Little Couple: Reality TV As It Should Be

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein the stars of the Little People reality show on TLC at their wedding.

Reality television is a misnomer since so little reality emanates from that genre of television. Most reality shows center around celebrities in rehab, celebrity families like the Kardashians that have more drama in one show than most people have in one lifetime and reality dating shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in which almost nobody winds up getting married.

The TLC reality show Little Couple is a breath of fresh air for reality fans. It may not be a hundred percent real but it is close to it as any other reality show being shown today.

It is a show about Dr. Jennifer Arnold a pediatrician and neonatal specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas and her husband Bill Klein who is chief operating officer of the company Emerge an online sales company.

They are both highly successful in their fields despite being little people in a world with mostly big people. They have the same problems most of us have yet have other problems larger people never encounter such as reaching the top shelves at the supermarket.

For instance Jen has to climb up on a stepstool to see the babies she takes care of.  Bill on the other hand has stayed at home mostly to conduct his business online but does travel from time to time to take care of business matters.

The best feature of the show is that they get along so well and you can see from their actions how much they love each other. If you are looking for a reality show that has a lot of yelling and confrontations this is not the show for you.

Both Bill and Jen are very likable and handle being a little couple well. It is a testament to their willpower and drive to become successful despite facing obstacles that prevent little people from being a success for little people with less resolve than them.

The show is now centered on the couple building their home in Houston which will be made especially for them with features that will make it easier for them to live comfortably like light switches they can reach easily and showers that accomodate little people.

Another concern for them now is that they are hoping to have a surrogate baby in their future since they cannot have a baby on their own due to medical reasons.

Bill and Jen were shown in one show learning how to paint in an art class and went to a fashion show where Jen had the idea of having a dress custom made for her since she has a formal speaking engagement.

The one thing that stands out in the show is that I have never heard Bill or Jen have a harsh word or even have an argument. That goes against the grain for reality shows which thrive on confrontation and anger.

Best of all after watching an episode of Little Couple you will feel better having seen a couple like Bill and Jen who have the odds stacked against them live a normal life as possible in less than ideal conditions.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

8 thoughts on “Little Couple: Reality TV As It Should Be”

  1. Ron summed it up about the size of the heart being what really matters. The Little Couple is one of the few reality shows where someone isn’t yelling and getting drunk.

    The couple show what is good about life.

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