Toy Tazers Bad Idea

My Source is selling this Toy Tazer for $3.40.

Do kids really need the Toy Tazer sold by My Source? I can’t believe a company is selling this as a toy when a real taser gun has killed 334 people in the United States between 2001 and August, 2008 according to Amnesty International.

Even if the toy only gives a a much lighter jolt than a real taser gun, it still teaches kids that a taser gun is a toy when in reality it is a gun that kills people.

Some officers almost certainly use taser guns in situations when the use of them could be avoided. The only time using a taser gun while making an arrest is justified is if it is a life or death situation where it is kill or be killed.

The low price of $3.40 makes this gun easily accessible which also troubles me knowing some parents will buy it because it is comparatively cheap compared to most electronic toys.×3652997

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “Toy Tazers Bad Idea”

  1. What you have in that picture is not a Tazer, toy or otherwise. It is more commonly known as a stun gun. A Tazer shoots two prongs that have wires attached to them connecting them to a handle held by the operator. The prongs stick into the skin of the person being Tazed and the wires deliver an electric shock to the person each time the operator pulls a trigger. Contrary to what you claim, Tazers are not designed to kill and are meant to be used in situations in which deadly force is not appropriate. Situations that you label “life or death” and “kill or be killed” would call for an officer to use a firearm, not a Tazer. The Tazer is meant to help subdue violent and aggressive people who may be under the influence of some drug or other substances. It is true that a few people have died after being Tazed. But that doesnt mean that Tazers shouldn’t be given to police. As for the idea of a toy stun gun that delivers an actual electric shock, that’s just stupid.

    1. You made some very valid points. My main complaint was that it was even made a toy, not even knowing if it delivered a shock or not. I can understand police having to have them in extreme cases where someone is completely out of control. I don’t want kids to think of a tazer as a toy ever. It is something that only law enforcement should have access to.

      It does concern me about the loss of life and something needs to be done to prevent this from happening. Anyone dying from a tazer is a tragedy, a tragedy which will cause the city using it to pay a lot of money to the survivors of that person.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Let me say a few things about the Tazer. First of all I will let you know I have been a deputy for 15 years. I have been hit with a Tazer three times in my career. I have been trained and certified in the proper use AND use of force with the Tazer. THE TAZER DOES NOT KILL. What causes damage to the human body during an electric shock is amperage, not volts. The “Media” makes sure you know that the tazer throws out 50,000 volts. Sounds bad huh. Let me explain the amperage to you. If the amperage in a Christmas tree light bulb was the size of a golf ball. The amperage of the taser would be about the size of a BB pellet. This means you have more of a chance of being killed by electrocution from a Christmas tree light bulb than a taser. As for as the deaths, they are related to something called “Excited Delirium”. This is a state people go into under high stress situations, usually under the influence to illegal narcotics. The media just blames the taser. As for as a taser being used in a life or death situation, I use my firearm in a life or death situation. If someone is trying to kill me, then i am going to use lethal force. That was the criminal’s choice to try to take my life. If he chooses to do that, I did not kill him, he killed himself.

    1. Thank you for explaining so well the use of the tasers by law enforcement. Like you wrote, you have no choice but to use lethal force when someone is trying to kill you. I know some people get so out of control, there is no option but to taze them. Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line everyday so can understand them having to use tazers to defend themselves.

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