Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: Gave A-Bomb Secrets to Russia

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed on June 19, 1953 for conspiring to commit espionage to aid the Soviet Union.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were born in New York City in 1918 and 1915 respectively and were the children of Jewish immigrants.

He met his wife Ethel Greenglass in 1936 when both were members of the Young Communist League. Julius was instrumental in obtaining thousands of top secret reports from Emerson Radio and those reports helped Russia develop a proximity fuze and that information was used to shoot down the U2 plane that Gary Powers was piloting in 1960.

Rosenberg recruited many individuals into the KGB. The Russian intelligence learned that Rosenberg’s brother in law David Greenglass was working at Los Alamos National Laboratory on the Manhattan Project which was a program to develop nuclear weapons. Rosenberg was asked to recruit Greenglass to obtain top secret information from the laboratory and Greenglass agreed after Rosenberg had Ruth Greenglass the wife of David Greenglass assist in recruiting Greenglass.

Ruth Greenglass contacted her husband in 1944 and Klaus Fuchs meanwhile had been giving the Soviets information about the Manhattan Project during World War II while working as a British operative there.

David Greenglass testified at the trial that Ethel Rosenberg had typed the reports he had given Julius Rosenberg. He had drawn a sketch of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki and gave it to Julius Rosenberg.

The U.S. Deputy Attorney General William Rogers said Ethel Rosenberg had called their bluff when they arrested her to put pressure on Julius to implicate others in the conspiracy. Neither of them would give names of additional conspirators.

The Rosenbergs were convicted on March 29, 1951 and were sentenced to death by the electric chair by Judge Irving Kaufman who said the Rosenbergs were responsible for all the deaths in the Korean War.

They were executed 26 months later on June 19,1953.

The Rosenberg children who are not identified by name in this photo but were named Robert and Michael.

The sons of the Rosenbergs were left as orphans after the execution and changed their last name to Meeropol and would be adamant in professing the innocence of their parents till 2008 when 91 year old Martin Sobell admitted he had spied for the Soviet Union and said Julius Rosenberg was part of the conspiracy but said Ethel’s only crime was being the wife of Julius.

There is much more information available online about the Rosenbergs and the second link is about the trial itself.

This video shows the granddaughter of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as she tries to learn more about her grandparents.




Box Office Bomb: Zyzzyx Road Sold Six Tickets, Grossed $20

Zyzzyx Road released in 2006 is the lowest grossing in movie history grossing $20.

Zyzzyx Road cost $2 million to produce according to imdb.com but Leo Grillo one of the actors in the movies says it was $1 million but only grossed $20 when it was released in 2006. It would have grossed $30 but the makeup artist who had worked on the film brought a friend to see the movie and was admitted free.

It is considered the lowest grossing movie in movie history.

It was shown in a Dallas theater for seven days and only six people saw the movie. It cost $1,000 to rent the theater for six days. The thought process behind this move was that it was required by the Screen Actor’s Guild to have a movie shown in a U.S. theater before being released worldwide.

Surprisingly the low budget movie had two well known stars in the movie with Katherine Heigl and Tom Sizemore both appearing in the film. They couldn’t have been paid too much with such a low budget when considering the cost of filming the movie.

Sizemore was arrested during filming for violating his probation by failing drug tests but was allowed to finish filming of the movie which took only 18 days.

The page for the movie at imdb.com gives more details about the movie.


Leo Grillo submitted his comments on the movie to a message board:


Billy Ray Cyrus: Achy Breaky Heart

Billy Ray Cyrus singing his best selling single Achy Breaky Heart.

The Achy Breaky Heart was a worldwide hit written by Don Von Tress and was danced to all over the world including Italy where this video was apparently shot.

Billy Ray Cyrus recorded Achy Breaky Heart in 1992 and the single enabled the Some Gave All album to sell 9 million copies in the United States and 20 million copies worldwide.

Only the most ardent Billy Ray Cyrus fans could probably think of another song on the album. The album was a monster hit in Australia becoming the first album to sell triple platinum in the country down under.

It was a huge crossover hit going to No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was the first country single since Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers had recorded Islands in the Stream in 1983 to be certified platinum.

The Oak Ridge Boys had a chance to record the song in 1990 but turned it down when Duane Allen said he didn’t like the words “achy breaky”.

After it became popular even the Chipmunks recorded it and it was No.71 on the Hot 100 Billboard Country chart giving them their first charted song in 42 years.

The song was No.2 on VH1’s list of Most Awesomely Bad Songs. One thing for sure is that it was one of the most played songs on radio.

Brad Pitt As Jerry Lee Lewis?

Jerry Lewis may be the subject of another movie with Brad Pitt portraying Lewis.
Latest rumors on the internet say that Brad Pitt may portray Jerry Lee Lewis in an upcoming biopic.

It has been 21 years since Dennis Quaid was Jerry Lee Lewis on the bigscreen in Great Balls of Fire. Now the internet is full of articles about another Lewis biopic with Brad Pitt rumored to portray the rock and roller.

It will be interesting to see what the focus of the movie would be because it is not likely go over the same ground that was covered in the 1989 movie.

Natalie Portman is also rumored to be in the movie. So far the movie is only in the talking stage and few details are available but more news should be forthcoming in the coming days and months.


Afternoon Western Heroes: Ken Maynard

Ken Maynard in Tombstone Canyon a 1932 western that was released 78 years ago. This movie is typical of the western movies we used to see in the afternoons back in the 1950’s.

Maynard along with Bob Steele, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Jimmy Wakely and many other western stars kept us entertained after coming home from school.

I saw Jimmy Wakely in person while serving in the Army in Hawaii in the middle 1960’s when he put on a show at the service club. He was not only a movie star but also sang with Margaret Whiting on Slippin’ Around which went to No. 1.

He also had two No.1 hits in One Has My Name the Other Has My Heart and I Love You So Much It Hurts Me as a solo country and western artist.

Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Bobby Rydell 25 Years Ago

Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Bobby Rydell speak to Jane Pauley on Today show in 1985 about an upcoming concert in Philadelphia with all three of the Philadelphians on the same stage.

Carpenters: We’ve Only Just Begun

Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters singing We’ve Only Just Begun