Pia Toscano To Be Paid $100,000 For Private Party Next Weekend

Pia Toscano to sing at a private party for $100,000.

The ninth best singer on American Idol Pia Toscano, may not be the next American Idol, but is keeping busy since being voted off the show.

She has appeared on many talk shows, sang on Dancing With the Stars and next weekend will sing at a private party in Los Angeles.

Toscano was offered $50,000 to sing a few songs at the party, but when she turned it down, the party organizers upped the offer to $100,000 which she accepted. It is surprising that she turned down $50,000, but she probably has an agent who probably thought that she is too hot right now to work for a $50,000 payday.
She will probably actually lose money when the American Idol tour starts, since she could make a lot more singing as a solo artist, instead of having to split the money with the other 10 contestants this summer.

The tour should draw a lot of fans this summer, since there are so many talented singers who will be traveling across America during the tour.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Pia Toscano is the most successful singer from Season 10.  She may release an album before the next American Idol does.

She is almost certainly the first American Idol contestant to earn $100,000 for one performance, before finale night.


How Former American Idols Are Selling at Amazon.com

We may see several American Idols from Season 10 making albums. That doesn’t mean those albums will sell well as this list of former American Idols and their current ranking among all music sales at Amazon.com shows:

Lee DeWyze – Live it Up – November, 2010 – 857th in sales

Crystal Bowersox – Farmer’s Daughter – December 2010 – 32nd in sales

Kimberly Caldwell – No Regret – April 2011 – 625th in sales

Danny Gokey: Danny Gokey: My Best Days – March 2010 – 2.216th in sales

Allison Areheta – Allison Areheta: Just Like You – December 2009 – 9,369th in sales

Jason Castro – Jason Castro – April 2010 – 4,641st in sales

Kris Allen – Kris Allen – November 2009 – 6,358th in sales

Constantine Maroulis – Constantine – August 2007 – 48,975th in sales

Adam Lambert – Adam Lambert: Glam Nation Live –  March 2011 – 130th in sales

David Cook – David Cook – November 2008 – 1,115th in sales

Melinda Doolittle – Coming Back to You – February 2009 – 7,938th in sales

Brooke White – High Hopes and Heartbreak – July 2009 – 20,620th in sales

Katherine McPhee – Unbroken – January 2010 – 18,743rd in sales

Chris Daughtry – Leave This Town – July 2009 – 1.094th in sales

Paris Bennett – Princess P – May 2007 – 95,703rd in sales

Taylor Hicks – Taylor Hicks – 2006 (no month shown) – 324,392nd in sales

Ruben Studdard – Soulful – December 2003 – 99,525th in sales

Blake Lewis – Heartbreak on Vinyl – October 2009 – 90,540th in sales

David Archuleta – The Other Side of Down – October 2010 – 7,791st in sales

Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts – November 2005 – 468th in sales (which is amazing considering it was released about 5 1/2 years ago.)

Kellie Pickler – Kellie Pickler – September 2008 – 14,943rd in sales

Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted – March 2009 – 1,842nd in sales

There were too many American Idols to include them all in the list. This list shows being the American Idol doesn’t always translate into album sales as Taylor Hicks has found out. He may have sold the least albums of any American Idol, but I look for Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze to also have trouble selling their albums.

So when Ryan Seacrest announces the winner of Season 10 next month, don’t feel too bad for the runner-up as they may outsell the winner.

Is Ryan Seacrest Creating Too Much Drama On Results Nights?

I may be in the minority, but I think Ryan Seacrest and the producers are having too much fun playing with the emotions of the  contestants when giving the results of the voting on Thursday nights.

When he kept sending contestants back to the couch, without letting them know their results, it only was to create more drama for the eventual revelation that Casey Abrams was the one going home.

It may be entertaining for Seacrest and the viewers, but it has to be torture for the contestants to have their emotions played with.

Personally, I think that the results should be given at the end of the show. Instead the results are broken up into portions, in between commercials and then finally the one being sent home is told after a song by a guest singer or a commercial.

These contestants have been on a emotional roller coaster, since the final 13 was revealed. They don’t deserve to have to wait so long to learn their fate.

But that isn’t dramatic enough for Seacrest and the producers, who want to squeeze that last drop of blood from the contestant being sent home.

Then the one being sent home is forced to sing a song before leaving the show. I have seen some of these singers fighting tears, while trying to sing their way, through what has to be an overwhelming emotional experience.

My main objection to all the drama, when announcing the results, is that these contestants have worked very hard for several weeks and don’t deserve to have their emotions toyed with, while Seacrest plays his game of wait and see who goes home.

Today’s poll asks the opinion of readers on whether the results shows are too dramatic.

Casey Sent Home on American Idol: Who Will Be The Next American Idol Poll

It is safe to say that very few American Idol fans expected to see Casey Abrams sent home.  But that is exactly what happened on Thursday’s show. I can’t believe it had anything to do with his growling as mentor Jimmy Iovine said.

Casey may have just lost the voters by singing songs from so many genres, that fans couldn’t tell what kind of singer he will be.

Right off, it  was a huge surprise to see Haley Reinhart sent back to safety. James Durbin may be the frontrunner in the votes as he and Lauren are only contestants to not have been in the bottom three. Tonight’s voting results tell me James has to be the favorite now with Casey gone and Scotty McCreery in the bottom three.

