American Idols Move Out of “Haunted House”

The American Idol contestants had some strange happenings in their home away from home and moved out on Monday:

American Idol contestants have moved from the palatial mansion they were living in this season after some paranormal activity.


Roy Riegel’s Wrong Way Run

Roy Riegels running the wrong way in the 1929 Rose Bowl.

The Golden Bears of University of California Berkeley, were playing Georgia Tech, in the 1929 Rose Bowl, when Roy Riegels ran 65 yards for what he thought was his own goal line.

Instead of running toward the Georgia Tech goal line, when  Riegels the center for the Golden Bears picked up a Georgia Tech fumble, he ran 65 yards to his own goal line.

This clip shows Roy Riegels running the wrong way in the 1929 Rose Bowl.

His teammate and quarterback Benny Lom slowed Riegels down enough, to prevent  him from running into the end zone. He was finally tackled by Georgia Tech on the Tech one yard line.

The Golden Bears attempted a punt but it was blocked by Georgia Tech for a safety giving the Yellow Jackets a 2-0 lead.

Georgia Tech won the game 8-7, with the wrong way run by Riegels before the safety causing the loss. Riegels did play well after the blunder.

Riegels says he was spun around by a tackler, facing him in the wrong direction. Riegels was named to the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame in 1991, two years before his 1993 death.