. Here’s some news for you! Scotty’s fans are not, will not and did not turn agianst him because of the songs he has to sing. We are all smart enough to know he is singing what he has to right now because of the contest he is in. We love his bass voice yes, but we are no dummies. We know as soon as this contest is over and he is signed with a recording company, we will get to hear him sing in that wonderful bass voice that we loved from the first time we heard him at his audition. We will never turn against Scotty cause we love him and have been for him sinc day one and will contiue to be. LOVE THIS GUY!!!! Can’t wait to get one of his CD’s.

  2. totally agree! scotty is gonna win AI til finale! James will be going home nextweek.. sorry to the fans

    1. The surprise to me this season is that Lauren has never been in the bottom three despite not being near the singer Pia or Casey was. She might just win it on her popularity if she is in final two…but I think Scotty will win easily if she is voted off, since he will pick up a lot of her voters.

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