American Idol’s Worst Show Wednesday Night April 20

Having been born in the 1940’s I had heard of only Swingin’ sung by Scotty McCreery  on performance night of American Idol last night. I like Scotty but I agree with the judges, that he could have sang a more difficult song. I didn’t agree with Jennifer Lopez, that he could have sang something other than country. As long as there is a country song on the songlist he needs to stick with country. I still think Scotty is the top vote-getter but the judges may have made a dent in his popularity last night.

To me this was the worst show this season, since I couldn’t tell if a song was being sung well or not, since most of the songs were songs I had never heard of.

Jacob Lusk may be going home after the confusion at the start of his song. It may not have been his fault, but the perception is that he missed the starting place of the song. There are some rumors on the internet, that American Idol purposely messed him up. Jacob said he heard drums at the start, which threw off his timing.

Casey Abrams sang a song that was sort of weird to me, but not knowing the song, can’t criticize it too much. Kissing Jennifer Lopez at the end of the song is what will be remembered more than his song.

Haley Reinhart received praise from the judges after singing her song, which seemed to no better or worse than her singing last week, which was criticized by the judges. I am rooting for Haley to win, but pleasing the judges won’t be easy for Haley in the coming weeks.

Stefano Langone may have avoided being sent home after the ringing endorsment of his singing, from the judges. Still have a feeling, he will be in the bottom two, and will look surprised again when a better singer is sent home. On the other hand, the numbers game may have finally caught up with Stefano, so he could be the one going home.

James Durbin seems to avoid criticism by the judges, since he seems to rise to the occasion every week and delivers every week.

Lauren Alaina Suddeth has a very strong fan base, has never been in the bottom three, plus is receiving more praise from the judges in the last couple of weeks.

Right now, I think Lauren Elaina, Scotty, James and Casey will be in the final four. I look for Stefano, Haley and Jacob to be sent home starting this week, but not necessarily in that order.

It still amazes me how the shows can last so long, with only seven contestants remaining. With each song lasting about two minutes, that is only fourteen minutes of the contestants singing, with the rest filler and commercials.

Tonight’s results show could surprise us with another Pia type surprise, but maybe someone who deserves to go home will go home this week.

Hopefully, the theme next week will include songs most of the viewers have heard of. They should know that very few viewers, 50 and over would know a song from the 2000’s.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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