Oak Ridge Boys: Elvira

Oak Ridge Boys singing their classic hit Elvira.


Alabama: Old Flame

Alabama singing Old Flame in 1981.

Stonewall Jackson: Don’t Be Angry

Stonewall Jackson singing one of his early hits Don’t Be Angry.

Some singers have a voice that is instantly recognizable and Stonewall Jackson had that kind of voice. He was named after Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and was born in Tabor City, North Carolina on November 6, 1932 and is now 77 years old.

His recordings of Waterloo and B.J. the DJ were his only recordings to reach No.1 on the country music chart.

The Grand Old Opry decided to drop Jackson from their shows and Jackson retaliated by filing a $10 million lawsuit for $10 million in compensatory damage and another $10 million for punitive damages.

Jackson was reportedly told by general manager Pete Fisher that he was “too old and too country”. ┬áHe settled out of court and returned to rejoin the Grand Ole Opry.

I thought country singers were supposed to sing country. The country music today for the most part is not the country music I remember from the 50’s and 60’s. Personally the more countrified a song is the more I like it.