Ricky Nelson Would Be 70 If Still Living

Ricky Nelson singing Fools Rush In 47 years ago in 1963 and James Burton the guitarist on his right later played in the Elvis Presley band.

It is hard to believe that Ricky Nelson would be 70 years old if still alive but his life ended tragically on New Year’s Eve of 1985 when the plane he was traveling in crashed in DeKalb, Texas. There were rumors that the crash was caused by Nelson freebasing cocaine but later it was attributed to mechanical problems.

His fiancee Helen Blair was also killed in the crash. She was already cocaine-addicted when Nelson met her. His first wife Kris Nelson was the sister of NCIS star Mark Harmon.

Nelson is thought of as the clean cut youth that appeared on Ozzie and Harriet but in his adult years became a drug user that would take drugs till his life ended.

Ricky singing Garden Party in 1985  which recounted in song a  oldies concert in 1971 at Madison Square Garden in which Ricky sang new songs rather than the oldies the concertgoers had came to hear.

Before 1985 ended Nelson died on the last day of the year in the plane crash in which seven would die but both pilots survived.

Fame has it’s advantages but for Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley that fame brought an early death to both of them in their 40’s.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

3 thoughts on “Ricky Nelson Would Be 70 If Still Living”

  1. I Love ricky nelson he was my favorit childhood singer as I..was grow up in my teenage years I Love ricky nelson he will be really missed by me awhole Lot I am sad he had died in a plane crash its so sad he became a drug user and the lsdie you..got jim into..useing crack cockine its no wonder the plane blew up..and crashed I am..sad he will..be missed by me he was teenage idole ..singer and he is the grestest singer ever there was .and a 15year old I fall .in love with ricky nelson music I .am..margaret .cook I..am in my fifthies now you .will..be missed .ricky nelson by me more then any ..one ..your my ..best singer

      1. I…read it and it he was free baseing crack .cockine on the plane .with…a ladie .led him into the free baseing .crack..cockine I…read the whole story ..on ..how they died ricky nelson..and the .ladie ..died .and .7 others died with them .all because ricky nelson and that ladie were free baseing crack..cockine they were so stupid for ..doing .street drugs on a air plane if they dident do such a foolish thing none of them…wouldent of died in the plane wouldent of crashed if they dident .free base .crack cockine abunch..of ..fools

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