Lizard Lick Towing on TruTV

Lizard Lick Towing reality television series can be seen on TruTV at 10PM ET on Monday nights.

The Lizard Lick Towing reality series on TruTV evolved from the All Worked Up series on the same network. The towing company had been featured on All Worked Up but was only in segments of the show.

Now Ron and Amy Shirley have a show of their own called Lizard  Lick Towing on TruTV with Ron’s co-worker Bobby Brantley assisting Ron in repossessing vehicles, motorcycles and in one case deer.

Like most reality shows we don’t know for sure how much is reality and how much is scripted. One thing for sure is that Ron and Bobby find themselves in some scary situations.

These bikers who had seen their motorcycle repossessed show up at the office demanding their bike back.

They still get the bike but not before fighting with the bikers. Then the bikers come to the towing company breaking the glass front doors with a chain demanding to have their bike back.

When Ron tells the bikers he had already dropped it off with the lender who held the title a fight ensues and the bikers who outnumber Ron proceed to work him over. His wife Amy gets between Ron and the bikers and tells them they can settle this another way.

Then after all is seemingly peaceful again Bobby comes running into the office and the fighting starts again since Bobby didn’t know the situation was under control and after Amy stops the fighting for a second time Bobby is shown with blood streaming down his leg and he is heard complaining about the bikers ruining his shoes.

Another episode shows Ron and Bobby trying to repossess a car and the man is infuriated when they start hooking up the car to tow it away. He jumps up on the trailer and drives the car off the trailer and parts of the front end are coming off the car.

Then he drives it into a lake. Then Ron and Bobby use some psychology on the guy and tell him that he won and that they were dumb and that if he would hook a chain up to the car in the lake they would pay him $250.

After hooking it up Bobby pretends to get money to pay the guy but instead of paying him pushes him into the lake.

That night Ron takes his wife Amy who is pregnant out to a local pizza place but makes the mistake of using the towing truck for the date. The same guy who had been pushed in the water passed by the pizza restaurant window and Ron knew he had to do something so he called Bobby to help him fight the dude.

Meanwhile Amy knew something was going on with Ron since he was acting so suspiciously. When Ron and Amy go outside on their way to the truck he is confronted by this guy again. Ron and the man start fighting and Ron’s wife Amy is not a happy camper as this date has turned out to be a disaster.

She drives off leaving Ron there by himself but Bobby takes him to his house to see if he can calm down Amy but she won’t let him in the house so he has to spend the night at Bobby’s house.

My question is that it seems suspicious that the guy knew Ron was at the pizza restaurant and Ron may have been told by producers to make sure to drive his towing truck so there might be a confrontation at the restaurant since if he had driven a car the guy may never have known Ron was inside the restaurant.

The show is filmed in the Wendell, N.C. area .


Swarm of Arkansas Earthquakes

Farmland that shifted due to earthquake in New Madrid faultline.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit Greenbrier, Arkansas Sunday night at 11PM. Three more earthquakes had hit the city with the last one a 3.2 magnitude quake at 7:06 this morning. Greenbrier is located in central Arkansas.

Residents of Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee also felt the quake.

The Earthquakes Hazards Program website states that earthquakes are not uncommon today:

There’s a 100 percent chance of an earthquake today. Though millions of persons may never experience an earthquake, they are very common occurrences on this planet. So today — somewhere — an earthquake will occur.

There has been a swarm of earthquakes in Arkansas as this list of Arkansas quakes from the U.S. Geological Survey website show. The list is not current as the last listing is for February 21 but still shows earthquakes have been prevalent in Arkansas lately.

The list shows 21 earthquakes have been recorded from February 16 to February 21. These lists really need to be more up to date since we can’t see what earthquake activity led to the 4.7 earthquake yesterday.

However this article from reports that nearly 60 earthquakes have been recorded in the Greenbrier, Arkansas from Monday to Saturday of last week.

The USGS will more than likely be watching this area closely in the coming days and weeks to if this earthquake activity in Arkansas slacks off or worsens.

Freddie King: I’m Tore Down

Freddie King singing Tore Down in Dallas, Texas in 1966. King died ten years later at the age of 42. He died 35 years ago but his music lives on.

