Movie Theme on American Idol This Week

I don’t know how many songs American Idol contestants will have to choose from this week, but there should be plenty of choices considering it has been 84 years since the first movies had singing in them.

There should be plenty of songs from every genre to select from. Scotty should be able to find a country song he likes.

The main thing the contestants don’t want to do this week is find a safe song. The judges will be quick to call them on it if they think a contestant has chosen a safe song.

Stefano Langone may be as Ryan Seacrest puts it…singing for his life this week. My little poll so far has 108 votes and not one voter has voted for Langone. Paul McDonald has not fared much better with only one vote.

The leader in the poll is James Durbin with 26 votes, with Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina Suddeth and Scotty McCreery next with 19 votes each.

Jacob Lusk is next with 17 followed by Casey Abrams with 7.

We should see James Durbin return to his rocker ways of weeks past. Song choice is huge as always for this week. Scotty seems to have a knack for picking the right song so far.

Jacob Lusk may be the best of the remaining singers, but it seems like the best singers doesn’t always wind up being the American Idol.

Haley Reinhart seems to be peaking at the right time, as the judges seem to be enamored with her growling style. I think she will sell a lot of records when she releases her album, assuming she is signed to a record deal.

Casey Abrams sang well, while playing the upright bass but is not that popular with the fans according to the very small sample poll, drawing only 7 votes of 108 for 6.48 percent of the votes. He is going to have to really blow the judges away this week or he could be in the bottom three.

Idol notes….Kelly Clarkson will be singing on Thursday night, who along with Carrie Underwood have been the most successful of the American Idols elected so far….Jason Castro a Season 7 contestant has announced his wife, Mandy Mayhall will be delivering a girl to the household in August.

Some American Idol alumni sang recently at the 2011 Reality Rocks Expo this weekend. Didi Benami and Michael Lynche from Season 9 were some of the former Idol contestants there to entertain the fans:

Chris Medina one of the last contestants to be eliminated from the Final 24 this season, is planning a benefit for his fiancee who was injured seriously in an automobile accident. It will be held Wednesday in Merrionette Park, Illinois.  After the elimination of Medina, judge Jennifer Lopez broke down from the stress of having to deliver the bad news to Medina.

Speaking of Jennifer Lopez, her photo will be on the cover of People magazine’s Most Beautiful Cover.


Texas Considers 85MPH Speed Limit

Photos like this remind us of the hazards of driving on interstate highways at high rates of speed.

The Texas House of Representatives has already approved changing the maximum speed limit in the state to 85MPH. The bill will now go to the Senate.

If a car maintains the 85MPH pace for two hours they will have driven 170 miles. I am not sure that cars can withstand being driven at that speed for two hours without overheating. It is pushing a car to its limit.

It would also take longer to stop if a car traveling at that rate of speed were to hit another car. For instance a car traveling 85MPH which came up behind a car traveling at 55MPH might not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

The higher rate of speed, more importantly would be more likely to result in more fatalities, plus there would be more cars totaled, which would result in higher insurance premiums. The car insurance companies would have to raise the premiums to pay for the damage inflicted by cars going 85MPH.

Another scary thought is the mentality of many drivers, who think they can go five or ten miles over the speed limit. That could mean cars could be driven 90-95MPH on the interstates.

The thought of getting to your destination faster is nice but it is even nicer to drive 70MPH and arrive safely at your destination, with no damage to your vehicle.


100,000th Visitor To Nostalgia and Now

Nostalgia and Now had the 100,000th visitor yesterday, since the website started, in April of 2009. After a slow start, in which only 529 visits were made to the site, in the first full month, 12,071 visits were made last month.

There was one blip in October of 2010 when there were 14,039 visitors, mostly because of an article about the death of Barbara Billingsley, the mother on Leave it to Beaver.

The average number of visits per day has risen from 14 in April of 2009, to 94 in April,2010 and is 495 so far this April.

Over the last four weeks, the number of visits per week has been 2,437, 2,720, 3,320 and 3,757.

The yearly totals have increased from 8,932 in 2009, to 60,955 in 2010 and to 30,511 in the first three months and eleven days of 2011.

None of this would be possible without the loyal readers of Nostalgia and Now.

Lately, I have had writer’s block on nostalgia, so would appreciate any readers with nostalgic ideas to send them to me at

I want to thank every reader who has ever visited this website, and hope they have found something interesting.

To find the more nostalgic postings, look further back in the archives to 2009. This 2009 post about A&W Root Beer stands, is an example of the nostalgic posts: