Ozzie and Harriet Nelson: The Bandleader and the Singer

We all know Ozzie Nelson from the Ozzie and Harriet television show but he was a bandleader as early as the 30’s.

Ozzie and Harriet singing Catch a Falling Star and not sure of the name of the second song but it may be Because, Just Because.


Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn: Who’s Gonna Take the Garbage Out

Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn as I remember them when they appeared at Rapides Parish Coliseum many years ago.

Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn singing Who’s Gonna Take the Garbage Out.

Most of their videos are blocked from being shown on YouTube so this one might not be long for the world but we can enjoy it while we have a chance.

Will never forget seeing them at the Rapides Parish Coliseum too many years ago to recall but what I do recall is that Loretta Lynn had one of the prettiest faces I have seen of any woman.