The Very Best of Freddy King album which I own and have recorded into my MP3 player.

Freddy King also went by the name of Freddie King explaining why some of his albums have him as Freddy and other as Freddie. The album above is one of my favorite albums and even though my new MP3 player has limited space I made sure to download the whole album into the player.

The album includes some instrumentals along with the tracks that have him singing. His instrmentals are so good that you don’t care that he isn’t singing on them.

You can listen to clips from all 25 songs on the album:

Freddie King at his best singing Have You Ever Loved a Woman with one of the best guitar riffs I have ever heard before he starts singing.


American Idol – X Factor : Different Attitudes

Simon Cowell will start his new show X Factor this fall on Fox.

American Idol seemed to be in line for a huge drop in the ratings after the departure of Simon Cowell last May. The ratings for the American Idol juggernaut have dropped but the show still is drawing more viewers than their competition by a large margin.

It was thought that Simon Cowell was the main attraction for viewers with his catty remarks about singers being karaoke, cruise ship singers and singers in a seedy hotel.

None of that kind of negativity remains with the current lineup of judges. With a few exceptions when Randy Jackson has made some scathing remarks about the contestants the show is mostly free of the cruel remarks that hurt not help an aspiring singer.

Jennifer Lopez showed her emotional side when she broke down after revealing to Chris Medina his road to being the American Idol had stopped in Las Vegas. I thought she had told him in a very kind way his dream of becoming the American Idol but she asked her fellow judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson if she had made her statement in the best way possible under the situation.

Medina was touched when he saw the replay on television of how she reacted after telling him the bad news. Some people have questioned his motives about having the story of his girlfriend told but I believe he only did it to try to help her since he had the chance and jumped at it as did the Fox network producers who featured the story and the judges had her meet them after Medina had sung at his audition.

That was only one example of a kinder American Idol this year. It isn’t fair to compare X Factor since it hasn’t even aired yet but with the presence of Simon Cowell viewers can expect the same vitriolic criticism he leveled at American Idol contestants but his fans expect to hear his pithy remarks to the contestants.

A major difference in the two shows is that while American Idol may award a recording contract to the winner the X Factor will reward a $5 million contract to the winner. It is possible a 12 year old could win that contract or someone more than 100 years old since the age limit is 12-whatever age shows up for the auditions as opposed to the 15-28 age limit for American Idol

Fox network will be a winner either way since they will carry both shows this year and both shows should be ratings behemoths that will enrich the Fox coffers by the end of they year.

The judges for X Factor are still not set the last I knew with Cowell the only one sure to be on the panel. Among names being rumored to have a chance to be judges are Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul having a chance if her CBS show Live to Dance does not return for another season leaving her free to join the judges on X Factor. I believe Cowell would like to have Paula at his side since their chemistry before Paula left American Idol was volatile at times but I think they really get along well for the most part.

Relics of the Past: Commodore 64 Computer


Commodore 64 computer keyboard.

It has been 29 years since the Commodore 64 computer was sold in 1982. It became the best selling personal computer ever.

From 1983-1986 it dominated the personal computer market selling between 30 and 40 percent of all personal computers sold during that span.

My mom bought a Commodore 64 computer in the 80’s from a computer store in Alexandria and gave it to her grandkids. If I remember right it cost $159 but the Commodore 64’s were selling at $595 when first introduced. The first models were only costing the Commodore company only $135 giving the company a huge profit margin.

It was not as user friendly as the computers today. We would buy Commodore 64 themed magazines and copy the programs line by line to get them to work on the computer. It was a lengthy process for some of the longer programs but when it worked after all the typing it was worthwhile.

It seemed like the Commodore keyboards were not made that well since the keyboards seemed to stop working in a very short time compared to the keyboards of today. The keyboard I am typing this on has lasted at least five or six years already while a Commodore 64 keyboard might stop working after a year or two at least in my experience using them.

One of my sons has a working Commodore 64 system today comprised of a keyboard, monitor and 1541 hard drive. He uses the GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System) with the computer.

Today on ebay there are 106 Commodore 64 related products for sale at the website including keyboards, disc drives, monitors, software and other accessories.