Scotty singing a non-country song may have hurt his vote tally, even though he sang well. His fans probably wanted to hear the bass voice, so when he sang in more of a tenor voice he may have lost some of his young fans.

Jacob is still living in the bottom three, so could be going home next week. It looks like Haley gained a lot of votes since last week for her to be safe.

Casey may be gone but we will be hearing from him later this year or early next year when he releases his first album. It is ironic that after sounding so good last night, he is voted off the next night.

James Durbin should be the next American Idol, but rockers haven’t done well on finale night. Bo Bice lost to Carrie Underwood in Season Four and Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen in Season Eight.

Chris Daughtry finished fourth in Season Five but he and Clay Aiken are the only American Idol contestants who lost, yet have had No. 1 hits in the Billboard 200.

Time will tell if James can become the first rocker to become American Idol. The voting has shown that the voters are voting more for favorites, rather than for the most talented.

There is no way Pia Toscano was the ninth best singer on American Idol this season. It is strange she is No.9 this season but already has sang on Dancing With the Stars.

Nobody can tell me that Lauren, Haley and Jacob are better singers than Casey but the voters have spoken.

The poll question now is who has the best chance to win American Idol on May 25.


Carole King Music No Problem For Scotty, James

Scotty McCreery and James Durbin showed on American Idol last nigth that they can sing well, even out of their usual genre of country music and heavy metal music.

Scotty surprised everyone by ditching his usual bass voice and singing in a more mellow tenor voice. His version of You Got a Friend was unlike any other of his performances this season. I think Scotty improved his chances of being in the final two with the performance.

James proved he can sing anything as he sang Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. He showed he has an incredible voice by starting the song acapella, proving clearly he was the best singer of the night. Like Jennifer Lopez pointed out, he has been consistent throughout Season 10.

In my book, the American Idol will be James Durbin, if the voters go by singing ability alone. If it is a popularity contest, Lauren Alaina Suddeth, Scotty and Casey Abrams could be the next American Idol.

As much as I like Haley Reinhart, I can’t see her being the next American Idol. Haley or Jacob could possibly being going home tonight with Casey in the bottom three with them, but Lauren could be in the bottom three for the first time this season.

I look for James and Scotty to be the final two singers remaining on finale night, with an outside chance Casey may be there ahead of Scotty. Lauren is a good singer, but not in the same league with the three previously mentioned singers.

James has the best back story of any of the remaining contestants, having to battle Tourette’s Syndrome, yet is the favorite to become the next American Idol.

Casey may be the best musician ever on American Idol and his bluesy sound, makes you want to buy his album when it comes out.

American Idol has now reached the point where very good singers will be leaving every week. It is down to a numbers game now.

When Ryan Seacrest begins giving results tonight, it will be more tense than usual, since we are drawing closer to the end of the season.

After tonight, only five singers will remain. Only four more shows remain since one singer a week will go home the next three weeks, then two will remain to battle it out as the final two.

For even more details about less night’s show:


The Voice: Alright If You Like Seeing Baldheaded Women Sing


The Voice made its debut on NBC last night and I think  American Idol is in no danger, of being overshadowed by the new singing competition show. However, the real competition hasn’t begun when the singers start to battle each other.

It might have been better if the coaches, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton had seen that two of the women, Frenchie Davis a former American Idol contestant and Beverly McClellan a 41 year old singer were both bald.

If they both had cancer and were undergoing chemotherapy, I could understand them singing bald. I can’t imagine either of them going very far, because their bald look to me was very distracting.

However, that was my only real complaint about the show. Otherwise, it was a very entertaining show with some very good singers.

One of the  standout singers to me were Patrick Harris opening the singing competition by singing Live Like You Were Dying. He sounded like he could give Scotty McCreery of American Idol, a run for his money. I was surprised Blake Shelton hesitated awhile before pushing the button to turn his chair around.

One of my favorites was the husband-wife singing team of Elenowen. I think they could go a long way in the music business.

Javier Colon had to be one of the best singers on the show and has a few songs on youtube.com.

It was sad to see a singer sing, with no coaches wanting to see them sing, which happened at least twice.

Carson Daly, the host of the show, seemed to stay out of the spotlight more than Ryan Seacrest of American Idol, who is constantly on camera. Daly was seen backstage with the family and friends of the singer that is singing, making comments, but is done in a low key manner.

The show did well in the overnight ratings with a 7.5 rating. It is in a position to challenge Dancing With the Stars and American Idol as it goes against Dancing With the Stars on Tuesdays and American Idol on Wednesdays.

As the favorites are voted off both of the other shows, The Voice may see a ratings jump.

For those who missed the show last night or wanted to see the singers sing again, The Voice website has videos of the performances last night:




Most Beautiful Woman in the World To Sing on American Idol on Wednesday

Jennifer Lopez, also known as the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” after People magazine gave her that title, will be singing on the Wednesday night show of American Idol according to Radar Online.


Lopez is reportedly in negotiations to host a Latin American singing show in which she and her husband Marc Anthony would look for singing talent in Latin America.

She is contemplating whether to return to Idol, but she could do both shows since her schedule could be arranged to include both shows.