American Idol Poll: Carole King Theme Problem For Scotty,James?

Scotty McCreery may have a problem this week, since Carole King music will be sung this week. As far as I know Carole King has not recorded a country song, forcing Scotty to have to sing a non-country song.

It almost seems like a setup to give Scotty less of a chance to stay out of the bottom three this week. Jennifer Lopez told him last week he needed to sing other songs besides country songs.

James Durbin could also be out of his element also, since Carole King certainly  didn’t sing any heavy metal music.

The American Idol producers would probably like to see James and Scotty in the bottom three, for the first time this season.

I don’t think they want either to go home, but to see someone else sent home. It would boost the ratings, since viewers would see that Scotty and James are not surefire finalists, they appeared to be.

Jacob Lusk is almost certain to go home, since the producers should do little to keep him on the show, since he has proved he isn’t above breaking the law. For him to board a train without a ticket and arrested, shows he could embarrass Idol in the future if he is voted the next American Idol.

Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina Suddeth should be able to do well during Carole King theme week. Casey has proved he can sing just about anything, and adjusts well to whatever theme is used for a particular week.

King hasn’t had a No. 1 song since Only Love is Real released in 1976. 35 years have passed since then, so most viewers won’t recognize her music unless they are least 50 years old.

It will be interesting to hear the criticism of the judges, to see if  they are more critical of the singers, than they have been earlier this season. Lately, they have had mostly positive things to say about the singers, but that could change this week.

Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina Suddeth could make up the bottom three this week, but if Scotty or James struggle with Carole King music, either or both of them could take their place in the bottom three for the first time this season.

This list of Carole Kings songs gives an idea of some of the songs the American Idol contestants might sing this week.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

6 thoughts on “American Idol Poll: Carole King Theme Problem For Scotty,James?”

    1. James is the one that might have to struggle the most, or it could work to his advantage, giving him the chance to prove to the judges, that he can sing something besides heavy metal songs. One thing for sure is that there will be no need for that outfit he wore last week.

  1. James will be out of his element tonight, but he has sang slower type songs before. I wish American Idol had chosen a decade to sing from instead of a certain artist, since the singers can have more songs to choose from.

    I look for James to be there on Final Two night next month.

  2. Even though Scotty and James were leading the poll as the ones most likely to have problems singing Carole King songs, both delivered outstanding performances. It is looking more and more like a James and Scotty final, or possibly Casey and James final.

    I look for Jacob,Haley and Lauren to go home in that order. However, there is no way to predict how voters will vote. Now it will be interesting to see who picks up the votes of contestants no longer in the competition. I look for Scotty to pick up a lot of Lauren’s votes if she leaves before he does.

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