Illegal To Take Lion to a Movie in Baltimore

It is illegal to take lion to a movie in Baltimore, Maryland.

It is illegal to throw a ball at someone’s head just for the fun of it in New York.

You can’t eat peanuts and walk backwards on sidewalks during a concert in Greene, New York.

Anyone that runs out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio is subject to arrest.

No sleeping donkeys are allowed in bathtubs in Oklahoma after 7PM.

Next time you see a moose from an airplane in Alaska, you could be in a heap of trouble.

A baseball team hitting  a baseball out of the park or stadium in Oklahoma has to think twice before hitting a home run since it is against the law.

A Kentuckian has to take a bath once a year, whether they need it or not.

Buying bologna on a Sunday is against the law in Tennessee.

Any school bus drivers in Florida trying to transport livestock on a school bus is subject to arrest.

Chickens in Virginia can only lay eggs between 8AM and 4PM.

Anyone carrying a concealed weapon that is six feet or longer in the state of Washington, will have to suffer the consequences for breaking the law.

If you are herding sheep down Hollywood Boulevard, remember to count them first, since no more than 3,000 sheep are allowed on the boulevard at the same time. (Another website says the limit is 2,000 so may be best to herd no more than 2,000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard.)




Stefano Langone Sent Home on American Idol: Poll Asks Who Will Be American Idol in Season 10

Stefano Langone, who has lived in the bottom three for most of Season 10, finally was sent home by American Idol voters.

It was no surprise since that in two separate polls at this website, Stefano received no votes in either poll out of 180 votes cast. Stefano had almost as many lives as some cats by being the seventh contestant to leave, after being a wild card to make the final 13.

In my opinion for what it is worth, Jacob Lusk or Haley Reinhart will be sent home next week. Jacob may have been given the benefit of the doubt, after having problems with the musical tracks on Wednesday night, making it appear he messed up at the start of his song. Someone should have apologized to Jacob, if it was the fault of someone else on Wednesday night.

Haley Reinhart was sent to safety immediately after being told she was in the bottom three. It is a mystery why she is in the bottom three so often. Meanwhile, Lauren Alaina Suddeth, James Durbin and Scotty McCreery have never been in the bottom three.

Casey Abrams was actually sent home earlier this season, but remained after the judges used their save to keep him on the show.

James Durbin has given some mind blowing performances, which has kept him out of the bottom three, while Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Suddeth seem to be coasting along on their popularity, although Scotty has been relatively free of criticism from the judges till Wednesday night. 

Scotty is the more talented of the two in my estimation, but Lauren seems to be as popular as Scotty, to not have been in the bottom three this season.

Still, Lauren may wind up in the bottom three on Thursday night, unless she gets the best of the night praise from the judges.

If Lauren leaves before Scotty, it should be a huge boost for Scotty in the voting since they would no longer be splitting the votes from country music fans.

Casey has seen a resurgence in votes, so may be in it to the end now. The judges like that he performs music of many genres and is constantly taking risks.