Female Singers At Disadvantage in American Idol Voting?

Naimi Adedapo, who was voted off American Idol, along with Thia Meghia said that female voters are voting for the guys on American Idol this year.

That makes perfect sense since the first four contestants voted off the show have been females. Ashton Jones and Karen Rodriguez had been voted off the show prior to the elimination of Adedapo and Meghia.


If the younger, teenage voters are really voting for the guys that might mean Scotty McCreery is in the competition for the long haul, since he is closest to their age of the remaining males at the age of 17.

It was not surprising to see Thia Meghea voted off, since she wouldn’t stray from her comfort zone, of singing ballads week after week. The 16 year old should have a productive career since she had one of the best voices in the competition.

Her problem was that she didn’t bring to the stage the whole package of voice, connecting with audience and showing she could sing something besides ballads.

It was a surprise that Naimi Adedapo lasted so long in the competition, since she never stood out from the other contestants.

Her decision to sing Elton John song with a reggae style, was a risky move that didn’t go over well with the judges or the voters. That decision sealed her fate and sent her home.

There are three girls remaining on the show, with Pia Toscano, 22, Lauren Elaina Suddeth, 16 and Haley Reinhart, 20 being the only three girls left.

Meanwhile there are six guys still in the competition. They are Paul McDonald, 26, Jacob Lusk, 23, Stefano Langone, 22, James Durbin, 22, Casey Abrams 20 and Scotty McCreery, 17.

If the trend to vote females off the show continues, the remaining three females could be voted off the show in the next three weeks.

Pia Toscano, isn’t even safe if there is a concerted effort to vote for males, rather than females, even though she may be among the top two remaining singers talent wise.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Haley,Lauren Alaina and Stefano in the bottom three next week. That is subject to change depending on the what judges say next Wednesday night about the performances of the contestants.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Week

Next Wednesday night the contestants will be singing songs recorded by singers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Scotty McCreery who is always looking for country songs, will find these Country Music Hall of Famers, are also in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:



  • The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame share 10 common members. (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, Hank Williams, Brenda Lee, Sam Phillips, Floyd Cramer, Chet Atkins, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Rogers ) (From Country Music Hall of Fame website)
  • Scotty probably will sing either a Johnny Cash or Hank Williams song, which should give him plenty of choices. He probably will look for a song which shows off his bass voice.
    Hopefully, one of the male singers will go home next week since there is a serious problem if only girls go home again. The three remaining girls are very good singers. If only the voters will realize that and stop voting the females off every week, it may prevent us from listening to the six male singers the last weeks of the competition.
    If it works out that only girls go home, till there are only guys remaining, then the producers of American Idol may have to revamp their voting procedures.
    It will be interesting to see the results of the following poll (choose two names):

    Author: Andrew Godfrey

    Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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