American Idol Secrets No Longer Secrets

Online sources are telling who made the Top 24 in Las Vegas auditions for American Idol. Fox can’t be happy with this development with many who had a favorite that they know had been eliminated may not even watch the show when it actually airs this week.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me because I like to know ahead of time what is going to happen but for some people who like to live in the moment they don’t want to know who won in advance.

Apparently there are spies divulging the secrets to online websites making it possible to know before airtime who will survive the latest cuts. has posted the names of the 24 finalists with a photo of each singer.

Don’t click on this link unless you want to know ahead of time who the 24 survivors are.

SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Archuleta Explains Reason For Leaving Jive Records

David Archuleta is now saying he left Jive Records due to his career taking a new direction. Earlier it had been reported that Jive had dropped him from the roster of artists due to poor album sales.

Archuleta said he wants to take his music in a different direction. It will be interesting to see what kind of music he will embrace when making this change.

He also dropped his management agency saying he wants to take control of his life. Hopefully these changes will help him advance his career after his last album failing badly in total sales.

This article at USA Today better describes his reasons for the changes: Great Multimedia Website will keep a reader entertained for hours. is probably the best source for audio and video online this side of YouTube.  The home page for the website as I write this article has a link to an audio version of a Grateful Dead concert at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum at New Haven, Connecticut on May 11, 1981.

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There is an audio version of some books but the one I listened to was not of the best quality and seemed to be a computer generated voice which probably would be tiring to listen to for an entire book.

Most readers may not enjoy the voice and instead opt to read the books without sound. For those that like the audio they should enjoy the feature that highlights the portion of the book being read by the voice.

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