We never had access to the internet with the Commodore 64 but if we had the right setup it might have been possible to go online.

Personally I think the Commodore 64 played a large part in the coming computer revolution since it brought computers into the home at an affordable price.

When more powerful computers were introduced Commodore 64 users opted for the new technology and the Commodore 64 gradually faded out of the popularity it had enjoyed during the middle 1980’s.

Even at $595 Commodore’s competitive pricing left Apple and Atari in the dust with the Apple IIe selling for $1,200 and the Atari 800 computer was selling for $899.

There were plans to release a Commodore 65 computer but they never materialized.

The Commodore 64 played a part in helping Americans become more computer literate thus leading to most home in the United States having at least one computer except for those who don’t embrace the new technology and wouldn’t use a computer if it was given to them.

Maybe the Commodore 64 is not a relic in the strictest sense of the word but the last generation has probably not even heard of them.

Western Stars of the Past: Roy Rogers


Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at the Academy Awards ceremony in 1989.

Roy Rogers was born as Leonard Franklin Skye November 5, 1911 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He claimed to have been born at second base at Riverfront Stadium since he lived on the site of the stadium early in his life. He joined the Sons of the Pioneers singing group and changed his name to Dick Weston.

He appeared in many of his early movies as a member of the Sons of the Pioneers starting in 1935.  Then he received his big break when Gene Autry walked off the set of a movie he was making and Leonard Slye became Roy Rogers for the first time in a starring role in Under Western Stars in 1938.

Rogers had been married twice before marrying Dale Evans. He was married to Lucille Ascolese from 1933-1935 and married in 1936 to Grace Wilkins who died in 1946 due to complications after giving birth to Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr.

Dale Evans appeared in her first movie with Rogers in Cowboy and the Senorita in 1944. They would marry after the death of his wife in 1947 and remained married till the death of Rogers in 1998.

In addition to appearing in movies he also could be heard on old time radio for ten years in the 40’s and 50’s. One of the most important old time radio sellers online lists only 77 shows remaining from the ten year run for sale.

He bought his famous horse Trigger in 1938 according to Wikipedia and he trained Trigger to do 60 tricks since he had grew up training animals. contends that he bought Trigger in 1943 for $2,500. The 1943 date is probably the accurate one since has seen the bill of sale.

His last credited appearance as Roy Rogers was in the 1951 movie Pals of the Golden West in which he portrayed a border patrolman.

The Roy Rogers television series aired from 1951-1957 and 100 episodes were filmed. When I think of cowboy western stars that appeared on television his show is the one I remember best.

Mackintosh and T.J. released in 1975 would be his last movie appearance. He played a ranch hand and a drifter since by now he was in his 60’s.

He played himself in his last television appearance on The Fall Guy in 1984.

Fourteen years later Rogers died of congestive heart failure on July 8, 1998 in Apple Valley, California at the age of 86. Three years later his wife Dale Evans died at the age of 88.

Gravesites of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

It was interesting to see on the graves the birth names of  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans along with their birth names.

Not only were they were radio, television and movie stars they were also excellent role models who personified America at its best.

Roy Rogers is shown in this photo after getting out of his motorboat on the Red River in Alexandria, Louisiana and would stay at Hotel Bentley that night.

I was there the day Roy Rogers arrived in Alexandria. We must have known ahead of time he was coming because we were there when he arrived. I can remember my mom taking photos of the event.

Hotel Bentley was in its heyday then and was on the other side of the Red River levee so Rogers had a short walk to the hotel.

The world lost two of my favorite people in Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Their memory will live on though through the old time radio shows, movies and the Roy Rogers television shows they left behind.


American Idol Secrets No Longer Secrets

Online sources are telling who made the Top 24 in Las Vegas auditions for American Idol. Fox can’t be happy with this development with many who had a favorite that they know had been eliminated may not even watch the show when it actually airs this week.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me because I like to know ahead of time what is going to happen but for some people who like to live in the moment they don’t want to know who won in advance.

Apparently there are spies divulging the secrets to online websites making it possible to know before airtime who will survive the latest cuts. has posted the names of the 24 finalists with a photo of each singer.

Don’t click on this link unless you want to know ahead of time who the 24 survivors are.

SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!