Louisiana: Third In Moviemaking

Louisiana is third in movie production behind Los Angeles and New York due to generous tax credits for companies producing those movies according to Lake Charles (La.) American Press.

It is surprising more states haven’t used the same strategy to attract film producers to film in their state. Anyone watching the credits roll after a movie see the list of those involved in the filming of a movie.

Most of those people live in that state while the movie is being filmed. Those people have to have a place to live and most go out to eat so they can have a hot meal. With 150-200 or more cast and crew staying in a motel for differing lengths of time it has to be a tremendous boost to the economy of that city and state.

With hundreds of actors and crew in a city they have to have a place to sleep and a place to eat a hot meal so the motel industry, restaurants and fast food places thrive while a movie is being shot.

Local stores also would see a marked increase in sales as the out of town visitors have to go to the store to buy necessities, snacks, clothes and etcetera. The tax breaks received by the production companies probably don’t come close to the money pouring into that state because of the cast and crew spending huge amounts of money while making the movie.

The Ghosthunters television series filmed an episode in Alexandria, Louisiana in December which took sixteen days to shoot and it will be shown on they Sy-Fy network on February 23.

There are many television series and movies currently in pre-production or being filmed as of today. Some of the movies may not be what Louisiana had in mind when attracting film makers to Louisiana like Abe Lincoln – Vampire Hunter but they still will take the money that goes along with the movie.

Bad Girls 7 is in the process of being filmed in Louisiana and will be shown on television later this year more than likely. This list at Louisianaentertainment.gov gives a list of movies and television series currently being filmed and those planned in the near future.

For instance Val Kilmer will be in Alexandria to film Seven Below Zero which begins filming in Alexandria on February 21.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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