Old Time Radio 24 Hours a Day

Old time radio “died” on September 30, 1962 but it still can be heard 24 hours a day 48 years later at radiooncemore.com.

Since visiting the website this morning I have heard an Amos and Andy show and a Fibber McGee and Molly show two of the best known shows from old time radio days. Have Gun Will Travel is now being broadcast while I write this post.

The website features excellent sound on the old time radio broadcasts.

The broadcast schedule includes a live program hosted by Ken Stockinger and Neal Ellis that is broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM ET.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) old time radio historian/author Martin Grams Jr. will discuss Alfred Hitchcock who is listed as doing only thirteen old time radio shows at radiogoldindex.com but it still should be an interesting discussion for old time radio fans. 9PM ET Wednesday June 16.

Listeners are encouraged to call (410) 360-6070 during the live show.

New Feature Added at Radiogoldindex.com

Radiogoldindex.com the best source for information about old time radio shows has now added a new feature that lets visitors at the website search by date. For instance all shows in their database that were broadcast on June 6, 1944 can be found when going to that date in the list of dates.

It is especially useful for someone like me that wasn’t born till four months after D-Day since it lists the 132 regular shows and special D-Day broadcasts that were broadcast that day.

Online old time radio dealer otrcat.com sells 106 shows from June 6, 1944 for $4 plus shipping for those who would like to have their own CD of the events on the day that signaled the end of World War II.


Another date to search would be the birthday of a visitor. For instance my birthday is October 14, 1944 and found 11 shows broadcast on that date.

Visitors can also search for shows by program and by artist on the home page. For instance it list 1.128 shows in which Jack Benny appeared. The site lists Jim Jordan with 1,227 shows and his wife Marion Jordan with 1.191 shows including other appearances besides Fibber McGee and Molly.

The lists are not all inclusive but only include shows in the Radio Gold Index database. Amos and Andy is listed with only 314 shows but I have seen as many as 367 shows for sale online.

This company which I have done business with is selling those 367 shows on three MP3 CD’s for $5 total which includes shipping:



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Old Time Radio 24 Hours a Day”

  1. I have been collecting old time radio shows since the early 1970s and I have over 25,000 shows. However, you listened to a show that I cannot call one of my favorites, “Amos and Andy.” With over 25,000 shows I only have 10 “Amos and Andy” shows. I have them to remind me that not all old time radio was good old time radio.

  2. That is what is great about having so many old time radio shows still available to listen to 48 years after the last show was broadcast on September 30,1962 when Suspense and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar were broadcast for the last time.

    Amos and Andy fans can still listen to their shows while fans of other shows like Gunsmoke can listen to them instead.

    Happy OTR listening!!!

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