Carole King Music No Problem For Scotty, James

Scotty McCreery and James Durbin showed on American Idol last nigth that they can sing well, even out of their usual genre of country music and heavy metal music.

Scotty surprised everyone by ditching his usual bass voice and singing in a more mellow tenor voice. His version of You Got a Friend was unlike any other of his performances this season. I think Scotty improved his chances of being in the final two with the performance.

James proved he can sing anything as he sang Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. He showed he has an incredible voice by starting the song acapella, proving clearly he was the best singer of the night. Like Jennifer Lopez pointed out, he has been consistent throughout Season 10.

In my book, the American Idol will be James Durbin, if the voters go by singing ability alone. If it is a popularity contest, Lauren Alaina Suddeth, Scotty and Casey Abrams could be the next American Idol.

As much as I like Haley Reinhart, I can’t see her being the next American Idol. Haley or Jacob could possibly being going home tonight with Casey in the bottom three with them, but Lauren could be in the bottom three for the first time this season.

I look for James and Scotty to be the final two singers remaining on finale night, with an outside chance Casey may be there ahead of Scotty. Lauren is a good singer, but not in the same league with the three previously mentioned singers.

James has the best back story of any of the remaining contestants, having to battle Tourette’s Syndrome, yet is the favorite to become the next American Idol.

Casey may be the best musician ever on American Idol and his bluesy sound, makes you want to buy his album when it comes out.

American Idol has now reached the point where very good singers will be leaving every week. It is down to a numbers game now.

When Ryan Seacrest begins giving results tonight, it will be more tense than usual, since we are drawing closer to the end of the season.

After tonight, only five singers will remain. Only four more shows remain since one singer a week will go home the next three weeks, then two will remain to battle it out as the final two.

For even more details about less night’s show:


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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