Ryan Seacrest: 55 Million Dollar Man, Planning His Own Cable Network

Ryan Seacrest is on the fast track ,to becoming one of the richest media moguls. He is earning $20 million, for his radio show alone. He is expected to earn $55 million by the end of year.

Seacrest’s $15 million a year salary, for hosting American Idol, reportedly was the reason Paula Abdul left the show. I can see if Abdul did leave the show, because of the exorbitant salary of Seacrest, wondering why he would deserve that kind of money just to host the show.

Ryan Seacrest will reportedly earn $55 million during 2011, according to onlinejournal.com. He will earn $20 million of that income from his radio show. $15 million will come from his hosting duties on American Idol. Paula Abdul reportedly left the show when she was offered less the $15 million a year, Seacrest is earning.

He negotiated the $15 million a year contract, for three years in 2009. There is a good chance he will earn even more in his next contract for the show.

Seacrest is a master at building suspense, on elimination night. He sometimes tricks contestants into thinking they are going home, when they are safe.

In addition to his American Idol duties, Seacrest is producing reality shows for the E Network including Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In my book, that show has nothing to do with reality, but is an example of staging a situation for maximum drama.

In the planning stages are a cable television channel that won’t bear his name but he will be the mastermind behind the channel.


The following poll asks if Seacrest is worth the $15 million a year American Idol is paying him:




Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Seacrest: 55 Million Dollar Man, Planning His Own Cable Network”

  1. American Idol would’ve been a hit with or without Ryan Seacrest. It is amazing how many Hollywood insiders have been duped by this man! NOTHING ELSE Seacrest has done has been successful—his afternoon TV show bombed, ratings for his Los Angeles morning radio show have consistently been lower than the rest of his radio station’s (KIIS FM is #1, Seacrest is not) and his radio shows are only on across the country because Clear Channel, the company that pays him, has forced their stations to carry it so they can blow out local talent to save money. The bottom line is Seacrest’s only “talent” was blowing Merv Griffin.

    1. I agree 100 percent with Patricia. Ryan Seacrest to me comes off as a smug host, who seems to enjoy sending people home. He like to play with their emotions before revealing the votes to milk all the drama possible out of the situation.

      Like last week he said we might be surprised at who was going home last Thursday night. I don’t think one person was surprised that Jacob went home.

      Can’t believe Seacrest is being paid $45 million on his three year contract. All he does is announce acts and talk to contestants a second or two after the judges make their statements. He probably does most of his work at the auditions as the judges travel from city to city.

      I can see why Paula Abdul left American Idol after she learned Seacrest was going to make $15 million a year. The show wouldn’t even meet the $10 million salary request of Abdul, but they are paying Seacrest $5 million more a year than that. Not to mention that Simon Cowell was earning over $30 million a year lately for being on American Idol.

      Seacrest could leave the show tomorrow and nobody would miss him.

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