Rose Cheramie Dallas Itinerary: Pick Up Money, Pick Up Baby, Kill JFK

Rose Cheramie pictured allegedly was on her way to Dallas on November 20,1963 with two men planning to kill President John F. Kennedy when she became embroiled in an argument with the men in the Silver Slipper Lounge night club in Eunice, Louisiana and was abandoned by the men and was hitchhiking when hit by a car on Highway 190.

Rose Cheramie was part of a heroin ring and her and two men who were traveling to Dallas with her were either Cuban or Italian according to Cheramie.

After an argument with the two men inside a Eunice, Louisiana nightclub named the Silver Slipper Lounge she was abandoned and she proceeded to hitchhike but was hit by a car and was taken to the local hospital. Lt. Francis Fruge had her taken to the Eunice city jail when her injuries were not serious enough to warrant a hospital stay.

A doctor came to the prison when Cheramie started having drug withdrawal problems and injected her with a sedative and had her sent to the state mental health facility in Jackson, Louisiana. By then she had calmed down and was about to talk coherently about what she was doing with the two men.

She said they had been traveling  as the from Florida to Dallas and she was going to collect money for the heroin from a man in Dallas who in turn would return her baby to her.

Fruge would testify before the House Select Committee on April 18, 1978 that Cheramie had told him that her intinerary while in Dallas was to collect the money for the heroin, pick up her baby and kill Kennedy.

The reason Cheramie had garnered so much attention after the assassination was that she had told Fruge that the two men were going to kill Kennedy and that she knew Jack Rubinstein (Jack Ruby) and Lee Harvey Oswald knew each other before the assassination.

One reason to doubt her statements were that she had used many aliases which are like lies in that they are not telling her true identity. These are some of the many aliases she used:

AKA: Melba Christine Marcades, Patsy Sue Allen, Christine Youngblood, Melba Christine Youngblood, Melba Christine Youngblood Rodman, Mickey Rodman, Mrs. Albert Rodman, Melba Christina Youngblood, Melba Christina Nichols, Melba Charles Nichols, Rose Lea Stewart, Connie Mackey, Penny Sue Marcades, Melba Marcades, Rita Lane, Zada Marie Johnson, Zada Marie Gano, Zada Irene Scars, Zada Lynn Gano, Zada Garacino, Marie Stewart, Zada Marie Green, Rose Elaine Evans, Rose Elaine Edwards, Rose Elaine Cherami, Rose Marie Evans, Rosalee Cherami, Rose Cherami, Rose L. Cherami, Roselle Jeanne Crawford, Roselle Renee Cherami, Rozella Clinkscales.

It is not easy to put much stock in someone using that many aliases. She may have been telling the truth but we will probably never know since she was killed on September 4, 1965 while lying on the road in Big Sandy, Texas. It was determined after a police investigation that it was an accident and not a case of vehicular homicide.

Another shocking development in the case was when Fruge’s superior Colonel Morgan called Captain Fritz of the Dallas Police Department telling him that they had a witness who had foreknowledge of the JFK assassination and that she had claimed to have seen Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby many times.

The shocking part was that Captain Fritz told Colonel Morgan that they wouldn’t need Cheramie’s statement about the Oswald-Ruby connection.

I don’t understand what it would have hurt for Cheramie to tell her story to the Dallas Police Department unless they had known her to be less than credible in the past as can be attested by her many aliases.

It is not surprising that Cheramie is not mentioned in the Warren Report since they set out to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone while if Cheramie is to be believed there were at least two other killers in Dealey Plaza on the day JFK was assassinated.

Cheramie is one of many witnesses who died within a couple years after the assassination. It still is a mystery why she would be lying in the road when a motorist killed her.

This article has more details about Rose Cheramie:


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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